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  1. How are sheep planning on protecting their wool this year? By defunding the fleece department.
  2. Maybe a couple of slapdick prospects can get it done
  3. So 10 years later we’re trying for “Fuck Pujols, we got Yu!”
  4. It was so fun betting OU games that year. Easily my best results ever was from them that year
  5. The whole point of this was that Buffalo still covered thanks to the kneel down. Between that and the Cleveland game, a crazy day if you had the dogs in those games.
  6. Hard to believe she’s only 51. I remember her name coming up all the time every time there was a GM opening 15-20 years ago
  7. Let’s bring the old gang back together and roll with a 6 man rotation. Chatwood, Richards, Shoemaker, Chacin, Santiago, and Harvey. Cahill as the mop up duty guy out of the pen
  8. Did he give his thoughts on the presidential race?
  9. Some kid from Georgia had his foot detached from his leg and that was hard to see
  10. Congrats, Griffin. I’m glad he can have the news all to himself tonight.
  11. I’ve seen on like 6 different occasions that Michael Kohn was part of the Angels organization this year and get a kick out of it every time.
  12. From GM to first base coach for two teams to color commentator. It’s been a scenic route for Amaro the past 10 years
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