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  1. This is the first time I've looked into this thread. I feel like I just entered a room with a bunch of dudes jerking it. I've now got a half-mast sad boner.
  2. My guess is that he plays half the games or less, so his triple-slash could be anything. His baby is due in August, right? So maybe he misses the first week or two waiting for the birth, then another couple weeks with the baby, then he realizes how hard it is having a newborn and plays baseball for a month.
  3. This is a classic case where what I want for myself differs from what is probably best for someone else. Trout, no worries if you want to sit this one out. We love you. Do what's best for your family - and that includes doing whatever needs to be done to be with (and hold) your newborn.
  4. Well, Jack Kochanowicz will be there too. As his floor manager.
  5. Welcome to the majors, Reid. Sincerely, Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon, Shohei Ohtani.
  6. I would be surprised if we didn't see Adell this year. Unless Goodwin absolutely crushes and Adell looks like Jabari Blash, he's going to get at least a cup.
  7. It means you should look for Jordyn Adams stocking product at Home Depot.
  8. I think all MLB clubs should hire a Sensitivity Consultant to sit in each dugout to make sure nothing is said that is offensive.
  9. It is filtering through pretty much every area of culture right now, a kind of new McCarthyism. As someone who is politically left, I dislike the fact that it is almost entirely coming from the left. It is a misapplication of Marxist political-economic ideas onto culture. Mob rules.
  10. Thanks. It was fun to do, and I realize a lot to digest, but hopefully gave some people a bit of baseball pleasure during the layover.
  11. Adams could be an interesting option for a 5th outfielder/pinch-runner. Marsh and Adell, too, although they're not as fast. I really hope we see both this year.
  12. Looks pretty good, @Hubs. I would guess that the Angels opt to go for a deeper pen than have Taylor Ward up there. With Thaiss, Pujols, and Walsh, I just don't see Ward getting much playing time, unless he starts catching again. Also, Jaime Barria has to figure in somewhere. I forgot about him in my starting depth chart in another thread, but he's got some utility and deserves another shot.
  13. I forgot about Barria. Sandoval is in the rotation if they go with six.
  14. Hopefully Albert Pujols. (I said it just to take away thunder from You Know Who)
  15. By Jonathan Northrop, Columnist #26: WAR per 162 games I’m saving my favorite one for the penultimate entry: WAR per 162 games played. This stat, which for some reason isn’t used by any of the statistical sites, measures quality: that is, how good a player is per 162 games played, measured by WAR. The formula is simple: Career WAR divided by 162 games. With the MLB and MLBPA officially put in place a 60-game regular season with the standard 10-team playoff, the Yankees (+450) and Dodgers (+375) both saw their odds drop in the latest World Series odds on SBD. A shorter season means increased volatility. Meaning, according to this metric, only Ruth has been a better per-game player. Considering the evolution of the game--especially the fact that Ruth only played seven other teams--this is as good as any evidence that Trout has been, pound-for-pound—and thus far—arguably the greatest player in baseball history. Now of course he will go down as he declines, but he almost certainly will remain in the top 10. Among active players, he blows the competition away (although the above chart helps us re-appreciate just how good some of his contemporaries have been). #27: Summary This last entry is a summation of all that came for – meaning, the total picture that all of these stats paint: 5th all-time in CF JAWS with 69.2 (Willies Mays is 1st with 114.9). 31st all-time in all position players JAWS with 69.2 (Babe Ruth is 1st with 123.5). 3rd all-time in WAR7 (best seven years by WAR) for CFs with 65.6 (Mays is 1st with 73.5). 1st all-time in WAR through age 27 with 73.4. 3rd all-time in WAR through age 28 with 73.4, without playing any games in his age 2 season yet (Cobb is 1st with 78.6). 47th all-time WAR for position players with 73.4; all players ahead of him have played at least 474 more games. Has 2 of 54 (3.7%) 10+ WAR seasons since 1901. Has 2 of 13 (15.4%) 10 WAR seasons since 1970. One of only nine players with seven or more 8 WAR seasons (along with Ruth, Mays, Bonds, Wagner, Hornsby, Gehrig, Williams, and Collins). One of only ten players with five or more 9 WAR seasons (along with Ruth, Hornsby, Bonds, Mays, Wagner, Williams, Rodriguez, Collins, and Cobb). One of only ten players with two or more 10 WAR seasons (along with Ruth, Hornsby, Bonds, Mays, Williams, Cobb, Mantle, Wagner, and Gehrig). One of only seven players to reach all three benchmarks above (along with Wagner, Ruth, Hornsby, Williams, Mays, and Bonds). Of the above listed retired players (all but Trout), Mantle has the lowest career WAR with 112.3, #14 all-time. 1st in WAR from 2012-19 with 72.7 (Posey is second with 47.1, or 25.6 lower) 8th best career high eight-year span with 72.7 WAR (2012-19); Babe Ruth’s 1920-27 is highest, with 89.7. 4th best among active players with a .305 career Batting Average, behind Miguel Cabrera (.315), Jose Altuve (.315), and Joey Votto (.307). 5th most HR through age 27 with 285 (Alex Rodriguez is 1st with 345). One of seven players to hit 30+ HR six or more times through age 27. 23rd all-time with 752 RBI through age 27. 10th all-time with 903 Runs Scored through age 27. 10th all-time with an 84.713 SB%. 4th all-time with 803 walks through age 27 (Mantle is 1st with 892). One of only eleven players with 4 or more 100-walk seasons through age 27. 21st all-time with a career .419 OBP. 9th all-time with a career .581 SLG, 6th from 1970-present. One of only seven players with a career OPS (OBP + SLG) of 1.000 or higher, with exactly 1.000. 5th all-time with a career OPS+ (Adjusted OPS) with 176. 1st in WPA (Win Probability Added) through age 27 with 44.17, from 1974 to the present. He holds the top five Angels position player seasons by WAR, seven of the top eight, and all eight of his seasons are within the top 13. Very similar, or slightly better, career statistics to Mickey Mantle. 2nd highest WAR per 162 games with 9.92 (Ruth is 1st with 10.90). Wrapping Up What you’re seeing above is the statistical evidence that Mike Trout, thus far, has been one of the very best players in baseball history. Assuming a typical decline pattern, he’s going to finish in the top 10 in WAR; he’s already halfway to benig in the top 5. Among his historical comps--that is, players who have performed at a similarly high level as consistently as Trout has--we mostly have players who played before World War 2. We have several players from a century ago: Honus Wagner, Eddie Collins, Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig. We have mid-century greats like Ted Williams, Willie Mays, and Mickey Matle. And we have only two recent players in Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. No other players are in the same league as Trout's performance thus far, and he will likely end up with better careers than some of them. We all know he’s great, but it is easy to forget just how great. Chances are we’ll never see another Angels player this good in our lifetimes, so let’s appreciate every moment of Mike Trout baseball while we can. The Complete Mike Trout 27-for-27 Series: View our running TROUTstanding fan discussion thread (Est: 2018) here!
  16. My favorite Angels pitching prospect. Highest upside, IMO, and second best stuff in the org, after Ohtani. He's also the highest risk of the better pitching prospects, unfortunately.
  17. Definitely in rotation (if healthy): Ohtani, Heaney, Canning, Bundy, Teheran. Alternates: Andriese, Sandoval. Reserve: F Pena, Suarez, Peters, Detmers.
  18. Reposted from two months ago. Trout would need 5.3 fWAR to maintain his "Best WAR through Age X" crown--a virtual impossibility. If he goes hogwild in 2020 on rusty pitchers and has a career year in 2021, he could reclaim it after 2021 (through age 29), but that is quite unlikely. He'd need to hit like Cody Bellinger's start last year, and surpass his very best season next year. As I said in the quoted part, his best chance of regaining the crown would be at age 31 or 34. Something like so: Age 28 (2020): 3.5 (-1.7) Age 29 (2021): 9.5 (-1.5) Age 30 (2022): 9.0 (-2.5) Age 31 (2023): 8.5 (+0.5) Etc. So he'd pretty much "only" have to stay healthy and not decline significantly.
  19. Changed mine by one. call it a Vegas hunch. 360 HUBS 356 FishOil 341 AngelsLakersFan 333 greginpsca 328 Junkballer 324 dcangelsfan 323 Capital_Dave 317 Slegnaac 316 Taylor 315 AO 308 Angelsjunky 305 Eligrba 302 joeybaseball 299 AD&B 295 JAHV76 278 Tank
  20. One thing that could be both absurd and entertaining about this year is that once we get, say, to 40 games and it is clear that some teams are out of it, we might see some crazy call-ups, just to get not-nearly-ready prospects some in-game play. Or are teams still allowed to have some kind of minor league camp? I hate the idea of Jordyn Adams or Jeremiah Jackson losing a full year of development.