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  1. That sounds more like fantasy baseball Scott.
  2. You probably start standing up with 2 outs in the top of the 7th inning also In giddy anticipation of Buttercup. Preparation is the key.
  3. Ballsy move Tank to get out of that beauty and take a pic while you were at Lion Country Safari. Even crazier to go there with the top down. Insane
  4. Ours has signed for just over $4.6 million. There is a thread dedicated to it on the main board.
  5. I am just so glad that we are finally able to talk about baseball once again. In a couple weeks when baseball is actually being played, maybe we can regain just one more step towards normalcy. I can’t wait.
  6. What is the title of this thread again?
  7. Strad, I commend you for holding the line. You never wavered and now you could say “I told you so” even though I know you would never do that. Im just so glad that baseball is back. I don’t give 2 shits if it’s in front of a crowd or not. I will watch every pitch. Thank goodness there is something to watch besides press conferences about Covid-19 and civil unrest.
  8. Believe it Blarg. Very rarely are cardiac arrest patients brought back, especially ones who are battling underlying health issues already. Usually, the only cardiac arrest patients brought back are the very young, the very healthy, or someone who arrested near a Automatic Defibrillator. Think Mark Langston.
  9. Cancer is a mother f*cker So Pas. Enjoy every day with your dad. Baseball will be back soon enough. Enjoy the day.
  10. Lost my father to liver cancer last year. He was my season ticket partner for 18 years and in that 18 years, I can only think of a handful of games he missed. He absolutely loved the Angels, wasn’t afraid to be critical of management, and could probably tell you off the top of his head what Don Baylor or Bobby Grich did in game 78 of the 1979 season. I can say that what’s going on right now would probably piss him off, but he would understand as he would have been in the “underlying health” category. I miss him everyday, especially when it should be baseball season.
  11. And now there is this. As a college football fan, this really sucks. As a sports fan, this really sucks. After hearing about the teams shutting their spring training facilities down, and with this news from Clemson, my hope for team sports in 2020 is dwindling down. 2020 blows ass.
  12. Did the recent upheaval make everybody forget about this? Jose is OK, but this is amazing. Just a mere month ago.
  13. Jose Mota is bringing Alex Curry down in the pre and post game category. There simply is no other reason for such low marks.
  14. Hmmm. That's a odd looking batting helmet. When did they change them up?
  15. I do too. Don’t forget Mookie and Coco. And Mo.
  16. I’d also add actors, lead singers of bands, and sportscasters to that list also Chuck. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork now.
  17. No they don’t. If you get fired from a civil service job, it’s extremely difficult to get another one. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s very difficult. And if you were fired for a criminal reason, it’s impossible.
  18. Wow. I didn’t even know LEGO had a White House edition.
  19. I still believe there will be, but I also think the decision needs to be made within the next few weeks. It appears both sides do not want the season to last until November, meaning that the number of games won't be more than 90-100, taking into consideration an abbreviated "spring" training. Optimism remains.