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  1. Free merchandise bag (MLB team logo series) for canned coffee by KIRIN, a Japanese beverages company, 2010
  2. This tweet was quoted on "The DIGEST", a comprehensive sports information site in Japan. https://thedigestweb.com/baseball/detail/id=47273 The title: "Shohei never ceases to impress." The US media praised Shohei Ohtani, who rounded off his career by hitting the 46th HR! "Shohei Ohtani is the undisputed Most Valuable Player in MLB." by THE DIGEST editorial. In the article: Fans and the media are excited about his extraordinary success of this season. Angels specialized media "Halos Heaven" praised, "I don't think we all realize how incredibly fortunate we are to have been able to watch this day in and day out. One of the most incredible seasons in baseball history." "Shohei Ohtani is the undisputed Most Valuable Player in MLB." said AngelsWin.com.
  3. Sorry, it is not possible to copy TV broadcasts contents, remove protection, and publish them on the network as it is a violation of Japanese copyright law.
  4. It was aired on the sports news show "S·1" of the commercial broadcaster JNN TV network at 0:30 AM on October 3, Japan time.
  5. Now, Takahashi is a baseball commentator. He often writes commentary articles and sometimes explains about Ohtani-san at a commercial TV variety show in Japan.
  6. Rouki SASAKI joined Chiba Lotte Marines (Pacific league, NPB) in 2020. He accompanied the team during the 2020 season in spite of a non-roster. For a year, the team's policy was to strengthen his body. His uniform number is 17. In the 2021 season, as of Sept. 30, he was 2-2 with a 3.05 ERA. Hirokazu SAWAMURA (Red Sox, 2021) was enrolled in Chiba Lotte Marines for a short period in 2020. Hideki IRABU was also a major leaguer (Yankees, Expos, Rangers) from Chiba.
  7. Ohtani-san finished 2021 season as a pitcher. Plastic document folder (2015) about $4. He finished 2015 season 15–5 with a 2.24 ERA. 15 wins was also his initial goal in 2021 season.
  8. The Japanese headband he wears is called a "hachimaki". The mark in the center of a "hachimaki" is a Japanese original crest named "mon", which symbolizes families and clans of Japanese people. "Mon" are identified with more than 5,000 types. Mon_(emblem) This image is one of the kind of "kikyomon", which are stylized patterns of the flower of the bellflower (Platycodon, "kikyo" in Japanese). From more than 800 years ago, "kikyomon" had been used as clan crests by the several samurai corps. Platycodon and kikyomon The biography of AKECHI Mitsuhide, a samurai general who used "kikyomon", was broadcast on NHK (Japanese public broadcasting) TV as the annual year-long historical drama from last year. Then, "kikyomon" became very familiar.
  9. I heard post-game interview to Ohtani-san in Japanese. He said, "Well, of course I like the fans, and I also like the atmosphere of the team itself. However, more than that, I have a stronger desire to win the game, and I think that makes more sense as a player." From 2:08 to 2:26
  10. The news of Ohtani-san's team season MVP award was on NHK TV (Japanese public broadcasting) at noon Japan time.
  11. Ohtani-san played as a pitcher and shortstop when he was in junior high school. When he joined Nippon-Ham Fighters (NPB), manager Kuriyama was thinking of making him as a shortstop like A-Rod, as an option other than 2-way player. In 2018, Ohtani-san mentioned with MLB network interview on this point.
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