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  1. The last time I was in a 99 Cent Store, all the items were 99.9 cents. Also, two ladies were having the single greatest catfight I will ever witness.
  2. But just think, if he could learn that and learn to manage, we could get rid of Suzuki and Maddon in one fell swoop.
  3. Heaney was part of one of my favorite Angels moments ever. Although perhaps not in the way he would have preferred.
  4. The Angels are not going to make the postseason and they have a relief pitcher having a really good season who will be a free agent. I would like to say that it is mind-blowing that they didn't trade him... but it's really not.
  5. My signature positive memory of him is a pregame show feature on a charity event he hosted benefitting some kind of program pairing dogs with kids at Children's Hospital. He seemed/seems like a good man. But that's not what you want to have as your best memory of a ballplayer, especially when he was traded for one of your three favorite Angels ever. More than any single player, Heaney represented the last six years of Angels baseball: Each spring we would convince ourselves that maybe THIS would be the year that he turned it around, and each summer we would be disappointed anew. I am glad this era is over.
  6. If I don't ever again have to watch him pitch in an Angels uniform, that's more than enough for me.
  7. Let Bundy stay in long enough to face Canha again and put one in his ear. Then release him.
  8. I knew this would be wrong but I thought it might take longer than half an inning for it to be proven so.
  9. Kershaw, Seager and Mookie are on the IL. Bauer is on the Degenerate List.
  10. Same. I wasn't a big fan of a lot of the videos on his show (particularly gross-out or people getting hurt) but I loved his sense of humor, the more inappropriate the better.
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