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  1. In the last five seasons, Richards has made 41 total starts and has more torn UCLs (2) than complete games (0)... and I'm slightly bummed the Angels didn't re-sign him. I hate this offseason.
  2. Sending dick pics is one thing, but some lines just shouldn't be crossed.
  3. "Few fun facts about the city of Seascape, our home for the next six weeks. Two years ago, its mostly elderly and retired citizens were duped into paying for this stadium by voting yes on the misleadingly named 'Make Grandchildren Visit Act.'"
  4. I'm happy to read this. Apparently he wanted to be doing more than just calling the games. Good for him.
  5. Marsh has a higher WAR than Adell... and he hasn't even made his MLB debut. Still, I have no clue. I will say Adell, just because it's too depressing to imagine him being a bust.
  6. Maybe they'll go the opposite way and hire Vin Scully. But probably not.
  7. This is extremely disappointing. Victor is outstanding. He was entertaining, and he did not hesitate to question or criticize the actions of the coaches or players when he diid not like what he saw. I think a lot of people aren't going to realize how good Victor was and how lucky we were to have him until they hear his replacement. (Feel free to draw your own Scioscia parallels.)
  8. Vlad by far. At the end of the century, everything in the national media was Jeter and ARod, with a fair amount of Nomar love, too, back when he looked like he was on a HOF pace. I thought Vlad was better than any of them and I was beyond thrilled with that acquisition.
  9. Simba. I was so excited to see Newcomb pitch for the Angels and I loved Aybar in all his bizarre glory. I had no idea how many defensive gems we were in for.
  10. Growing up with a father and brother who were bigger Dodgers fans than Angels, and attending an elementary school in LA County just after the Dodgers won the '88 series, I was not a fan of Tommy's antics at all. As an adult, with the benefit of perspective, I came to realize that baseball was more fun because of Tommy, and that's all you can ever ask of someone. RIP, Tommy. 93 years is a great run.
  11. I've rewatched a lot of the HBO series in the last 10 months. The Night Of holds up really well, especially in comparison to some of the other series. (For example, when I was a teenager I thought Oz was just awesome, and so edgy. Rewatching it 20+ years later, I was shocked at how boring I found it. And there's a lot more naked dudes than I remembered.)
  12. For sure. That's why it's so nice to have guys with options in your bullpen, so that you can spend the first half of the season figuring out which ones are having a good year and then roll with them for the home stretch. If you're paying a lot to a veteran reliever and he's having a crappy year, you're in a really tough spot.
  13. 3 legit studs in the bullpen would be pretty cool, but I'm still going to go with having an ace. When was the last time you felt that we had an ace to start a season? (Weaver in 2013? Is there someone I'm forgetting?)
  14. Bauer. I do not like spending big money on a bullpen, and I'm tired of hoping Heaney finally puts it all together and that Canning and Ohtani don't get injured. I have my doubts about Bauer, but I would love to start the season knowing we have a clear #1.
  15. In 9 seasons, he provided the Angels 28.4 bWAR and they paid him $29M in total salary. I imagine this will be appreciated more and more as the years go by. He is one of my three favorite Angels ever, and that 2019 grand slam in extra innings to knock out the Dodgers is one of my top-5 non-Angels baseball moments ever. Have a great retirement, Howie.
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