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  1. A lot, but only because I watched some of their game the other day. Otherwise the number would have been two: one of the greatest names in baseball history, and a former Angel I cannot stand.
  2. Temporary Insanity was the first sports book I ever read, leant to me by my second-grade teacher (who, after my father, was the person most responsible for my love of baseball).
  3. I voted no just because I think the organization was in far worse shape than most people (including myself) realized when he took over. I think it's possible we will see some of his draft picks in the next few years turn out to be much better than we expected and realize that Eppler was moving the franchise in the right direction. That being said, on an Outrage Scale of 1-10, I am a solid 1. I can't feel too sorry to be waving goodbye to the guy who forced me to watch Lincecum, Matt Harvey, Cody Allen, Teheran (and many others) pitch for my favorite team.
  4. Every year that goes by, I believe this more and more. Basketball is a game, one that is far more fun to play than watch. Football is an excuse to eat junk food and drink beer on the weekends. Cricket is... something to pretend to like to get Aussie chicks to sleep with you. Baseball is beautiful. Even when your favorite team has become a punching bag for the national media... it is still beautiful. Hang in there, @tdawg87. "The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away."
  5. Yeah but they knew they were gonna get Puig, who is just a better version of Trout.
  6. Knee-jerk reactions on AngelsWin. There's a first time for everything.
  7. His first brief call up was in 2011; that catch was in late June 2012. But yes, he hit .220 in 40 games during his call up in 2011.
  8. Trout has pulled a Stealth Opt Out. He's still getting paid but he's been checked out for a while.
  9. His location tonight was the best I've seen him in the majors. See if you can find a highlight of his K of Tatis - Canning made him look silly.
  10. 10 Ks in 6 innings against the team with the 3rd-best record in all of baseball. Canning's ERA is now 3.99.
  11. Well, I suppose if Simba has opted out to do drugs in Texas, then no, I am not okay with it.
  12. Maybe everyone is watching the Lakers. Except for one who is watching cricket.
  13. Nice work, Griffin. PadresWin must be an unpleasant place at the moment.
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