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  1. It's only game 11 and four of the opening day starters are too hurt to play. Trout Ks four times. The game ends with the bases loaded as Fletcher gets picked off third. I truly hated that game.
  2. My least favorite game in a long time. That was the only way it could have ended.
  3. This is true, but he also could have swung at the two-strike pitch right down the middle
  4. Maybe the offense hasn't packed it in for the night and will put up some more runs. Or is that too much to hope?
  5. I had assumed the three-man-broadcast-booth thing was because Sutton was new. I had not realized they were also going to do it with a pro like Vasgersian.
  6. This is what happens when Trout doesn't have Albert batting behind him
  7. Remember when Clint Eastwood couldn't get on the horse in Unforgiven? That's what that Pujols at bat reminded me of. My God it was depressing.
  8. I think he was trying. I think he's done. That made me sad - not as an Angels fan, as a baseball fan.
  9. Have you ever had a really weird dream - like, your cat was speaking to you in English or your wife was actually a blow-up doll - but, because it's your dream, everything makes sense to you in the dream? That's what watching this game feels like. I know it's an MLB game, but it's a fucking weird one.
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