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  1. Some people can't even figure out that they're crushing the economy by not wearing masks in tight quarters. What do you expect? Some people are stupid.
  2. Won't that be amazing when Barr lets that happen?
  3. As long as @Redondo doesn't go bar hopping and then infect the course staff, you should be good.
  4. This virus absolutely has the ability to overwhelm the hospital and healthcare system if people don't go about their lives responsibly. We opened stuff up here and a decent number of people acted like nothing about the world changed. We went from around 100 people hospitalized and 50 people in ICUs in the county on June 10th to this, which would ultimately overwhelm us and our ability to care for patients if the rate of growth continues. Exponential growth is a real pain in the ass. There has been some promising data re: possibly slowing case growth, but we're still seeing a crap ton of hospital admissions. If the rate of active hospitalizations doubles every 7 or so days, we're straight up screwed in around three weeks.
  5. Glad you're wearing a mask because of us. We made a difference. Sorry we'll all be cooped up because many others aren't as smart as you.
  6. This seems unnecessary. There will be some risk, but I can't imagine it's high at all.
  7. More or less so than everything else the virus is screwing up?
  8. Perhaps having the damn virus dictate all the terms will get some people to realize they should wear a friggin mask. This isn't a hard concept.
  9. Death algorithms!
  10. Don't believe what they're telling y'all. It's just the flu.
  11. Dear Reader, Some of what Tom Woods writes is spot on correct. Some is straight up pointless. I just signed up for the TSW Elite package and can't wait to hear what Tom Woods has to say on episode #1683, in which he will have a lot more to say this. Please sign up for Fishbulb Platinum if you'd like to know more about what's REALLY going on and what THEY don't want YOU to know. See you later, Fish Bulb
  12. Dude. I'm so sorry. Things are not looking good for us in Texas. Testing is becoming harder to come by and is now becoming more selective in some locales. That's the exact opposite of how we want to see this go. I'm glad that she calls you after her shifts. It's likely going to be really tough sledding for a month or two.
  13. What if I told you that the virus doesn't give two craps about politics? The virus is gonna do what a virus is gonna do.
  14. I meant to say Republican because to my point, you cannot play politics with this situation and expects things to just magically be cool. Republican or Democrat. Quit it with the baloney that this is some sort of Dem issue. I've said it before, it's like we're conducting an experiment for which we already knew the likely outcome. This blows.
  15. Yep, and now we have to deal with the consequences. It absolutely sucks.
  16. Democrat governors Ducey, Desantis and Abbott have all recently decided to clamp back down on their citizens. It's not about shutting the country down. It's about reopening safely and not politicizing the measures we need to take to do that. Keep your distance, wear a mask, practice hygiene and don't be an asshole. It's pretty freaking simple. Despite the simplicity, these three states couldn't hack it, and that's pathetic.