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  1. The number of deaths will be dependent on how overwhelmed the healthcare system gets and how many locales in which this gets out of control. COVID-19 took out 1400 Americans in the last week, and like you said... it's just getting started. The outcomes and number of deaths vary wildly by the various routes we can choose to take.
  2. lol I'd love to run the IP address checker to see who's behind this account.
  3. https://sports.theonion.com/orioles-suggest-that-mlb-maybe-consider-canceling-entir-1842312100
  4. I don't think that you know what the hell you're talking about, nor do I believe that you regularly frequent the sites of infectious disease journals on a regular basis. I'll tell you one thing: you're not crunching the numbers you see in that article well at all. Let me help you out: over that four-flu-season period covered, it showed that .3% of flu cases in Italy resulted in death. I'll gove you a handicap, though: just for fun you can go ahead and cut the current percentage of COVID-19 cases that are fatal in Italy by 3/4 and compare it to influenza. It's still 8x more likely to kill an infected Italian in this outbreak. Quit it with the bullshit. This is serious.
  5. Once again, I am totally blown away with the ability of people on this stats heavy baseball board to not correctly interpret stats in context nor in light of other stats. Here's a solid takeaway from that article. When it was published 21 days ago, the article states: "However, despite the attention being paid to COVID-19, it is important to realize that it is by no means the deadliest infection globally in 2020. It is not even the deadliest virus. Fewer than 3,200 deaths have been attributed in total to COVID-19." Since then, in 3 weeks, the virus has multiplied the number of dead by 6.5, now near 21,000. This is with all the measures that have been put in place, including the almost complete paralysis of China. Also, when looking at the in-hospital death rate, you have to consider what percentage of influenza patients require hospitalization (1.4% estimated in 2018-19). Even if you cut the estimated hospitalization rate for COVID-19 in half, it's still at 10%. These aren't trivial differences.
  6. You've just laid out exactly why this virus has the ability to kill so many people. This is not about batting average or OPS. This is about total RBIs given how many at bats this virus gets. It's the 2012-2017 Albert Pujols of infectious diseases.
  7. From the IG feed of a friend and former coworker that is a nurse in New York:
  8. https://chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/crime/2020/3/22/21190076/shootings-chicago-murder-cpd-chicago-police-department-coronavirus-crime
  9. Hey, ummmm... It's 378,000 and counting.
  10. Italy had its first COVID-19 death on February 22nd. Since that date almost exactly a month ago, 6,077 people have died there as a result of the virus. That's 180% of the ANNUAL auto fatality count there (3,378).
  11. They had better crack down. They knew this was a possibility.
  12. How so? It's only 0.5%, man. Right?
  13. I blame both. They lied. He lied.
  14. Yes, but what about the US Army Football Baseball Team?
  15. That's such a copout. C'mon. I'm pretty reasonable.
  16. I completely understand and I am pretty calm about this. Given what you're saying, I'd very much like for you to list all the strong moves he's made in terms of policy since learning about this in very early January. The floor is yours.
  17. Ugh: https://covidactnow.org My goodness.