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  1. I think they should get Rojas input when signing FA this off-season
  2. Como? Su cacahuates son muy Sabrosas
  3. Pujols is en fuego! Good for him
  4. Wait so they aren’t giving bundy 20m per this off-season? I thought people here said that was a shoe in. clearly though step 1 is sign petit to be a starter and reliever and backup catcher. thoughts?
  5. Smoke and mirrors by larussa. 4 year 73 million dollar contract incoming
  6. Larussa clearly thinks he’s still amazing. White Sox have to be number 1 on his list
  7. Kinda nice to stop paying attention after the 1st inning. We’re lucky as angels fans we get to take so much time off from watching. Plus we don’t need to watch anything after September! #silverlining when do we start the hot stove post?
  8. He does break the “but can he pitch” meme. His skill set is great for sure but Trout is on a different planet when it comes to baseball. He will be on the mt Rushmore of baseball If not at the pinnacle while in an angels uniform. Enjoy what you’re watching fellas. Might not see this again.
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