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  1. 8$ for a shot of beer...people come pregame drunk. Where’s that study?
  2. @Chuckster70if you haven’t been yet, go check out the winery Robert renzoni. Their patio is super nice and get yourself a glass of the “sonata”.
  3. This. what difference does it make and who the hell cares?! Slow news day I guess...
  4. Listen miniasian...I like 2 spoons of sugar in my coffee. Not 1 not 3, but 2. It needs to be 105 degrees exactly. If I burn my tongue I burn your balls. Capiche?
  5. Clearly this has been discussed in that house. My guess is she’s been wanting him to retire for a while. diedra: Albert you aren’t doing well albert: 30 million dollars diedra: you’re right. Let’s work on an extension and say you’re going for 700. albert: that’s right mang
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