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  1. Nice! That means we just traded adell for him and it hasn’t been announced yet!
  2. either trying to do too much too quickly, or another part of his body wasnt strong enough so he was over compensating by using more upper body.
  3. Thats ok, dont need the bullpen this year. Were going to get 9 innings out of all of the starters, i'm absolutely sure of it
  4. Bedrosian definitely not in the best shape of his life.
  5. If the dodgers/braves/yankees prospects went to the pirates they wouldn't be ranked in the top 100.
  6. Jeez negative Nancy....What if he hits 25 homeruns in 12 games instead of getting hurt?
  7. Ok, then 1st batter and 1st pitch with everyone clapping. I'm sure theres enough baseball diehards that dont like to see cheating even if its their own team.
  8. 1st pitch 1st batter. Straight in the ribs, with everyone in the stadium giving the dugout the finger and booing.