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  1. Close but then I decided I liked having all my limbs and emotional stability.
  2. “The United States is healed.” God once again showing what a great American he is.
  3. While I’m against the 12 billion she got added to it, that total isn’t even one percent of the entire bill. If you’re concerned about that waste, we should be terrified of the overall price tag.
  4. News flash. The country has been broke for awhile. Although I do find it interesting that those who were always concerned about spending, elected a guy that boasted he was “the king of debt.”
  5. Some irony out in Utah with families picking up Mormon missionaries from the airport.
  6. Here’s seven minutes of the kind of leader we need.
  7. Good thing it isn't just that. How effective it has been is another question.
  8. Belcher got in a few and would have done more but as usual with baseball fights, got stopped.
  9. I’m not saying this is or isn’t a big deal. I have no idea. Some of these commenters have a different opinion.
  10. South Korea went all Chan Ho Park on the virus. Hopefully we aren’t the periwinkle country for much longer.
  11. Chuck got red to post in the spin forum again. Well played Chuck. Well played.
  12. Those assholes still took his mules.
  13. No. You’re thinking of Claude and Stradling.
  14. The season is currently on a weightless treadmill.
  15. You let us all down. You couldn’t even find the WMDs to justify us being there. Asshole. Btw, thanks for your service.
  16. I bet kc could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.