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  2. You never know who is still available at the tail end of drafts.
  3. Bernie should sign a peace treaty with Warren and then break it five minutes later.
  4. I'm sure Tdawg's bowels won't act up at the worst possible time.
  5. Even the Iranian military has height requirements so Nate is cleared.
  6. It's terrible foreign policy that is continuously perpetuated where innocent people get dragged into it and die. Now let's get back on track.
  7. Seeing it twenty years later, I remember the teacher being a bit better looking than what I remembered as a teenager. I guess I had on AW glasses before there was such a thing. But it still pisses me off to this day. Come on JT!
  8. Jars is too emotional to convey a rational thought. This is my take on it. Iran is ultimately responsible since they fired the missile. You really can't debate that because they didn't have to retaliate but they chose to. Where Trump comes into play for me with regards to this is he should have just left the Iran nuclear deal alone whether he thought it was a good deal or not. He didn't need to keep escalating the situation on his end, didn't need to keep imposing sanctions (which he is doing again) and so forth. Both sides just couldn't leave it alone and innocent people are getting caught in between, like they always do.
  9. I'll just leave this here. Even a good public schools joke mixed in with it.
  10. Lost in the Iran hoopla
  11. My wife once asked my pretty conservative father in law how he would feel if someone was just camping in his backyard and doing whatever the hell they wanted and didn’t plan on leaving. I think the light bulb lit somewhat in his mind. It probably has burnt out since then though.
  12. Can we get Scott34 to shake his hand so he disappears for the next ten years?
  13. Obama spelled his last name with a zero?
  14. You know when you watch movies from the 80’s and there is a stereotypical middle eastern dictator that refers to some American as an “American pig.” I’m pretty sure the Ayatollah might respond to Moore with a similar phrase after seeing what he looks like.
  15. YES!!!! Captain: This is your captain speaking. Congratulations on going home and uhh*...thank you for your uhh*...service. We uhh*... do have a quick.....uh* layover in uhh*... Saudi Arabia. *Obama is not the captain.
  16. You don’t have to be a lib to dislike Trump and it doesn’t mean you automatically defend Iran. This is not 2003 anymore. Anyways, I was reading this guys Wikipedia page. He may have supported terrorism but it looks like he was a key figure in battling ISIS as well. You never know what unintended consequences this action could bring. That’s why it’s best to just get out. That will never happen unfortunately.
  17. You think AW sucks at evaluating players and predictions? Wait till you see us on the front lines.
  18. Not to mention they can’t even get the number of hijackers right with the lie.
  19. Still relevant although I don't agree with everything he says.
  20. Yep. Any decade now, that policy is going to work in the ME.
  21. No divine intervention in my opinion. Just a good shot by a well trained shooter.
  22. Sigh. It’s not like Bin Laden kept this a secret.