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  1. Huge card at Gulfstream today and probably the last major racing day until May 2nd at oaklawn. taking some stabs at the pick 6
  2. I've cleaned my backyard a dozen times and have to pick up all the shit my kids leave around the house at night. Keeping the maid though and bumped her fee up by 10%
  3. I mean that would be glorious. Would really get us through Inauguration Day if we're all still being oppressed by the virus and our government. I don't see it though. The power brokers would rather lose than have Bernie win. My money is on the fake indian
  4. So who's gonna be the nominee? No way Biden makes it to November. He's already a walking vegetable.
  5. Fortunately I have to go to the office a few times a week to grab mail, print and scan stuff. And I do all the shopping. I'm running out of things to conclude the following sentence: "Oops we're out of _________."
  6. Not at all. And it isn't like he's popular. This does nothing to serve him politically. I just believe him and agree with him.
  7. That's not what I enjoy. I respect it, though.
  8. Jarsofgay should spend more time around here getting to know the posters
  9. calculator says we'll get like $900. Cuz kids?
  10. LOL No one has died defending our freedom in 200+ years
  11. We're hiring 4 full time people. We are going to have to onboard and train them remotely. Should be fun
  12. There’s nothing progressive about a progressive nothing conservative about a conservative
  13. I love that store. Do they have white claws?
  14. I can't make it that long. I'm gonna start spending time with non family members in 2-3 weeks