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  1. I think all these guys know that if you mess with the MIC you end up in a grave
  2. I agree. Don’t think he can beat trump but he’s definitely got the best shot
  3. Little too much peach Boone’s farm. I deserve the label
  4. If I'm Verlander I'm demanding a trade
  5. I'm sure it will be better than Ali Wong's
  6. I love that shit but I like the legit stuff better. This place has the best lasagna I've ever had. Met the owners. They're from Bologna. The old lady makes everything by hand.
  7. When it comes to a meat sauce (my preferred sauce for most pastas) I've made my own but I honestly prefer a Prego Mushroom base. I cook up some 73% lean beef, ground italian sausage and let it simmer in the Prego. I add a lot of garlic powder, red pepper and salt. As good as it gets for me. I'm 0.00% Italian.
  8. Nobody outside of a trailer park uses Ragu. Except Trump. He probably uses Ragu.
  9. Obviously the issue that graph is referring to doesn’t pertain to rape or suicide or mass murder of brown people
  10. According to Kendall Gill, the only thing that is Fundamental is reading.
  11. Don’t do it @tdawg87. Last time I played golf with tank he and @nate disappeared into a green side bunker for 7 minutes and Nate came out crying
  12. Limited government will always grow into big corrupt government. anyway, I don’t actually give much of a shit. Life is more amazing and there is more wealth and the poor are better off than ever before. We are very lucky. What bothers me most about politics is the need for candidates to paint things in such a negative fashion. It’s all bullshit.
  13. I would probably be less passionate about the tax issue if it weren’t abundantly clear that the vast majority of those dollars are used to murder people, imprison people, finance horseshit and make a few evil fucks rich. Im also in the business of dealing with the tax man and regulators and they’re slimy as fuck. The whole AB5 law in CA is the latest example of disingenuous legislation designed to force companies to pay more for insurance and ultimately hurt those the politicians are claiming to want to help. oh and taxation is literally theft.
  14. Single guys use way more luxury government “services” than married people cuz you know kids and what not are a net positive on government spending
  15. I don't think districts mattered in the presidential primary. But despite the fact that I'm white, rich, alt-right, (whatever else you classified me as) you won't get me to defend republicans. I leave that to Flop
  16. Right. I'd think someone with some a backbone and his principles would use their platform to call out the hypocritical big bank loving, war mongering establishment, rather than endorsing it with smiles and hugs.