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  1. LOL it felt weird posting it but honestly I won $1400+ a few years ago and forgot all about the site.
  2. WTH happened to Taylor? Did he become a conservative again and leave the board to not deal with Blarg?
  3. Newsom didn't have a choice. Still doesn't. Too few people comply and too few law enforcement agencies enforce. He had to save face. I hate fireworks personally but I love that everyone shot em off. Fuck Newsom
  4. Karenknees! haha awesome Kurt
  5. No one wants to deal with hard truths. Those who do experience amazing things. Those who won't, create justifications, rationalizations and emphasize outside factors far more than root causes for degradation.
  6. The corporate press is the enemy of the people
  7. I won $1400 once. I'm gonna do it again. Got an email today from this company with a promo code for past winners. If you want to lose weight and get paid to do it I can vouch that this company is legit. Sign up here and they'll throw me a few bucks.
  8. Don't be a hater, brother.
  9. I've been using that for like 4 days now. It has been a nice edition to my repertoire.
  10. Holy Moses the things some of you guys expend energy on
  11. All you have to do is observe how the rank and file democrats and neocons publicly and verbally felate each other to realize there’s absolutely zero principles in Washington
  12. Oh man a couple weeks ago twitter let that neocon Rick Wilson have it. It was so good
  13. Man the Magas across the street have been lighting off stadium grade fireworks for 30 minutes straight.
  14. I’m thinking a lot of wealthy white people are going to win elections this year.
  15. Holy shit the Cons could end up ruining the Democratic party and make it essentially two different parties. Magas should root for this. It may hurt them in the interim but in the long run it will pay off
  16. I'm headed to Scottsdale in a couple weeks. As long as the golf courses aren't closed I'm all good
  17. Inspired by a carne asada burrito actually. Carbs fuck me up
  18. Clearly a portion of our population deals with circumstances that make achievement anything but a certainty. However, the vast majority of people can achieve and acquire comfort with moderate effort and determination. I have little to no compassion for these losers
  19. Because of the Rona my Indian neighbors a couple houses down are hosting day 1 of what I’m sure is a multi-day wedding. Blasting techno right now
  20. Molyneaux never really interested me. Gave him a shot. Too many of these IDW types fall in love with the sound of their own voice. Gad Saad is another. The weinsteins... Sam Harris. Zzz all of them
  21. Guessing heroin might make them feel better
  22. The spirit of this is spot on. I believe progressive policy harms minorities far more than white trash people who say mean things.
  23. Tom Woods Newsletter Have at it LibCons We're supposed to panic about rising COVID-19 "cases" in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Well, I'm not. Let's look at Texas alone. First, by way of comparison, let's look at New York City, which got hit the hardest. David Stockman recently reported on the numbers for COVID cases/deaths per 100,000 (as of June 27), which are as follows: Bronx: 3,346 / 234 Queens: 2,867 / 222 Brooklyn: 2,345 / 198 And now the same figures for cities in Texas: Houston: 567 / 7 Dallas: 696 / 13 Fort Worth: 500 / 10 San Antonio: 423 / 5 Austin: 549 / 9 Meanwhile, CEOs of top hospitals in Houston, where the situation is supposed to be catastrophic, have been urging the public to disregard the panicked media stories. The president and CEO of Houston Methodist pointed out that his ICU use was 95% this time last year, pre-COVID. He added, "It is completely normal for us to have ICU capacities that run in the 80s and 90s. That's how all hospitals operate." "Quite frankly," he said, "we're concerned that there is a level of alarm in the community that is unwarranted right now." I'll have a lot more to say about this in today's forthcoming episode (#1683) of the Tom Woods Show. Incidentally, a person who belongs to the Tom Woods Show Elite just shared the following: "This morning I heard on the radio that 71% of SC hospital beds are being used! COVID cases are increasing!! So I looked it up. What percentage of hospital beds is normally used at this time of year in SC? That would be somewhere between 69% and 70%." Kind of important to put figures like that in context, isn't it? There is obviously an effort afoot to keep you in a state of panic. Ol' Woods, on the other hand, wants to keep you informed. The super deluxe way to stay informed and sane is by joining me inside the Tom Woods Show Elite. Information and sanity are in short supply these days. See you there: Tom Woods