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  1. I knew this would come up and debated internally on posting this one. It's just the shortest and easiest one. The other ones have longer parts of the interview or try to be willy nilly with the hosts face reaction. Was just trying to be simple because I know my audience and their attention span.
  2. I didn't think anyone could out do Trump in the comedy department
  3. Had to send this to my friend as I saw this while her and I are texting. She is a part of a German Shepard rescue group that takes in dogs and kind of fosters them until they are adopted. I went with her on one trip where we drove out to Rancho Cucamonga to transport a dog to a Yorba Linda facility. Neat experience. She said being part of the group she got to experience K9 training on a football field. Said it was insane and an awesome experience. She said she literally screamed out, "Yeeeesssssss!!!" when the dog took the dude down. But then I told her that he recently passed but you said was a great dog for the department and she cried.
  4. Nice. I want to go back and keep talking to that bangin El Salvadorian and Russian chick. and maybe I’ll order another Italian sandwich
  5. Kind of this. I thought the first two seasons were just too good that it was always going to be hard to replicate. The first two seasons were some of the best written seasons of any show I’ve ever seen. I never watched the final season after the whole Kevin Spacey debacle with touching boys.
  6. I fuck around a lot, but this guy literally is going into full blown dementia. This should not be a presidential candidate.
  7. It was weird and didn't fit. 1 and 2 (two probably being my favorite) are must watch material
  8. How do you like it? I added it to my list a long time ago but haven't pulled the trigger. What would you compare it to?
  9. This chick is a complete smoke show. I'll always remember this one.
  10. Have you ever been told to wait for back up but when in the expected criminals house and took on six people and lived to tell about it?
  11. Is your partner an alcoholic, but you guys work good together as a team and you help him cover it up while on the job?
  12. Hmmm, saw it coming but you kept it simple. I'll give you a B-.