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  1. Yeah, I have a friend coming over because her place is decimated with smoke. Although, I still have some mild smoke inside, too.
  2. Still possible: The deal includes an early-termination option prior to the fifth year of the deal in 2024-25, Paul said.
  3. What if the main symptom for Covid was your dick started to leak?
  4. You didn't know he would resign for 5 years?
  5. On a Sunday afternooooooooonnnnnnnnnn
  6. I didn't realize Tank referenced negroes or alluded to them.
  7. Looks like we now know how long AD will sign his extension for.
  8. There are clips of just the incident, but looking for a video I came across this and the woman is an absolute smoke show.
  9. I'd squat more if when I squatted I could dunk my balls in Fran Drescher's mouth
  10. What if I got a beej from Charlize Theron?
  11. Careful at the swinger parties https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2020/12/01/41-test-positive-for-covid-after-swingers-convention-in-new-orleans/?utm_campaign=forbes&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=Gordie&fbclid=IwAR1c-x8ZCmd4y91crwKid4YeoRI1MCx-CUA_Z3UXGIDbHNGndoPnuDiVINM&sh=154a42806a46
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