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  1. The Color of Money Seen parts of it many times (mainly towards the end), but finally watched it from start to finish. Still holds up.
  2. Arizona tends to be a bit too dry for me to come, too.
  3. What's weird is I don't get any alerts when you tag me. I thought I saw something else in another thread, but never got the alert. I've had a sore throat the past few weeks. Figured it would be best to stay home. Plus, I get to be a rebel and make a steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus at home for Thanksgiving.
  4. Riverside's finest. My buddy actually fought the lead singer one night about 20 years ago. This song was already out and they were somewhat big at the time. There is a bar next to UCR that we used to frequent and I tried to buy many years ago that is escaping me of a name. These guys showed up and all was well, but the dudes girlfriend was all over my buddy and the singer didn't like it. Good times.
  5. The question posed was you have to delete an item from that list. Instead you told us what you are cooking that day and for breakfast. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't see how that correlates. Even if one used some deductive skills you still have rolls, Mac and cheese, and stuffing there that weren't mentioned.
  6. Dinner rolls for sure. Waste of carb space. I was never a big sweet potato casserole person, but have somewhat come around as I got older. The rest are solid. As for Mac and Cheese, out here in CA I haven't really seen it at Thanksgiving feasts, but in KC when I go out there it is a staple in the midwest and made home style with the various cheeses and almost like a panko bread crumb or cracker crumb topping.....probably others outside of our CA bubble, as well.
  7. Cool. So are you going to answer the OP?
  8. Glad that blatantly missed intentional grounding call against Carr and the Raiders (that would have made it 4th and 20 and possibly not even have a chance at their TD) didn't come back to cause the Chiefs a loss.
  9. Watched Troy last night and was watching Gladiator yesterday. Still hold up. Been watching Chappelle's Show on Netflix the past few days. Not only is it still relevant and hilarious, but I forgot some of the skits.
  10. Reminds me of my high school job. I worked at a Philly cheesesteak place in the mall food court. It was late and slow. Some middle aged dude walk right up, as there was no line, and is just a proper c*nt from the get go. Everything is negative or not to his liking......just an ornery asshole that wants to make others miserable like him. Dude orders a simple combo meal of a sandwich, fries, and a drink. I have my routine down and finish his order. It’s like Subway, so they sit in front of you and usually watch and make suggestions which is cool. I give this dude his order and it’
  11. When it comes to coffee temp, I'm weird. I have never liked scalding hot anything.....coffee, pizza, soup, etc. I think burning the roof of your mouth or tongue is one of the worst feelings in the world. I'd rather things be room temp or just above it. I usually have coffee spots throw in some ice cubes to bring down the temp so I can drink it right away. Speaking of which, went to North Italia over the weekend and had their espresso......amazing. As for chicken sandwiches, I still have yet to find anything that beats Chik-fil-a. The Habit has something called The Golden Chicken sand
  12. I want to try this one. Love the story and how diligent they are with their beans.
  13. Finally watched Sixth Sense 20 years too late. I kind of knew about the ending, but still a good flick. Trying to find something new or to continue. Might jump back into Better Call Saul or Peaky Blinders. May try something new that has been raved about like Justified or The Americans.
  14. I'd do roids if it meant I got career earnings around $248m
  15. Yeah, ever since Baines was voted in I don't take it seriously anymore or think of it as some distinguished legacy award. Plus, Hunter should get in just based off his fake blacks comment.
  16. I look both hot (just black) and cold brew. I'm getting back into coffee and have a pretty dandy cold brew system that I'm going to pull out of the cupboard. The taste of coffee is something I enjoy, cold brew kind of took it to the next level and is easy to drink.
  17. Not sure what a lot of this means, but I think I get it. Ironically, this is the reason they created the victory formation. It wasn't a normal custom back then based on a documentary I saw on HBO or some ESPN thing.
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