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  1. I knew this would come up and debated internally on posting this one. It's just the shortest and easiest one. The other ones have longer parts of the interview or try to be willy nilly with the hosts face reaction. Was just trying to be simple because I know my audience and their attention span.
  2. I didn't think anyone could out do Trump in the comedy department
  3. Had to send this to my friend as I saw this while her and I are texting. She is a part of a German Shepard rescue group that takes in dogs and kind of fosters them until they are adopted. I went with her on one trip where we drove out to Rancho Cucamonga to transport a dog to a Yorba Linda facility. Neat experience. She said being part of the group she got to experience K9 training on a football field. Said it was insane and an awesome experience. She said she literally screamed out, "Yeeeesssssss!!!" when the dog took the dude down. But then I told her that he recently passed but you said was a great dog for the department and she cried.
  4. Nice. I want to go back and keep talking to that bangin El Salvadorian and Russian chick. and maybe I’ll order another Italian sandwich
  5. Kind of this. I thought the first two seasons were just too good that it was always going to be hard to replicate. The first two seasons were some of the best written seasons of any show I’ve ever seen. I never watched the final season after the whole Kevin Spacey debacle with touching boys.
  6. I fuck around a lot, but this guy literally is going into full blown dementia. This should not be a presidential candidate.
  7. It was weird and didn't fit. 1 and 2 (two probably being my favorite) are must watch material
  8. How do you like it? I added it to my list a long time ago but haven't pulled the trigger. What would you compare it to?
  9. This chick is a complete smoke show. I'll always remember this one.
  10. Have you ever been told to wait for back up but when in the expected criminals house and took on six people and lived to tell about it?
  11. Is your partner an alcoholic, but you guys work good together as a team and you help him cover it up while on the job?
  12. Hmmm, saw it coming but you kept it simple. I'll give you a B-.
  13. Yeah, those movies were long as shit. I thought the premise HBO did where they put the movies together, but in chronological order based on scenes was a cool idea. But sitting there for 7 hours straight is a daunting task.
  14. You're more likely to get hit by chlamydia in Havasu First time I ever saw a dildo on the end of a Black and Decker power drill
  15. Just make sure to wear a sanitary mask when you go into the speakeasy spots
  16. Yeah, sounds like some places are going to be slow to open unless they were on the takeout tip because places didn't place orders for food to go to waste or kegs to just sit there. That's why friends place is the 1st....ready to go, just need to get the distributors to deliver.
  17. We were curious about that, too. There seems to be a way you're supposed to do it, but many places just said, "fuck it" and opened anyway. Seems like people are also making their own interpretations, but kind of fed up and not wanting to fail, so they are kind of like, "come stop me" Found out a shitty dive bar in Tustin has basically been open the whole time and didn't care. They got shut down recently and are one of the ones trying to buy food to have chicken wings on the menu and act like that is ok. Shady place anyway.
  18. Yeah. Danny K's is opening today. My friends bar on the 1st. It's not actual bars and I was surprised to learn that part of the reopening was no bars or no bar areas. So while you can still get a drink, the bar areas need to be empty. So if you serve food, you're cool. It was interesting to walk to the restroom and peek and sure enough it was empty. One of the interesting things I heard that some are trying to loop hole is some local bars don't serve food, so they can't open. But since this is a small knit group some bars are in talks with my friends bar/restaurant to buy food from them so they can serve food and get that designation. Not sure how that works legally as there is no license for food or health department designation. Kind of weird and curious to see how it's going to work. The weird thing is talking to that dude at the little speakeasy type thing he was surprised a bigger chain like El Torito opened. He said part of the re-opening process is you had to send a very detailed plan to the county and get it approved to get the ok, but the county isn't open on Saturday. A lot of places just seemed to open with their own interpretation of the phase launch.
  19. I think was also my last night at the bar before the close down, too
  20. Went to El Torito yesterday with friends on 17th...I think that is still Santa Ana. It was unique. They had a proper re-opening with safety measures and social distancing. I thought they did a great job and basically created a solid blueprint for how it should be done. Pretty impressive for a first day under completely new circumstances. Then went to a place that does food pick up but was legit speakeasy type. My friend had to call and name drop and the owner was cool with us coming in for a bit. Only him in there and an older couple. Had a blast. Some other old dude that was a reg called and asked to come in. Unique experience and probably the closest I'll get to the prohibition era as things start to open up now. Five of us in there with a little bit of a code and masks in case someone walked in. Owner knows all the OC places well and had some great knowledge of what's going on, how things are going to work, and what not for business owners like himself.