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  1. Still never gets old. "I'm prone to sensory overload"
  2. But he would refuse because I'd have no shitty InO fries
  3. I've seen a mixed bag and have talked to business owners at some of the spots I have been going to recently. Quite a few staff members aren't coming back just yet because they make more on unemployment than working. Not a race issue, everyone would take free money and not do shit.
  4. Yeah, fuck these peeps on both sides. I want to see a league where it's Brazzers vs. Naughty America.
  5. I go back and forth on the idea. Your second point is why I usually write in myself or make some name up on the ballot. The last election CA called for Hillary at 5% of the vote....five fucking percent. That's just wild to me and I don't have a decision to make. On the flip side, living in CA, I don't think because I am in a more populous area that I should vote to tell people in North Dakota how rules are going to work for them. Too many variables with economics, lifestyle, climate, and issues I don't have to deal with. I'm not married to the electoral college, but if I lived in Arkansas I would want to feel like my vote meant something rather than having CA and NY determine my president, laws, etc.
  6. Me too. I love when the left talks about how unfair the electoral college is while having superdelegates and that process while being able to just fuck over Bernie Sanders twice. But let's talk about fairness.
  7. I've always had a good time. I don't always go and watch Angels games, but have watched a bunch. It's that midwest mentality, the nicest fans at both Royals and Chiefs games....NFL crowds can get a bit belligerent, but always a good experience wearing an Angels shirt, hat, or jersey there. Didn't go to the all-star game and honestly don't remember why. I think I had a bunch going on and didn't want to coordinate tickets with my family that has season seats. I just remember the home run derby and Trumbo hitting the top of the Royals hall of fame building in the back of left field. Just insane.
  8. Fun to look back at this thread and chat about it. We were on the first base side. I don't like to sit for long periods and was standing with family in the concourse next to a handicap spot when all hell broke loose. From a no hitter possibility to losing the game. Longest walk back to the car I have ever had at a sporting event.
  9. Another reason baseball is going down the shitter. What a shame. Only major sport that can't get it together.
  10. I'm dismissive of the "critics" The Libs thought he was to un-pc and gave him terrible marks on Rotten Tomatoes from early viewings to kick start the ratings. Seriously, one of the lowest ratings they have ever had from "critics". Then the rest of us common folk got to watch it and the customer reviews were 100% or something close to it. Another reason to hate the media. But yeah, this was something to do last night and kill 27 minutes, but it wasn't really a comedy act. Funny he mentioned Chris Dorner. The two cops he murked were right next to me in Corona. I remember the streets being taped off and the detour signs. Then we did a memorial for the officers at the local pub, also right there. Wild shit.
  11. One of the funniest things is Peter Schiff going into the crowd and destroying everyone on how business and economics work.
  12. I'm going to send them some quinoa so that they stay longer
  13. Yeah, but the bbq would be off the chains
  14. Someone let Craig out of the basement, as well.
  15. Whatever happed to that one plan that actually made it to state voting? It was something like breaking CA into 5-6 districts or individual territories within the state. I'm guessing if it went anywhere we would be in the know.
  16. Deadliest virus in the world to not so bad