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  1. Netflix just dropped this. I heard Rogan talk about this yesterday or today, but Dave Chappelle did a comedy special at a chapel. I'm not sure if this is the whole set or just a sample they threw on YouTube, but it's all about this with some jokes sprinkled in at points. There is even verbiage that he never does this, but thinks we will all understand. Curious to see what drops on Netflix tomorrow and maybe this was an uncut version.
  2. That's why they called me Lil Dreamer in the streets, Ese.
  3. I'll bring white skin and the plastic bottle of whiskey Adam always texts me when some old ass dude is in front of him at a checkout stand.
  4. These protesters are just getting too wild now. (NSFW)
  5. I think there is merit with his sentiments that there are camera phones and how we have responded. I wasn't alive when MLK was assented, but have learned he lead the charge for change. I don't know how his death was perceived, but he was given a national holiday. Not sure if that will happen with Floyd. I'll be dead by then, but I'd be curious to see how the history text books read about this moment in time.
  6. Biden says Floyd had made a bigger impact than MLK.
  7. And this, sir, is exactly why I made the post I did.
  8. Someone is getting poked tonight. mymerlincat vs. Rico for the Twitter posting title may be on the line tonight.
  9. PS5 dropped their shit today. Pretty wild. I think the Resident Evil trailer showed what real gameplay will look like. Hitman said it was game footage, but it still looks like cut scene type shit.....and honestly, I haven't trusted them since they told everyone they were doing some kind of episodic game where you buy it up front, but they were going to release content and we would get it for free with our purchase. I think they did one expansion pack and that was it. Just misleading to the public. They also always seem to go high end with the trailers and it's not how the game plays. Just looks like a cool movie trailer, but the game you purchased is different.
  10. Side note, just saw this and didn't want to created a new thread for it or what not. Didn't this dude pass away a while back?
  11. He's already reached the point of no return.
  12. Valid and solid points gents. I agree, but didn't want to write a thesis that no one would read or care about and simply put an easy link. The gist of my post was in regards to people pulling down statues or wanting to rename military bases. I shouldn't be surprised at how dumb and uneducated we are, but seeing all the news, Tweets, articles, interviews, etc. and it simply saying "it was because of slavery" it's just not completely accurate. It's a component, but the Civil War had to do with more than that and I can tell people are missing that or simply doing that dumb shit thing of reading some bloggers Twitter feed, seeing the headline, and taking it as fact when it's not giving the complete story. I mean shit, even black people owned slaves. I like these kind of discussions and appreciate insight (I'm not a history major, but know a thing or two) from others. I think you dudes get my context, so I won't expound on it, but wish others in society would simply get a little more educated before they protest or Tweet ignorant stances.
  13. I always wished Azusa was spelled Azuza (or Asusa) so it would be a palindrome
  14. Yeah, not sure why that auto corrected since I've never seen or talked about the tv show. But likewise, I don't type or talk about states breaking away from the union either.
  15. I got my money on mymerlincat beating him to the punch first
  16. Always makes me laugh how people still think the Civil War was simply "aBuot Tha slAvez" I don't care about monuments, statues, or the name of a military base. But people need to get their facts straight on this shit they are arguing about. It had more to do with succession and individual state rights opposed to federal rights. Slavery also had more to do with economical impact and expansion into the west with slaves, but wasn't the primary focus. Get your shit together guys. Here is a very brief synopsis and feel free to do your own Googling.
  17. As the eloquent poet Joey Diaz once stated. "Maybe I'll shit myself or maybe it's a fart, but lets take a chance"
  18. Been doing a few of these a day recently. Still the greatest sketch comedy of all-time.
  19. Damn. The US Army just started handing out bayonets to handle protests.
  20. Was just listening to a podcast about people that use blanket statements. I've grown to dismiss it and move on, which sucks for whoever is talking because if they make valid points it falls on deaf ears. "Every man does this....." "Every woman acts like this..." "All places do this......"
  21. I always wondered this. I get spam calls or calls to donate to some sheriff association, but have never got one of these calls and I've had the same number since the pager days. Reminds me of the people I don't know that accept and do jury duty. I don't know anyone personally that will accept that call and spend however long on the phone answering hypothetical questions or give their opinion.
  22. As long as you're not protesting through the streets with hundreds or thousands that you can give the flu to, I think you'll be alright.