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  1. Just watched that tonight too. TBH the writing did not seem very good.
  2. My dad was a musician in the Air Force back in the Vietnam era. They would play gigs several days a week pretty much everywhere up and down the west coast. Some were on-post (formal events, welcome back stuff, retirement parties, etc...), some off-post sort of public relations stuff. They did an off-post gig up in Alaska once (don’t remember where exactly), but it was basically a towny bar. He said everyone was carrying HEAVY revolvers on their hip. After the gig he hung out for awhile and asked about it. The locals told him basically everyone carried a 44 mag, as it was the only revolver cali
  3. Federal Firearms License. Basically someone/an entity legally allowed to sell guns to the public. Usually a gun retailer (i.e. your local Bass Pro or some smaller gun store). In some smaller communities out here, you’ll find other people that have them as well. For instance, a friend of mine from college owns a boat dealership in a pretty rural area, but he has a FFL just to help with transfers (they charge a fee, and there aren’t a ton of other places with a FFL within 75 miles). Anyhow, the idea is that if you were to buy a weapon (say online) from a private individual, they would send
  4. So same as everywhere else pretty much? Wasn’t sure if there were extra hoops to jump through out there.
  5. It’s not about where these days. There are plenty of places to buy a gun under normal circumstances. It’s just a straight supply and demand issue right now. Plenty of gun retailers out there, and plenty of gun buyers out there, just no guns. Edit: I also imagine there are things available on the private/secondary market (probably at a premium), but I’m not really sure how that transaction process works in CA.
  6. Probably best to start with a .22 to get comfortable. Rounds are cheap (if you can find them), kick is really minimal, and you can buy a reliable .22 revolver for like under $150 or a reasonably good pistol for $200-ish. It’ll help you get used to firing a weapon without dealing with too much kick, and is a perfectly good personal protection weapon.
  7. Lol. Caught me before I fixed it. Good work.
  8. Yeah, definitely a good idea to go and handle a few before you buy. And tons of people like Glocks for good reason. They just never felt right for me in particular. As to the mag thing, I totally get the desire for more capacity. But as my dad used to say, if you’re ever in a situation with a pistol where you need to reload you likely have some bigger problems and may be using the wrong weapon to begin with.
  9. I’ve always been uncomfortable with Glocks. They’ve just never seemed to fit my hand right. The general pistol vs revolver decision is more complex. Revolvers by nature are more reliable and are more likely to be available in bear stopping calibers. Both of those are good things in an outdoorsy type adventure. That said, a lot of pistols tend to be better in terms of overall safety features and mag capacity. Considering all of that, I know there are some revolvers out there chambered for .357 with an eight round capacity. Could be a nice compromise. Plus you could fire .38 special out of it at
  10. Just keep all the weapons wide open, down-range, and in the booth.
  11. Do you owe him money?
  12. Do the opposite of this dumbass https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/man-charged-in-fatal-blue-springs-shooting-inside-restaurant/ar-BB1aUD7r?ocid=hplocalnews
  13. If there is a range master there, just follow all of their instructions to the freaking letter. One of the things I love about Missouri is that they have state run ranges that are super cheap, but also well maintained and run by very good state park employee range masters. $6 to shoot as long as you want and absolutely zero bullshit tolerated. All that said, what are you planning on firing?
  14. I thought that was just a thing for everyone IRL.
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