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  1. You’ll never convince me that this whole project hasn’t just been a slush fund for nearly 30 years. This reeks of, at the absolute best, pure incompetence. The fact that so many are still committed to a useless project seems to indicate far worse.
  2. Arte somewhat for sure. But the biggest and most solvable issue is and continues to be player development, specifically regarding pitchers. Some teams churn out great pitchers consistently, and some seem (like us) to do it almost never in the last decade. Drafting/international signings might play a part in that, but I’d guess it’s not the biggest part of it.
  3. We’ll bring him back on September 20th when we’re 8 games out of the second wild card, after which he’ll tear his calf muscle because we brought him back too soon for no good reason, and we’ll still be reading these tweets next May.
  4. It was a super shitty attempted coup admittedly.
  5. Intent to "stop the steal" by force. Again, it's a dumb idea that wasn't going to work, but it's absolutely what they were trying to do. We can't just take an "oh, that was a silly time" approach to it.
  6. It's almost like two things can be true at once.
  7. I think intent matters quite a bit here. A lot of these people were civil war jerk off fantasy nutjobs that honestly believed if they could get in and stop evil Mike Pence from stealing the Presidency from Trump that Trump would applaud them, call on all other "real Americans" to take up arms against the dirty libtards, and then they'd have their fantasy war where they get to slow-mo dome tap libs while doing a badass slide across the hood of their Trans Am with a Slim Jim hanging out of their mouth. It was, of course, a dumb thing to think. There was no chance of that actually happening as a result of their actions that day. But they were there to "stop the steal" anyway. And remember, "the storm" was coming. I'm sure some people were just along for the ride/spectacle and ended up in the capitol building, but for those that really believed they were there to stop the certification of the election by force, they absolutely intended to start a coup that day. Again, it was a dumb thing to think of as possible, but that was 100% the intent.
  8. Charlie is fairly well-intentioned. He’s just easily influenced by others. Easily a top-five ever comedy character for me.
  9. If we still have a shot in mid-August and they're actually healthy, it'll be nice to have them back and see if we can go on a run. But yeah, if it's early September before they're healthy enough to play and we're 8 games out of the 2nd wild card, why bother.
  10. I'd love to see a New Era company basketball game. Just nothing but dudes missing break away layups and bricking free throws.
  11. It was the original Cleveland pro team name, Cy Young played a good chunk of his career there, and the uniforms/hats/apparel possibilities would have been pretty cool.
  12. Those videos are really the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. Spiders or Rocks would have been way better IMO. Guardians, in my mind, just makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy.
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