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  1. Wallet, phone, keys, AirPods, knife. That’s just sort of the standard before leaving the house. I skip the wallet sometimes in favor of my ID and a card in my phone case.
  2. Another example of the dems inability to take a W where they can. I'm not referring specifically to the debate, but rather to the rejection of Rogan by the left publicly. Here's one of the most famous dudes on the planet who strongly advocates for a lot of the dem talking points, and instead of using that to their advantage, they just shit all over him for not being woke enough.
  3. It's kinda a weird comp, but in a lot of ways this team reminds me of the 2000s Royals. Just living in sub-medicority year after year, fans trying to convince themselves that Angel Berroa and Mark Teahan are future superstars while spending money on mediocre (read: non-superstar talent) rather than committing to a full rebuild. The biggest difference is of course that some of the Royals prospects did turn out to be pretty good and they just didn't have the money to compete, but still tried for some reason until about 2010.
  4. Arkansas Solid B for me. Took an interesting approach to telling the story and jumping around in the timeline. Vince Vaughn and Liam Hemsworth are both good in it. The movie is shot in a bit of an odd way too, which I liked, but some might not. Also, there's an argument that can be made that this movie should just replace True Detective Season Two and we all pretend that True Detective Season Two never happened.
  5. It actually happened the Monday of finals week if I remember right. I already had a flight booked to SoCal for that Friday, so I luckily got to leave after like four days. The house I lived in there was one of the first to get power back, as it was super close to/apparently part of the electricity network of the main business district in town. I think it came back on that Thursday night... so only like 72 hours without power for me personally. I came back from SoCal a week later and the houses on the other side of the street (along with about half the town) still didn't have power.
  6. Honestly after living several years of my life in the Midwest nothing is worse than a f$&* all ice storm. They are freaking insane in terms of destruction. Ice storms definitely vary in degrees of destruction, but a bad one basically overloads every single exposed surface. Trees, power lines, comm lines, roofs, etc... I’ve been through several, but the worst was in ‘07. People lost power for over two weeks in my area in the middle of winter, you could hear tree limbs snapping literally every few seconds, cars were smashed by falling trees, houses were destroyed. It was freaking nuts. That
  7. Ryu is the one I wish we would have gotten. I know there was some injury history there, but the dude just knows how to pitch. His skill set seemed reliable just because he doesn't rely on a 96+ fastball to make everything else effective. Dude just locates and misses the big part of the bat.
  8. Jo Adell looked like a big leaguer there. Dude was working every righty low and away with that two seamer and cutter. Adell went up there looking to drive a ball to right and did it.
  9. Dazed and Confused? I mean there is a party at the moon tower.
  10. That’s fair for sure. I’m just hoping that he has enough drive to get better that this whole experience leads to improvement in all aspects of his game.
  11. I think it's weird but cool that Dana Delany just comes over to your place to watch movies.
  12. Honestly, with this feeling like a lost cause of a season already I'm ok with Adell getting worked over in his first shot at regular playing time. Obviously it sucks for him and the team, and in an ideal world he'd be going through a lot of this development in AAA. But I'm all for him playing in real games and hopefully working through these challenges without it eroding his confidence too much. Hopefully the vets are telling him it's a hard adjustment for everyone and to just keep his head up and put in the work.
  13. At this point it really is just like a baseball test lab to me. If we're gonna be terrible we might as well give our young guys every opportunity to succeed or fail and see who should be a part of this team long-term. That's it. Oh, and Trout.
  14. This is what happens when your approach to pitching for 5+ years is “Screw it, we’ll figure something out.”
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