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  1. Probably my favorite movie I’ve ever seen. An ex-gf of mine thought it was stupid. Again, ex.
  2. Das Boot is one I’ve always known of, but I’ve yet to actually take the time to watch it. But I mean everyone says it’s one of the all-time great war movies, so I’m sure I’d dig it. Sort of sub-adjacent, but Greyhound (Tom Hanks North Atlantic WWII movie) was pretty solid too and didn’t get much attention when it came out. I rewatched No Country for Old Men maybe like two weeks ago. Just a freaking masterpiece still. I’m usually a substance (plot, characters, writing, etc…) over style guy, and while that movie doesn’t lack there, the look and feel of that movie is just incredible.
  3. I don't understand why there aren't more submarine movies. The tension is so built-in that those movies almost write themselves.
  4. I’m just glad to hear that Arte has overcome his fear of improving the team.
  5. I took what Maddon was saying to mean that if the organization thinks doing nothing and counting on someone like Detmers to make this team a contender next year, then we’re being set up for failure. Dude might be awesome at the big league level next year, but it’s more likely he’ll be average to a bit above average. Any way it goes, it won’t be enough to make this team a contender overnight.
  6. I don’t believe he mentioned a specific location, and the comment was made in Missouri.
  7. Fair point, but he seemed to be especially bad. Dude was trying to defend some absolutely indefensible shit in the most politician-y speak you could imagine. Admittedly not terribly different than Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden, etc… though.
  8. Anybody watched the Netflix doc yet? Alberto Gonzales seems like one of the slimiest dudes ever.
  9. That’s a sad one. Loved that dude as an actor. He played one of the best characters in the history of television.
  10. You mean Willie Aikens? Dude’s life story is pretty crazy.
  11. Would’ve been great to keep him. He’s put together a pretty great career. And all the stories former teammates/coaches have about him are hilarious.
  12. 2003 was a generally shitty season, in that we just kinda sucked following that WS. 2004 was rough just because we seemed so stacked and lost in the first round. But 95 was really the worst. That shit, even at 10 years old, freaking hurt. 2005 was also shitty just because that one call seemed to completely change the momentum in the White Sox series. I remember watching that game with a bunch of college buddies that didn’t really know baseball and explaining what a horseshit call that was.
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