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  1. They said Ohtani took his off-season work and conditioning pretty freaking seriously this year, and it shows on the offensive side so far. Looks like he’s ready to go right now on that front. And that ball he hit today... just wow. The last time I can remember anyone crushing a ball like that to center was Trout when he hit that like 491’ bomb in KC a few years ago.
  2. Lol. Bundy throws the exact same pitch in the exact same spot twice in a row. One ball, one strike.
  3. Back in ‘04 I worked as a courier carrying loan docs and whatnot (presumably) all over SoCal. This was in that little bubble where you couldn’t throw a rock anywhere in SoCal without hitting a title company or a loan office. I just had one of those Nextel phones/walkie-talkies where I’d get a pick up address and drop off address. I got Thomas Guides for LA, Orange, Riverside, SB, and SD counties on day one. I got paid by the mile doing that gig, but obviously more runs/smarter runs in a day equaled more miles. Maximizing the money in that role really took careful planning and quick research th
  4. We used to do food trades all the time at the pizza place I worked at. We were in the bar district in town. Sort of like a 3x3 block area with probably 30-something bars and restaurants. On weeknights right after dinner rush we'd usually pick a place to call up and negotiate a food trade for both staffs. Some of the negotiations were freaking hilarious. "Dude, we are not throwing in five orders of cajun shrimp unless you hook it the f up with the pepperoni rolls.", etc...
  5. I delivered in a town that was pretty much all college students or military. The military dudes were incredibly consistent in their tipping. Seemed like it was always $2 or $3 dollars per delivery, which for that time, was fine. Not great, but fine. Dorm deliveries were always prioritized the lowest by the drivers, because most of those kids were 18 or 19, poor AF, and often didn't even understand that tipping was a thing. Deliveries to frats/sororities were always interesting, because it was pretty rare that we would find the person that actually ordered the pizza. If there was some sort of p
  6. I think we're on the downswing of this as well. We've got about 28 million confirmed cases in the US so far I believe, which I'd guess means we're probably close to 50 million actual cases (people that had such mild symptoms they didn't get tested or were asympomatic). That's like 1 in 6 or 7 people that have already had it. So that's a pretty big chunk of the population that are extremely unlikely to get it again and extremely unlikely to pass it on. Combine that with the vaccine efforts, and it seems like the virus is kinda running out of people to spread it pretty quickly. I can tell you th
  7. The thought of Jose Mota doing karaoke is somehow extremely funny to me.
  8. Dude rocked a .407 BABIP last year, which is probably a bit lucky, but you don't get anywhere near that number unless you're hitting rockets pretty consistently.
  9. I’m really intrigued to see what Iglesias does offensively this year. I mean his swing looks really really good. And he had a crazy good year last year. But the rest of his career suggests something really different. So does that mean he just had a flukey hot streak last year, or did something change in his game/finally click? Because if he’s anywhere close to what he was on offense last year and plays the D we know he can, then he’s an absolute steal.
  10. 1-0. Trout looks like he’s ready to start the season. Ohtani got a hit too. Pujols hit a weak grounder that bounced over the third baseman for an RBI. Cobb was meh. Not bad, a little wild, but looked like he was just getting some reps in.
  11. My first job was at KMart back in the day in their electronics department. Like some others here, I too did pizza delivery for awhile. It was actually a super fun gig. We’d work 5PM to 5AM shifts, and if you got the right nights the money was actually really solid. Plus it was in a college town, so that alone made the job fun sometimes.
  12. That pitch count rule is weird. Like I get the point of it, but it makes these games feel more fake than they already are.
  13. Yeah, there were plenty of dem candidates I would’ve preferred over Biden, but I would’ve voted for a sentient lamp over Trump.
  14. Yeah, the service time thing is probably what did him in the most. Everyone knows it goes on, but so far nobody has been able to get any sort of real recourse because no front office will openly admit to doing it and they can ostensibly stand behind the "we want him to work on his defense, K rate, baserunning, etc..." Now that this has happened, there's no way he can remain a part of the Mariners organization because it would open them up to some potential lawsuits.
  15. I'm always amazed that ski lifts haven't had stricter safety rules applied to them yet. Just kinda weird that we're totally cool with requiring car seats for kids until they're like 28 now, but when it comes to ski lifts we're like "Get on this rickety cable system where we set your drunk ass 40 feet off the ground using a couple wood boards with nothing to secure you while you hang a 15 pound weight off one foot."
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