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  1. I honestly can’t understand pulling CRod there unless there was something else going on. He’s one of the three best pitchers on this team.
  2. I understand the respect for his career and his hitting knowledge and everything... but it's just painful watching Pujols play. There aren't too many hitters worse than him in baseball that get regular ABs (he might actually be the worst), and even when he gets on his lack of speed makes him a major liability on the basepaths. Those two things in combination have to make him the worst starting player in the league. This offense can be so freaking good, and Pujols is a giant black hole right in the middle of it. I know he wants to play this year out for whatever reasons, but from a performance
  3. That's almost certainly better than continuing to give Pujols ABs.
  4. This is some bad baseball. Rowen quite literally looks like a Juco level pitcher. I get he’s a major leaguer and has a weird angle, but consistent 71-72 frisbees to major league hitters is gonna get freaking rocked.
  5. Honestly the base running hurts us almost as much as the hitting. He’s just so freaking slow and looks like he’s in constant pain running. It’s like that dude in slow pitch with a giant knee brace who always asks for a pinch runner.
  6. I thought he was just born as an 87 year old man and stayed that way his whole life.
  7. Don


    Fully agreed with you on how he changes the dynamics of the lineup. Having four very legit offensive threats in a row in our lineup is huge. And the fact that it’s 50/50 L/R makes it that much better. Walsh stepping up this year takes us from being a good offense to a great offense.
  8. I’m a little behind on the game, but wow did Walsh hit the ever living fuck out of that ball.
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