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  1. Last year, the warning signs were when Ohtani wasn't controlling the ball even in Spring training (hitting batters in practice and walking a ton). I will get my hopes up when I hear he has more control. Being a year away from his TJ will help a ton. Hope the news on Ohtani is positive this year. He looked completely defeated and demoralized last year (on the mound AND at the plate)
  2. Holy crap. We will never get a TOR now through free agency. Can’t see any pitcher making more money per year than Trout. Great deal for him though. So not worth it.
  3. I love listening to MLBNetwork Radio losing their minds that he wasn’t going to the Mets. Lol
  4. and end up signing an underwhelming starter like Chris Stratton, Alex Cobb, Matt Harvey, etc.
  5. So Trout is surrounded in the outfield by Justin Upton and Dexter Fowler... let that sink in.
  6. Well that means we should be getting Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo too soon right?
  7. With all of the options out there this offseason, we get Alex Cobb and Dexter Fowler. Ugh. Want to throw up.
  8. Can only hope that our young pitchers can grow into aces OR. we can sign some relievers. Still think Rosenthal, Petit would help this team. So frustrating...
  9. That’s what I attempted to do. Technology is hard lol. Or maybe I am just a dumbass.
  10. This was me trying to post a tweet. sorry. (. Guess I need to leave it to the people that do this often.
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