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  1. @PattyD22 Thanks for sharing man. That was a good read.
  2. I’d say it’s almost definitely this.
  3. You don’t want to know the things that I could do to that collection of words. It’ll probably take a lot of coconut oil though.
  4. It’s technically not even a sentence.
  5. Seattle might be one of the two or three worst places to go if he’s trying to stack up HRs.
  6. One, I think it's a giant leap to assume that everyone in the potential hiring pool for such jobs is actively on unemployment. Two, if your business model doesn't allow you to remain open despite high demand and sales volume, then you may need to rethink the business model.
  7. As much as it takes for them to agree to do it. And agreed about anyone turning down a job being cut off... but one would need to be offered a job first, probably by actively seeking one out. If you want to hire ice cream scoopers for $9/hr or whatever, and nobody wants to sign up, then you're obviously not incentivizing people enough. If that's because of an artificial parachute for individuals created by government, then that obviously needs to be corrected as well.
  8. That's not my call to make. I'll let Torii Hunter decide.
  9. You know him too? JK. Dude had a Cuban father who worked on a project in Russia and ended up marrying a woman he met there. Hence a trilingual black dude from Russia.
  10. I saw an ice cream shop out here post something on FB the other day about having to close on certain days because they were "extremely busy", but unable to find enough workers to handle the volume of customers every day of the week. It was just hilarious to me. They were basically admitting they'd rather close their doors a few days a week than pay people enough to convince them to work there. Sounded like a pretty shitty business model.
  11. I knew a black dude from Russia when I was in college.
  12. Is that really who that was or are you referring to him calling Jose Rojas “Reyes” like 12 times?
  13. @Chuckster70 To be fair, the PBP guy (Brian Kinney maybe?) challenged Perez on a lot of that, and pointed out that Pujols hasn’t been an even average major leaguer for 5 years and doesn’t offer much to any team anymore.
  14. Honestly that will be one of the lasting memories for me about the end of his career. Trying to be clever, but not having the physical ability to execute/also looking like he was a 60 year old running. And I can't speak for PM/the FO in general, but it's possible that was actually the final straw for him in an Angels uni.
  15. I don't think he'll ever go back to being a two way player on a regular basis, but I could see him getting a few more appearances on the mound in his career in unique blowout situations if the pen is totally depleted, or if we run out of pitchers in some stupid 16 inning game or something; but I'd guess those situations will be very few and far between. I'd put the over/under for pitching appearances for the rest of his career at like 3.5
  16. It's not ideal at all, but also isn't the FO's fault. AP is the one who made it go down this way.
  17. Don Drysdale (announcer days) would’ve literally taken his shirt off and challenged the whole bullpen to a fight.
  18. Used to see it all the time 10 years ago. It was an epidemic.
  19. It would’ve been terrible to see Heaney get through 8 with 130 pitches. Fucking tragic.
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