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  1. I'd love to see a New Era company basketball game. Just nothing but dudes missing break away layups and bricking free throws.
  2. It was the original Cleveland pro team name, Cy Young played a good chunk of his career there, and the uniforms/hats/apparel possibilities would have been pretty cool.
  3. Those videos are really the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Spiders or Rocks would have been way better IMO. Guardians, in my mind, just makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  5. Not really a fan of the name. I mean, a super local reference regarding statues that make sure the road system functions as intended? A little steel-belty depressing for me. I had heard about the possibility of them going with the Cleveland Rocks/Rockers or the Cleveland Spiders, either of which would have been infinitely better from both a wide audience appeal/understanding perspective and an apparel design perspective. I personally would have gone Spiders, as it has a history of being tied to Cleveland pro baseball and would have gave them the opportunity for some bad ass uniforms.
  6. Just saw @Chuckster70 on Intentional Talk. They claimed he was Kevin Millar and Brandon Webb’s love child.
  7. My favorite part is always when we sign three SPs that went 5-9 with a 5.20 ERA and strained a "insert non-arm body part here", then spend three months convincing ourselves that they can be good again because they had a really good year once three years ago. It's basically an offseason tradition at this point.
  8. Yeah, the market is freaking weird for the contact guys like him. It’s one of the reasons so many guys focus on launch angle/exit velo the last few years. It gets you paid. Guys that just make contact/hit for average and play good D are always one bad year/injury from being unemployable.
  9. It’s obviously not possible to bring him back, but Shields is probably the one pitcher I’ve watched more than any other in my life, and he was honestly better when his fastball was a bit slower. If he came out and threw 95 on the first pitch I knew he was about to get hammered. His fastball just played better at 91-93 with movement. If he started upping the velo that fastball flattened out and got really hittable. Still probably the most reliable Angel pitcher of the last 20 years.
  10. Maybe. I’d honestly have to do some more research to have a solid opinion on that.
  11. This is honestly the worst part of the Angels plan the last several years. We don’t need aces on this team. If we had one really good starter and four league average guys, combined with an even slightly above average bullpen, we’d probably be winning 90 games a year. The bar to clear on the pitching front isn’t that high, and we fail miserably over and over again.
  12. I get your opinion there, but I respectfully disagree a bit. It’s not like he would’ve been a free agent soon, so his market really isn’t open to him for a few more years. So yeah, maybe he gets to his arb years and gets (just estimating) $7-8 per year. Still some significant risk in terms of getting there healthy/successfully. Then maybe he gets to free agency still at a peak level of performance for him. And MAYBE at that point he gets $8-ish per year, but I doubt anybody would be giving him more than 3-4 years. So in my opinion, absolute best case scenario is that he would’ve got about $48 for the next 6-7 years of his career. That’s barring injuries or performance decline. Taking $25 for the next five years guaranteed isn’t a bad move at all given who he is and the fickle nature of a baseball career.
  13. @aznhockeyguyIf I were Fletcher’s agent, sibling, parent, or friend I would have been BEGGING him to take the deal he got. Betting on himself for a bigger deal probably wouldn’t have resulted in a massively larger deal, and would have been entirely dependent on continued good play and health. If a guy like Fletcher had a serious injury at this stage in his career without that larger deal he’d be fighting for a roster spot out of ST and maybe $1 mill/year for the rest of his career. This is the rare instance where it was both a great deal for the team and the player.
  14. You gotta look at who he is as a player and how he came up. If you would’ve told Fletcher 4 years ago that he’d get a $25 million guaranteed deal he would’ve laughed at you. Hell, if we gave him a 7 year $10 million deal two years ago he would have signed it immediately. A steal for the team for sure, but guys like him don’t often make it and get this kind of money.
  15. I followed you. It’s just a wonderful term IMO.
  16. It actually rains pretty regularly here, so the lawn watering takes care of itself. That said, the term “yard beer” is definitely a regional diction thing. Basically means non-craft domestic lager.
  17. I drink High Life because it is the finest of lagers.
  18. The smell would always hit sort of where Norco/Ontario/Jurupa Valley all meet. Basically right around the 60/15 interchange.
  19. That beautiful eau de IE. For the record, I grew up in what is now Jurupa Valley.
  20. Thanks. I’ve always pictured you to as a Rialto guy. That is an assumption based on zero facts. Sorry if that’s incorrect.
  21. Lol. Let me put it this way… I was actually woken up by the smell of dairy farms along the 60 on the way home from Angel games several times as a child.
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