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  1. Notice that I didn't mention race or even this specific incident. I want anyone who is given the authority to detain someone in the name of the people to be held to the simple standard of delivering them in one piece and still breathing. If everyone had shown real outrage when this happened we could tackle one problem at a time. Waiting allows for multiple groups with multiple agendas to hijack the situation. But hey, judging from the responses on this board the way to get everyone's attention is to tell them that the cop threw him through a store window
  2. But I would hope that everyone agrees that when an unarmed, handcuffed suspect dies at the hands of the police then something has gone very wrong and it is always a big deal
  3. You know what the poor, downtrodden conservatives should do? They could have literally the most peaceful protest of all time to bring awareness to their plight. They could just wait til sports are on again and take a knee during the anthem. I bet that would get everyone talking about their situation
  4. It should be common knowledge that it's dangerous to get between him and a camera
  5. In fairness, when you talk (or tweet) unceasingly for half a century you're bound to contradict yourself at some point
  6. You're trying to equate being born into a situation with actively pursuing the perceived authority of being a cop and then abusing that authority for your own purpose. Who other than cops do you see correcting their actions? Of course there's a lot of issues within those black communities but the majority of what you mentioned can be isolated to the ghetto neighborhoods in which they were shoehorned and where those who had the wits or means to do so escaped and left behind an even less desirable situation. We scoff at the murder and crime rates in places like D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago but don't even give it a second glance until the start branching out into our neighborhoods and rioting and looting. Once all this dies down everyone will forget about them again but some new groups will be deemed "terrorist" so the government can justify even more spying and the libs will still hate the cons and the cons will still hate the libs and everybody will see whatever they want to see to justify their righteousness and ignore everything that doesn't suit their agenda
  7. Help me out here. What exactly makes it the responsibility of law abiding blacks to "clean their porch"? Are they responsible for the actions of anyone else with similar skin color? Is that the basis for establishing responsibility?
  8. Then the government can bail out the insurance companies
  9. They work in the sun. No vitamin D deficiencies here
  10. Does anyone believe this is still about George Floyd? Maybe 10% of them give a fuck or even know what actually happened. This is the part where everyone on every side gets to cherry-pick examples to promote his agenda of the day or go get those items you haven’t been able to save up for. Vilify BLM or Antifa or the police or whoever is your personal boogeymen. Ride the high, high horse of righteous indignation. Dig in deeper and let your labels define you. God Bless America
  11. There's no chance that ESPN could do a Jordan "documentary" without turning it into a giant knobslob
  12. It seems there's always more outrage for the looting than for the egregious acts that set people off
  13. I don't follow James Woods but did he have a snarky tweet about the authorities signing off on the death of George Floyd with the same punishment I would get if I showed up late too often?
  14. I’d do the same thing. If they don’t respect the weight class disparity of challenging an SUV then give them a lesson in simple physics
  15. I haven’t been keeping up with all the protests but has anyone been handcuffed and then held down and deprived of oxygen until they died at the hands of people acting in the name of their government?