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  1. Not a Chiefs fan but 49ers can eat fat dicks until the end of days
  2. Bay area always lead my list in baseball and football A's, Giants Dodgers Red Sox, Yankees Astros Rest of AL West
  3. So, some guy pulled a story out of his ass and some other guy brought it here then whined like a bitch when a mod rejected it then it got reposted anyway. Who says douchebaggery is dead?
  4. The majority of the current slow down is the number of pitches thrown
  5. No non-uniformed people should be in contact with the team in any way during the game. That's the deal breaker. If they can steal signs on the field then more power to them
  6. The only one who gets anywhere near second base with bad eyesight is the umpire
  7. Keep it simple. Make a list of things that are not to be allowed and keep it big picture without regard to method. Any non-uniformed person found to be in contact with uniformed personnel during a game with regards to the banned practices and their entire supervisory chain, up to the President of baseball ops, are gone. Done
  8. Hey man, it's Scorsese. At least they nailed the lead role. When I think Irish, the first few names that come to mind are Liam Neeson, Conan O'Brien, and Robert De Niro
  9. At this point you can call it 2 good seasons out of three. And he's got a full no trade and an opt out. They're not shopping him, everybody is coming to them
  10. They were second WC in '17 too. They thought they were trending upward but then Freeland went missing and their expensive veteran relievers blew game after game until they were toast last season. A eww tweaks and they could be really good
  11. I think he mentioned that because part of the argument for Miggy was that they won their division and the Angels finished 3rd even though the Angels won more games than the Tigers