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  1. I’m not saying he wasn’t a piece of shit. I’m saying it’s not why he was detained and it’s not why he was killed and to bring it up is just deflection from the event of the day
  2. So what’s the point of all the other shit? Everything else is just noise intended to deflect from the actual event that took place
  3. Once you say this what’s the point of the rest of your post?
  4. You’re doing your part to prove their point. The man who was killed that day wasn’t the piece of shit. He was a man detained on suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 and was handcuffed at the time of his death. Now you want to write it off because he doesn’t meet your standard for a martyr.
  5. Apparently George Floyd is on trial for the murder of George Floyd
  6. Yes and no. I'd love to go back to the States but not with the current pay in my field and not with the current insanity you guys are living through
  7. I don’t know if anyone has been watching but it’s great so far. Each team is using their own goal buzzer and the event staff even threw hats on the ice after McDavid scored his third goal. Kadri scored the game winner against St Louis with .037 on the clock. It was almost 4 AM here and I think I woke my neighbors Looking forward to watching the Rangers be the first team swept out of the play-in
  8. I only mentioned the tax return because it’s against the standard playbook. In both cases it’s not playing to your own weaknesses for the sake of convention Dumbass made for tv debates aren’t the only way to get out a message or compare to the other candidates. They are stupid and they don’t get the job done.
  9. It's not written in stone, is it? Some candidates choose not to release tax returns, some choose not to do one-on-one debates
  10. 3 minutes in and old friend Justin Williams dropping gloves
  11. Hockey Night In Khobar About damn time!
  12. It's 2020 and there's plenty of good options if anyone was actually interested in solving the problem and making voting easier while still maintaining a semblance of integrity. Whatever happens this fall, this problem isn't getting any simpler or less complicated in the future
  13. I honestly believe that people will vote him out just because their so sick of looking at his stupid face and hearing him run his stupid mouth. Trump Fatigue Syndrome will win the day
  14. I would suggest this guy named Hindsight but his record is usually only .500 (20-20)
  15. And I just bought a new hip scarf last week. What are the odds?
  16. I’d arrest the cops for burglary and murder
  17. So the cops just asked for a regular warrant but the judge was feeling frisky that day? Cop or not. Warrant or not. Someone busting into your house unannounced is a burglar and the dude did what any good ole boy would do. I don’t believe for a second that they didn’t expect to exchange gunfire
  18. Hiding behind the warrant is the purest form of chickenshit
  19. Kiss corporate ass rob the public blind send American troops to fight in a different country
  20. Or just not bust into someone’s house unannounced and expect everything would be hunkyfuckingdory. If she was my daughter I’d hunt down the cops and shoot them myself. Then find the house of the judge who signed the warrant and shoot some random person who was in the house
  21. Was she named in the warrant? How many shots did she fire? You’re saying it’s ok to accidentally kill bystanders because you have a warrant?