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  1. that's cool man... for somebody who doesn't give a shit I appreciation you taking the time to talk to me
  2. No dude I'm not gonna let it go because that's a double standard... I see many people posting stuff over and over again but have an opinion that differs than mine not get touched and yet THE FIRST POSTING ON SOMETHING gets taken down Show me where the violation is and I'll let it go for good
  3. the other thread was me asking why it got taken down... and what about the previous time when it was FIRST posted?? so lets not use the "EXCUSE" of the moderators "THINKING" it was a repost... but lets ask the real question, WHY was it taken down the FIRST TIME around?
  4. @Chuckster70 so this is the third time this has been taken down on the Trumped forum.... would like to know from the moderate who keeps on doing this why?... there’s a whole lot worse being said and posted here and yet this seems to keep triggering out one moderator
  5. It’s called weakness... Liberals constantly talk about diversity this and diversity that and yet if someone has an opinion that goes against their DELICATE FEELINGS they Reeeeee out... Either or this thread will have a lot of material from now until election day... .... oh and ALL Joe Biden supporters know he’s a child molester and that’s not a deal breaker for them
  6. Yup... now I know why Joe thinks blacks are not as diverse as Latinos Hashtag Joe Biden is a Racist
  7. Ha Ha Ha... can’t help but read the Napoleon part in Napoleon’s voice in my mind Ha Ha Ha... can’t help but think that Joe Biden is still a child molester
  8. Legit good stuff... once again my apologies... you got me good... OH AND WHERE DID I LEAVE OFF ON???....
  9. my apologies... don't know who the word / speech police are... I thought he was being serious (which kind of shocked me because it kind of went against most of the other stuff he was posting)
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