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  1. Sign Bauer. There is no other answer. Signing another B/C level starter + a RF + a bullpen piece does not make us a true contender. We could just as easy sign Bauer; trade for a RF and a bullpen arm.
  2. Lol at people defending this move like it takes us to playoff caliber by itself. It’s okay to let people be skeptical of this organizations ability to put together a competent starting rotation.
  3. That’s the point...it doesn’t make us marginally better...and the last time we were actually over a .500 ball club was 2015. Two years of 80-82 is the closest we’ve been since. So it’s just another one of those good not great signings
  4. Don’t get me wrong; I like the signing but it doesn’t elevate us beyond .500 level ball. It’s more of the same patchwork rotation signing. Either by money or by prospect, we need an ace.
  5. No different Thant the Teheran signing to me. Not expecting much from it. Get Bauer or Gray please.
  6. I do think we are getting Bauer. I’m just so sick of waiting lol
  7. We likely can’t swing Bauer and Tanaka, right? What about Bauer + Paxton?
  8. And to clarify, I am excited for what the Padres are doing. Just very frustrating watching all these options come off the board.
  9. Fuck off already, SD. Are you going to trade for Castillo next? With all these moves, they better dethrone the Dodgers.
  10. If we only have $20 million or so left, be prepared for another sub .500 season, another year of Trout and Rendon wasted OR be prepared to lose significant prospects in deals for some arms.
  11. Blowing through this new Netflix Night Stalker documentary. God damn does Netflix have the market on True Crime documentaries. HBO is guaranteed to put out a great one at least once a year but it seems like Netflix releases 3-4 great ones.
  12. I nominate to change the thread title to Holy Hell, Trevor Bauer pick a F&@%*$G TEAM!
  13. These price tags are frustrating but I've just accepted that these are the prices of baseball contracts now. They're only to remain the same or get more outlandish.
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