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  1. Finally getting into Handmaid's tale; after this I will catch up on Better Call Saul.
  2. My trip to Hawaii postponed at least until September now. I was really mentally prepared for the next two weeks off...
  3. I have a trip to Hawaii in two weeks for my brothers wedding. The Brides' family is all from Australia. I'll be shocked if this goes off. The wife and I are following and assessing the situation due to having a 13 month old. I know that they really aren't the age range that are dying from this virus; we just aren't sure if its smart to travel right now. My cousin and I got back from Austin two weeks ago for the bachelor party and he was sick as a dog the day after traveling...went to get tested; had the yeah; not really sure what to expect.
  4. My guess would be the season will be suspended/delayed at least through April.
  5. I'm glad he's found happiness and success in his life. I remember Wood being one of my favorite prospects and just feeling pure sadness for him. I often wonder with all the trade rumors and the pressure, if maybe a trade to a different club (like the Miggy trade, I believe it was?) would have done wonders for him? Anyways, I'm very happy for him.
  6. -Teheran and Bundy will be poor additions. -Canning and Sandoval will impress early and become main stays in the rotation. -Rendon does not struggle early on and we get off to a hot start to the season. -Marsh and more are packaged for Thor or Clevinger.
  7. Syndergaard, Clevinger, and a distant 3rd would be Bauer...those are the 3 that come to mind
  8. Well now obviously it is lol, but it would have been a respectful gesture before Mr. Trout came along.
  9. Blame that on the Angels' for not doing the right thing, IMO, awhile ago by retiring Salmon's number. Salmon and Guerrero should have their numbers retired. Is there a reason why the Angels' never did?
  10. Who had oblique strain as the first injury of spring on their bet slip? Surely, it was a good underdog to strained hammy, forearm tightness, and groin pull.
  11. Yeah, kind of agree with this sentiment. Fuck this shit if its true, if we did pull out...fucking Arte.