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  1. According to Bob Nightingale, 60 game season starting no winner than 7-29
  2. So this is just going to lead to bigger issues, players sitting out, and possibly no baseball next season?
  3. Nascar, PGA, MMA... word is basketball will continue as of right now the NBA says they’re planning for players to test positive. this blows.
  4. will these guys ever get on the same page? MLBPA considers this a step back? Also requires the players to sign a risk waiver? I can’t see the players liking that too much
  5. Working in an office with a bunch of people who don't give a shit what they eat, every once in awhile I slip up and cave in and get Taco Bell. I honestly don't mind it once in awhile, doesn't really mess my stomach up. Its probably my dirty little whore fast food option.
  6. These are my favorite threads each week. I'm glad the majority side with the players.
  7. Why are some people talking about possibly no 2021 season? I've given up hope for a 2020 season but I've seen a couple articles saying that 2021 might be in jeopardy too? Same reason? Less revenue and no fans? Or is it a CBA thing? I'll be honest, too lazy to look it up and read more about it because only the MLB could fuck up this situation that bad. Everything else is coming back...yet here is the MLB...
  8. I enjoyed t much more on my 2nd watch of it. The first watch in theaters I was very distracted by the 1 shot style by Deakins. Left the theater feeling the same way you just stated but I really enjoyed the story the 2nd time I watched it.
  9. Been sprouting grey since my early 20s. About to turn 32 now; salt and pepper look is coming in VERY strong through the hair and the beard. Not really losing any hair......yet
  10. Have you tried the Mateo's salsa that Costco sells? Meth, in the form of jarred salsa.
  11. Spitz sunflower seeds. Can't stop. Rotating between cracked black pepper and Chile lime
  12. Finished Handmaid's Tale...started excellent has tapered off to good/great...still enjoy it. Now catching up on Better Call Saul; I'm on episode 2 of this season. Vince Gilligan is a fucking genius. Amazing show, he's really continued his supremacy from Breaking Bad.
  13. Thats really shitty. I listen to his podcast weekly and have been for about two years now and he gets in this mental funks that just make him hard to listen to sometimes. Also kind of shitty on the venues behalf; they should have offered a refund.