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  1. With Marsh and Adams in the wings and Trout not going anywhere anytime soon; Adell is expendable. Someone will bite on his potential. I would not be opposed to them trading him for some pitching. I think he will be a successful big leaguer, but I think Marsh will be just as successful so one of the two are expendable IMO.
  2. No. He’ll get his timing down and start to rake. Just like he was doing before he slammed a ball off of his knee cap
  3. Ohtani is amazing. His home runs are generally crushed. nice W. But Please build on it.
  4. I don’t think anyone is questioning the talent of players Maddon has to work with. The talent is lacking, especially in the BP. But the coaching decisions he’s made have been down right terrible
  5. Slegers sucks. Can we trade for another RP and DFA him. Or option him. Not sure what we can do with him but he needs to stop pitching for us
  6. Cool. We pulled Quintana against two guys who were 0-4 with 4ks against him today. seems like a HR is bound to happen here...
  7. Ohtani and Canning is what we have pitching wise right now going into next year...lovely...hopefully some of the prospects pan out
  8. Bundy is fucking garbage. Nice Cinderella year last year. Glad we haven’t extended him yet.
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