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  1. Will definitely check out Casefile. Thank you.
  2. I just want the new GM to be someone who doesn't look for a miracle needle in the haystack refound my groove starting pitcher. Go acquire some actual fucking pitching talent.
  3. This Past Weekend with Theo Von The Tim Dillon Show A couple of Lakers' related pods Monday Morning Podcast (Bill Burr) True Crime Garage All the Smoke Crime Junkie Knuckleheads; All the Smoke (both basketball related) And then I'll filter through episodes of the JRE
  4. I feel ya, its like that way being a Chargers' fan. For me though, basketball is my first love when it comes to sports and I've been a die hard Lakers' since I could really follow sports in the mid 90's so they've been a great relief to this shit show of the season by the Angels. For me its just check the box score; watch a game or two a week, and follow this forum. You have to detach and follow from afar sometimes.
  5. If it brought a legit chance at a WS ring; I would sacrifice 5-7 years of shit again.
  6. They haven't retired Salmon, GA, or Vlad's number. No way they retire Albert's.
  7. Finally getting around to watching The Haunting of Hill House. Enjoying it so far, 3 episodes in.
  8. Well since we've effectively killed our shot at the top pick; we better win out! I love when baseball is fun. I hate when its fun when we're so far out!
  9. Upton, Adell, and Ohtani showing signs of life. This is why a 60 game season is so frustrating. Sure would be nice to have 100+ games left with these guys getting on a roll. Hopefully they can carry this over into next season. For Upton, I'm hoping its was just a matter of getting back up to game speed after missing majority of last season and then the stop n start preseason.
  10. Sounds like some good upside. Eventually one of these pitchers has to blossom for us.
  11. Its cray to me that his career earnings are $27.7 M. At one point, it was rational to think that he would eventually sign a contract paying him somewhere in the range of $27 M/season.
  12. Bought Tickets to go see Tenet this weekend in San Diego. A couple buddies and I were planning on road tripping to Vegas for a night to see it. Short drive down to SD; might feel weird...but I'm such a movie junkie and I haven't been to the movies since fucking' January.
  13. I want to lose as many games as possible, if I'm being honest. I want a top 2 draft pick and a shot at one of the two pitchers at the top of the board. I want Trout, Rendon, Adell, and Fletcher to get through the rest of the season with no major injuries. I want Heaney and Bundy to keep it up and prove their worth and slot into the rotation next year. I want to see what we have with Marsh, Detmers, and Rodriguez. Then I want to make a run at Bauer and/or Stroman. Maybe package together some prospects for another pitcher; put Albert's ass on the bench. Hope Adell turns into a star and ro
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