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  1. I think Donaldson would be smart to go to the AL where he can utilize the DH position to ease the strain on his calves. Plus, it prohibits the Dodgers from getting better which I love.
  2. Strasburg will not return the value that Rendon will. I believe part of Strasburg's contract is a thank you for big dicking the NL and the Astros in the playoffs and World Series.
  3. Such a much more pleasant tweet there @Jeff Fletcher ! Definitely beats the
  4. No I just put him on the DL already. Actually I forgot about him. Slot him 4th and move Bundy down. Canning as spot starter, 6 man guy?
  5. Trade for Kluber, sign Keuchel. Kluber, Keuchel, Ohtani, Bundy, Canning.
  6. A freak bone break that is likely not to happen again...and a strained 1 injury and a freak accident.
  7. Yup, he had a freak injury from a line drive and then was ramping up his rehab trying to make it back and strained his oblique. For what's left on his contract, if we can keep a hold of Canning, Sandoval, Addell, Marsh, and probably Fletcher...I think you try to swing this trade. Dangle a young arm like Barria or the young fat lefty whose name escapes me right now...Suarez? ... plus another prospect and seal this deal.
  8. He specified in the thread that Cozart was going to the Giants approx 5 hours before the trade went down. Apparently he called the signing of Justin Bour last year but missed on the Bryce Harper to the Dodgers call. David Price I'm okay on IF the Red Cawx pay it down, and they don't get anyone worth note in return.
  9. Move on. Good lord. What a pessimistic post for such a massive signing.
  10. Rendon has the hitting prowess and defensive capabilities to be effective throughout the entirety of this contract.