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  1. One of the local Mexican restaurants my parents like just added a "service" fee of $9 to all orders over a certain amount. Not sure what the amount is. We found out because we went to lunch there when they came out to visit and when the bill came we were got off guard. They said its new and due to the pandemic. I thought that was ridiculous. Raise your prices a little if its because of the pandemic...implementing a service fee on top of an expected tip is a fucking joke.
  2. Finally cut the cord (again) with ATT/Directv. They raised my bill to $160 AND took away my $25 monthly customer service credit because I made changes to my account; but quickly reverted back to my old settings. They said they couldn't add them again or re adjust the price. $120 to cancel v. $160/month through 3/2022. Now question is...how do I watch Angels' games? Is Reddit still a good option? Anyone have any info, my DM box is open for suggestions please.
  3. Its like you're an Angels' fan and have seen this story layout before lol
  4. I like him a lot. Can’t stand Gubi. I didn’t mind Sutton but I prefer Waltz. Not a fan of Matt V., either. His hyperbole and mistakes are rather annoying.
  5. Really impressed with the way Barria settled down after the first. Hopefully he earns himself a couple more starts and can prove himself against better lineups. Marsh has been awesome. Can't wait to see his average and ops start to creep up as more of these balls he's putting in play start to fall. He does not look overmatched at all right now.
  6. I agree; which is why I think they need to review their options in the off-season to see what Trout is doing and what might help. Is there more he can do to invest into his body? LeBron James spends over a million dollars a year on treatment and recovery for his body. Now he was injured this year on a freak play but for the most part; he's been healthy for the majority of his career. He also is a freak of nature so he has that in his favor. All I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt for Trout to step back and see if there's anything he can do better to preserve his body.
  7. This isn’t good news…I really don’t see the point of bringing him back this season if he’s still feeling something off with his calf. It is a lost season; might be time to shut him down and take a look at what he can do differently in the offseason to help lighten the load on his body. Is there something he’s doing in training? Would losing 5-10 lbs help alleviate some stress on his body? Is it time to move to a corner OF spot? Either way, it’s up to Trout and upper management to figure this out. I hope he gets good news at his appointment and he is back soon but if it’s going to continue to linger just shut him down.
  8. Does Adams Make Adell expendable? If Adams pans out to his fullest potential what is a good major league comparison for him?
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