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  1. 8. The longer the offseason drags on, the more apparent it seems Eppler is done. Rendon is nice; but doesn't address our biggest weakness. Still baffled by how Eppler failed to address front line pitching.
  2. Rogan reverse sears its. He smokes it at 225 until he gets it up to about 129 internal, then lets it rest for 15 minutes. Sear both sides for approx 1-2 mins and boom you're good to go. I treat elk like I do a nice cut of beef. Kosher salt, coarse pepper, a touch of garlic.
  3. I was on the “I would trade Jo for Clevinger” train for awhile but at this point, Clevinger doesn’t put us as WS contenders IMO. I’d rather see what we have with Adell and go from there. If Adell is the real deal; that makes Marsh and/or Adams that much more expendable for a frontline starter. A future lineup of Adell, Trout, Rendon, Ohtani is too good to pass up
  4. Lol a 2 ERA pitching in that launching pad and Boston?
  5. I like Paxton. Bauer is on record saying he only wants 1 year deals. I wonder if that will still be accurate next year.
  6. For me, The only way Adell is getting traded is if it’s for a package involving both Lindor and Clevinger. Outside of thst, I’m okay with packaging Marsh and/or Canning for a Syndergaard or Clevinger alone. I really like Canning but he isn’t exactly proven at this level yet, plus I worry about his elbow.
  7. Yeah this one is mind blowing to me... I don't think a lot of these contracts are that ridiculous outside of Cole and Strasburg...This was the off season to acquire some pitching talent and we got Rendon. Do not get me wrong, I love that signing and think its going to be amazing over the course of the next 7 years; but we will need to outscore people to win games. I agree with the suggestion that we are marginally better, as in under 5.00 ERA type of better. Canning needs to be healthy and take another step in his progression; Shohei has to be effective and healthy and the front office and managing staff are going to have to work around his innings cap. Lastly, if their are no other moves coming we are gonna need Sandoval, Barria, or Suarez to step it up. My money would be on Sandoval.
  8. If Boston pays down the contract and wants a minimal prospect, I would do it...I would even consider if if we lose out on Ryu to be honest. Price was solid the first half of last year right, before injuries? If we sign Ryu (which at this point I'm doubting); might as well hope we can catch lighting in a bottle twice and pray they're both healthy for the majority of the season. I don't know why I'm not sold on some of these "change of scenario" type pitchers like Gray...I would almost rather make an impact trade for a front of the rotation type pitcher with years of control that would impact our farm a little.
  9. Yeah I don't know how much stock I put into Gubi popping off on twitter about this. It feels like optimism and some inside info but I dont think his sources would be very happy about him just openly campaigning like this on twitter.