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  1. Midnight Mass - I really like Mike Flanagan and had very high hopes for this series. I really enjoyed the first 5 episodes but the final two kind of brought it back down to earth for me. None the less, still solid and worth a watch if you're into psychological/paranormal horror type of shit. Halloween Kills. Hated it. I like most of the Halloween movies but this one was just bad.
  2. 105mph rocket off of the bat with big ass Kenley Jansen's flailing body in the fielder's view path. Not the easiest play to make...should it have been made? Probably but that ball was on him quick.
  3. I'd be shocked if we pulled anyone on that list. Who are some reclamation projects we can claim? I want Max but I don't see him coming here. He's going to want to stay with the Dodgers or go to another immediate contender. Stroman and/or Gausman would be cool, I guess.
  4. And then he'll get picked up by the Giants or the A's in the offseason and they'll revitalize his career...
  5. I forgot Brian Fuentes made an all star game with us...I forgot Joel Pineiro pitched for us as well.
  6. Trout said that the soreness was from breaking up of scar tissue, which can hurt like a bitch. I don't think we ever got clarification on how bad the tear was in his calf but if he's been out this long I'm going to guess it was closer to a 3 than a 2; maybe not a full blown grade 3 though. Just shut him down.
  7. Moving to Oklahoma City in 30 days. Feels weird to be leaving SoCal. I've lived around SoCal for 29 years of my 33. It will be nice to be back around family, though. I've got a sister who went to college out there and ended up staying, a brother who moved there, and my parents who recently retired there. Gonna miss In-N-Out, the weather, and Mexican food. I won't miss how unaffordable California has become.
  8. 2023. Next year we might be in a WC spot if some things break our way such as health and some lucky pickups but I think we're going to need another season of growth from our young SP core and building up or RP while adding/retaining a SS and some veteran SP. Hoping for next year, expecting 2023.
  9. No dilemma in my mind. Ask Trout if he wants to go to LF; if so put Marsh in CF and Adell in RF. I’m not trading either unless it’s for a TOR arm with years of control or a can’t miss pitching prospect. They look like they’re both going to be momentum shifters for us.
  10. This is comical. It’s a lot funnier and more tolerable when you just don’t give a fuck anymore.
  11. Don't care that we lost; I expect to lose again tomorrow. Just watching/following for Marsh, Adell, and Ohtani now. Great to see Marsh get comfortable at the MLB level. 1.023 OPS in his last 15 games. Dude is going to be a key spark plug for the offense next year. Hopefully Ohtani repeats his production and Trout and Rendon get healthy.
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