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  1. Someone needs to take a basic economics class
  2. Don’t shake their tree Chuck, they have been up there for too long
  3. An interview with Fauci actually talking and you would rather believe the other story?
  4. I think it is fine, that is how I vote. I just know when I have suggested that folks who have had difficulty voting should do it by mail, that idea is rejected.
  5. It is one of the claims when when arguments are made about how hard it is for people to vote.
  6. Wouldn’t that make it even harder for the ones who struggle with opportunities to vote?
  7. Speaking of the ridiculous voting situation in Wisconsin what are everyone’s thoughts about how these primaries should be done and for that matter, the federal election in November.
  8. You know my thoughts on Trump. He is a hypocritical, horrible , selfish and awful person. I don’t need any more confirmation on that. personally I don’t hate him nearly as much as you do though.
  9. @Taylor I wonder what media bias check feels about this
  10. To be fair I am guessing over 95% of them are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Also there are thousands of churches providing food and comfort. that just isn’t news.
  11. Yep, church online. It sucks not seeing everyone but it is what it is.
  12. Rip, great singer, songwriter and musician.