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  1. Is it your contention that the lib justices would not back this?
  2. Was responding to sticks post about libs being anti war.
  3. Only when a con is president it seems
  4. Why did Obama have Khadafi killed?
  5. Might as well say it’s Truman and Eisenhower’s fault
  6. Did you read the article? while I don’t agree with what the church did, the abuser was not a church official.
  7. That will make some heads spin.
  8. I find each day how hypocritical our politicians are. Obama does something, cons hate it, libs like it. Trump does something, cons like it, dems hate it. Even the same things.
  9. Not a lib and my head is, at least bodily, in tact
  10. You seem kind of gleeful rico
  11. Wow, now that you mention it.....
  12. Twitter is the bane of civilization
  13. Point Break is like Top Gun. It is for straight dudes who have a decent amount of gay in them.