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  1. Here, the kids and teachers wear masks, kids cannot go to their lockers except before and after school. The school doesn’t open up for students until 10 minutes before school starts.
  2. I will say that living in Montana during Covid has been good. My boys have been in school all year, they are participating in sports and plays, we haven’t had a mask mandate for three weeks and are seeing little to no spike in cases. 17 active cases in my county.
  3. Of course, telling that is your first reaction to hopeful news.
  4. Collectivist is much easier to have when most people had the same experience for generations. In the U.S there are thousands of different generational experiences This makes collectivism extremely difficult to implement.
  5. Well the U.S. has the toxic part down to a “T”.
  6. Someone accuses me of being racist that is the only response they get.
  7. We are going to round and round on this for sure. Nothing is all negative or all positive. I just think the net, net will not favor middle to lower income people. I also think that a comparison of a mostly homogeneous and way less populated country with a completely different history than ours just doesn't work. It's like arguing whether Babe Ruth could play successfully in the present.
  8. It would be a wash and many business would go under and many other just would cut staff. There is a whole blot of unintended consequences with this kind of thing.
  9. Of course it would. Do you really believe gas stations and Taco Johns franchises have thousands of extra dollars to spend each month? They would have to raise their prices.
  10. You realize the proposed 15 per hour minimum wage won’t really hurt mega corporations, right? it will hurt small and medium sized businesses though. It will end up being a type of regressive tax that hurts low income folks the most because they buy most of those products.
  11. Like prop 13 was going to close all parks, schools and fire stations? OMG, you mean political hyperbole isn’t singular to conservatives?
  12. Come on Biden and Taylor know better than the people who live there do
  13. You remember where I live, right? Closest Starbucks is four hours away.
  14. You are forgetting the oil business and that is pretty close to what I was making and I guarantee there were folks making a lot more than me who were laid off
  15. Unless the government shuts down the country and you lose your job because of it, like I did.
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