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  1. So it's ok for Mike Trout to make that decision for his family. What about the rest of the players?
  2. There's no inconsistency.
  3. It's been at least a week since I checked in on the strat-o-matic Angels. All I'm gonna say is I'll check in again in another week.
  4. Just imagine if this had happened under Obama. On our own fucking soil.
  5. @Jeff Fletcher what fake questions are you asking fake Joe Maddon at the fake postgame interviews?
  6. Fuck yeah. Get rid of boring NL baseball.
  7. So whomever moved this thread to the spin forum in the first place was right. Interesting. <bows out of the spin forum again
  8. Easy for the owners to tell the players to take all the risks.
  9. I think this is one of those cases where either usage is acceptable. That said, I agree with @m0nkey and my preference is for no comma there. You wouldn't pause when saying it, unless you're William Shatner or Christopher Walken.
  10. I have a few good friends/family who have lost people to this disease. Fight me on it. Your friend is still alive. The whole purpose of the shutdown is to slow the spread and mortality of this disease and it's finally starting to work. Because it's working people are saying "muh freedoms!" and ignoring why it's working and by going out again like nothing is wrong. Odds are it will cause a rebound in the disease. This post really fits on the main board and doesn't at all seem like it should be on the spin board.
  11. Ya know, I'd almost be happy with the Dodgers winning the "World Series" this year because it will have an asterisk on it. In a few years nobody will care.
  12. They should put a dozen fans in each stadium, the loudest and most obnoxious they can find. Silent baseball will be weird.
  13. Republicans steal everything, even jokes.
  14. OAN is the Kirk Cameron of news networks.
  15. Sure. We lost a lot of people to Ebola. It was the Benghazi of infectious diseases.
  16. I think covid 19 is God's punishment for electing Trump, just like AIDS was punishment for electing Reagan.
  17. This is like an appetizer sampler plate of said experience.
  18. I like how first and foremost you make it a Mexican-American's responsibility to do something.
  19. This thread is like if you were looking for porn and all you could find is Germans shitting on each other.
  20. I've been cleaning out my garage and I found a few boxes with old Angels' stuff. I know a few people have posted them over the years but I found these again. Good memories, for one series.