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  1. South Korea had an extensive testing regime from almost the get go, something the US still doesn't have in place and based on the administration's statement they are going to stop funding a number of drive in test sites and Trump's statements today that testing was "a nice thing" appears the US will continue to lag behind on the testing front. South Korea testing also included detailed contact tracing which has allowed them to target who was quarantined. The US and South Korea discovered their first infected person on the same day.
  2. That ignores the fact that the administration told states to go get things on their own, and has reportedly been seizing goods on a regular basis. If that was also their aim, then they probably should have had that talk with the governor and negotiated what made sense rather than seize the goods, and then come back and say they were getting 100 because of the Republican Senator up for re-election.
  3. It was canned on 2/20, so it's not as fresh as I would have liked. I dropped one off at a buddies place, he loved it but never had it before. I enjoyed it, but didn't quite measure up
  4. exactly! speaking of Vermont...was able to pick up a 4 pack of Heady and Focal Banger last weekend!
  5. nobody gives a shit about New Hampshire...but deep down you knew that already
  6. Probably because on top of quarantine it's been raining for 2 months straight (ok...4 days...but in California time that's like 2 months)
  7. Are you comparing the flu vaccine with other vaccines? The flu vaccine is seasonal, and is based on medical professionals attempting to determine what strains will be prevalent for the upcoming flu season. Your 30% rate is most likely based on taking 2018-2019 effectiveness, which is one of the lower averages. Averages for the flu vaccine usually range around 50%, some higher, some years lower (the lowest being 14%) I don't know if the idea is a vaccine for this virus would be the same type of vaccine
  8. Lots of reports about states ordering medical equipment and supplies, only to see them confiscated by the feds. If what the Denver Post (op-ed) outlines here is true...that's some seriously fucked up bullshit Cory Gardner...Republican in a tight re-election campaign in Colorado did some twitter mutual masturbation with the *president Trump had only days before prevented Colorado Gov. Jared Polis from securing 500 ventilators from a private company, instead, taking the ventilators for the federal government. “President Donald Trump is treating life-saving medical equipment as emoluments he can dole out as favors to loyalists. It’s the worst imaginable form of corruption — playing political games with lives.”
  9. I think you got called out for posting inane facebook conspiracy memes and need to watch out you don't hurt yourself back peddling
  10. It's also a false comparison because of how the two diseases spread. You could limit the spread of AIDs without quarantine, the same cannot be said about this coronavirus at this time
  11. What's the records for facepalms on a post?
  12. For people suffering lockdowns across the world, Sweden’s approach might appear tempting to emulate. If Swedes can continue their daily lives and keep their economy going at no higher cost in terms of health, why not pursue the same strategy? Although much remains unknown, there is already enough data to suggest that this laissez-faire approach constitutes a dangerous gamble with human life. There are indications that Sweden is experiencing a higher death toll than its neighbors. While the Scandinavian countries reported their first fatalities at roughly the same time, Sweden as of April 8 had 687 fatalities, Denmark 218 and Norway 93. In per capita terms, Sweden is faring clearly worse than Norway and increasingly worse than Denmark. In particular, Sweden seems to have failed to protect its most vulnerable citizens, in part by relying on speculative cultural theories. Authorities have argued that Swedes socialize less across generations than southern Europeans, and that Sweden could let the elderly self-isolate while merely slowing the spread of the virus among the rest of the population until so-called herd immunity is attained. (Although herd immunity is not the official strategy, some officials maintain that there is no other conceivable way to stop the epidemic, praising the original British strategy that the United Kingdom later backed away from.)
  13. project a lot into one question where the host tries to say evil media, cnn, and jim acosta... but yes, to answer your question...Fauci appears to have fucked up in the initial response as well. I think people like Fauci quickly realized things were much grimmer than they initially thought and course corrected while the others decided to double down - and that's not limited to Trump
  14. I think Chuck is implying since Fauci didn't piss all over Trump that suddenly he'll be cursed to hell by those on the "left"