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  1. well, I guess we all can't just delete posts and threaten to ban people who don't agree with them
  2. people get that shit questioning their intelligence all the time...I don't see you rushing in here to clean that up...grow a pair...jesus christ...what is it about trumpers that makes them such thin skinned pansies? but hey, if you can't back up your takes or get your feefees hurt lob threats and ban people ps...you need to work on your understanding of facts vs. opinion. Just because you believe something to be true, doesn't make it a fact...you know...like just because you post a video doesn't mean you've watched it.
  3. let's play a game of guess who's the....fox news personality
  4. @Chuckster70 If you can't stop taking comments about people you like personally, then you need to go back and remove yourself from this forum. Your post violated the TOS so I hid it.
  5. you know what you are right, as long as you aren't one of those imbeciles who touches every fucking surface of the glove to take it off
  6. gloves don't stop the transmission. If a surface is infected and you touch it, you can pick up the virus on your hand/fingers with or without the glove. if you then touch your face, eyes, nose, you can then potentially transfer the virus to your respiratory system. if you cough/sneeze into your hands, and then touch a surface, you have the ability to transfer that virus to the surface...regardless of whether or not you are wearing gloves. Wiping down the counters disinfects the surface, so that people who touch the surface, whether they are wearing gloves or not, can't pick up the virus.
  7. But it's ok...they sacrificed the olds to keep their economy humming along https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-19/sweden-in-very-deep-economic-crisis-despite-soft-lockdown
  8. Brian...is that you? I haven't seen you since college when we saw them play at the Coach House...trip that the dude was bald.
  9. yes Lou, please explain to me how wearing a glove or not has any impact on passing a respiratory virus
  10. It's not a fascination as much as a requirement for them. Extreme gerrymandering, attempting to restrict voting rights and access to the ballot box, changing what elected officials (Democrats) can do after they win an election (see NC and Wisconsin governors)...hell, the electoral college. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  11. That's up there with Georgia who conveniently re-ordered the calendar so it appeared cases were trending down https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/18/only-america-is-sunday-day-after-thursday/ April 30 was followed by May 4; May 5 was followed by May 2, which was followed by May 7 — which in turn was followed by April 26. The dates had been re-sorted to create the illusion of a decline. The five counties were likewise re-sorted on each day to enhance the illusion. Using the new Georgia calendar Using a standard calendar The also created a new logarithmic scale apparently
  12. I could see that...I will say all this handwashing is drying the fuck out of my hands
  13. gloves don't make a lot of sense to me, as you mention, this is respiratory so if you touch a contaminated surface and then shove a finger up your nose glove or no glove doesn't make a difference. The mask is a totally separate item, you aren't wearing it to stop you catching the virus as much as minimizing your ability to spread droplets. Surgeons have been doing it for decades.
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