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  1. Started watching it before the holidays...should be over any day now
  2. They didn’t pull an NCAA and take away their championship...give it to the runner up? that would have been you go Dodgers...please don’t burn any cars during the victory parade.
  3. you should...I cannot stress enough how amazing Queenstown and the south island is.
  4. ha...I'll try and keep that in mind. I usually try and avoid the dumbass american I try to find someone from Texas, or Germany in a pinch, to hang out near so I look better by comparison
  5. It's good...I've always been interested in the Troubles so it's been a good introduction. Getting to the second part of the book now, less focus on the Troubles and more on the murder so we'll see if it holds my interest.
  6. Just felt constantly had to be on the lookout. Everyone trying to get one over on you. Every driver trying to take you to red light district, or get you to buy a cheap suit, or drop you off at the "special" entrance. The special tours at the temples were a nice touch as well. Just got old really quick...probably didn't help I had spent the previous two weeks in India.
  7. Say Nothing. A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland Was in Glasgow about 15 years ago...similar kind of story. Obviously not as intense as somewhere like Belfast or Derry but still a different experience. We were given strict instructions by my friend's cousin. Don't wear blue, green, or orange. Stay in these parts of town. if you end up in another part of town make sure they know you are American.
  8. We are headed to Bali in August. Any suggestions on what to do/see there?
  9. Haven't been to the North....though as someone who looks like every other Catholic in Ireland I also would be a little weary about it...especially now with some of the questions surrounding Brexit. Then again, could be that I'm reading a book about the Troubles.
  10. change your plans...if you only have a week go to the South Island. It is like nothing else in the world. Wine country, fjords, alpine mountains, glaciers, big sur style coastline...Queenstown alone is amazing. When I went we arrived without a plan, just landed in Auckland. Buddy I was with says...oh yeah, I know someone here. We looked them up and met them for breakfast. They told us not to waste our week on the North Island...while it was beautiful it was nothing compared to the south island. And they were right...just the flight from Auckland to Queenstown over the Alps was worth it. Start in Queenstown, head to Milford Sound and the fjords. Drive up to Franz Josef glacier area (that drive from Queenstown to Glaciers takes you over some amazing areas). Head up to Punakaki area (coastline). Drive across to Christchurch.
  11. South Island of New Zealand may be the most spectacular place you can visit...though it's not a relaxing trip Ireland is gorgeous and not much better than sitting in an Irish pub drinking Guinness while the locals play music I'm not a huge fan of Thailand India has its charms, and you'll lose weight from shitting so much Provence is awesome
  12. I remember those massive protests...took some great photos
  13. I've read the books, at least the original trilogy. I'm running into the same challenge with the show, haven't made it through season 1, that I did with the books...Holden is a whiny bitch who seems to go out of his way to do the wrong thing