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  1. Too much math...but damn impressive. Like a heavy duty haze filter that's geared towards underwater photography.
  2. So, if someone who helped out left a tip when paying their bill...did the get a cut of the tip?
  3. I'm not sure posting on a message board populated with people who have nothing better to do than post sick lineups for a shitty local baseball team, during the offseason, is the best place to ask for advice on how to combat boredom.
  4. Chicago Bulls logo Chicago Bulls logo upside down...looks like that robot is having a good time with that crab
  5. looks like HBO has released some "documents" that help fill in some of the backstory
  6. Watched it last night...enjoyed it. Not sure how much I need to read up...Times had a primer for people "new to watchman", so it gave a little backstory but not a bunch.