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  1. Fifteen Years ago Today (January 3, 2005), The Anaheim Angels changed their name to the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" in attempt to market to all of Southern California, and not just Orange County. Following that event, three things occurred: 1) Massive Protests from Anaheim/Orange County Community: Anaheim followed up with a lawsuit against The Angels. The trial took place a year later in which the city tried to build their case on a "Violation of Good Faith and Fair Business Dealings" which does not (and did not) hold up in court as Anaheim lost the case. Most of the cities in Orange County and the City of Los Angeles provided letters of support to the City of Anaheim, and Assemblyman (now Senator), Tom Umberg introduced the "Truth in Sports Advertising Bill." Angels Fans also protested until they heard that The Dodgers and their fans hated the name change, and then they changed their colors and a boycott never got off the ground. 2) Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans (and the City of Los Angeles) Protested: The main argument was that The Angels did not play in the City or County of Los Angeles, whereas The Dodgers do. The City of Los Angeles frowned on the Angels using "Los Angeles" because they didn't pay taxes and support the City of Los Angeles like The Dodgers do. The Angels just wanted to capitalize on the name. The Dodgers responded with advertisement slogans like "This is L.A. Baseball" and "Think Blue." They came out with merchandise which reads "Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles." There have been blogs and websites entitled: "True Blue L.A." 3) Dana Parsons (Los Angeles Times) Authored in a New Urban Legend. Since the controversial name change, The Angels Organization and Team has experienced mishaps. In 2008, The Angels had the best record in Major League Baseball and ultimately and freakishly crashed and burned during the first round of the Post Season. Journalist, Dana Parsons felt that the freak collapse in the 2008 Play-offs and other Angels mishaps were more than just coincidence, and likened these to "The Curse of the Bambino (Red Sox)" and "The Curse of the Billy Goat (Cubs)." In late 2008, right after the heart breaking post-season, Dana Parson wrote his article entitled: "Angels Cursed by Moreno's Mistake" ushering in a new urban legend in Major League Baseball. However, Parsons never gave the urban legend an official name, and it hasn't caught on as much as The Bambino or The Billy Goat; but, since the article was published, The Angels have slipped back into mediocrity more and more. In the last few seasons, The Angels have finished 3rd and 4th Place in the American League West. I followed these over the years and wrote three books.
  2. What do you think? What would have happened had The Angels moved to Long Beach? The Angels would have truly been the Los Angeles Angels which would have ended any curse. But Anaheim at the very least would have been stuck with a stadium that probably never would have been used again, or the city would have demolished the stadium which probably would have been replaced by more condos. Either way, there would have been a big hole being left in the Platinum Triangle and the city as a whole.
  3. The good part about all of this is that Angel Stadium of Anaheim will stay in tact, and there won't be such a big hole left in the Platinum Triangle or the City of Anaheim. However, ever since the franchise started identifying with Los Angeles (36 miles away in another county), things have been going from bad to worse more and more with each passing season. This is something The Angels will just have to ride out.
  4. I am a 29 year member of Toastmasters International and the rules for Toastmasters Awards Presentations is: "All Awards Presentations (Speech Contest Awards, Achievement Level and Education Awards, etc) are FINAL. That means once the award presentation is placed in the recipient's hand, it can't be taken back. This is the way it needs to be with the Houston Astros World Series Rings and Championship. However, the franchise will have to live with what they did to obtain the W.S. Championship the rest of their lives, and it's never the same as having achieved a World Series Ring honestly. One Hundred years ago, when the Chicago Black Sox threw the World Series and broke the hearts of a lot of White Sox Fans, the players were banned from playing Major League Baseball for life, including Shoeless Joe Jackson who played his best, but took the mob's money, and Buck Weaver who played his best but knew what was going on and didn't tell anybody. The players on the Houston Astros who were involved in the cheating and sign stealing, or knew about it and didn't tell anybody should also be banned from playing Professional Baseball for life. As Shoeless Joe Jacks was locked out of the Hall of Fame forever, so should any players on the 2017 Houston Astros.
  5. For sure, Derek Jeter and Todd Helton (First Rockies Player). Jeff Kent is a maybe. The steroid bunch should stay as they are.
  6. For fifteen years, neither side has been willing to budge except maybe the new mayor, but he is only one person. The Angels haven't been treated very well by the city during the last 15 years, and it's probably time to look for greener pastures (like Long Beach).
  7. A Los Angeles team really has no place in The OC. I think there are more Angels Fans in L.A. County then a lot of people realize.
  8. Believe it or not, The Angels are an L.A. Team, and should be in L.A. County. If the old stadium were to be renovated, or a new one built, Anaheim won't do it or pay the bill unless the name were to go back to Anaheim Angels which will never happen and would not be a good idea at this point. All Anaheim will do basically is keep the place up to code, health and safety wise.
  9. I know they got beat by The Nationals, but they did make the Post Season.