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  1. I can't help by feel that has been a lot of the franchise's problem right there. The team AND the fans need to get off The Dodgers and just be The Angels, the team from Orange County.
  2. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze were good together.
  3. I'm following her on Amazon. She has quite a story here.
  4. The number of years he was a Major League Manager and with a team that has had bad luck since 2005? -- Iron Man Principle. There are a few Iron Man Inductees in the Hall of Fame. Mike should be a definite Shoo-in.
  5. None are True. What we can be sure of is this: The worse pandemic in all of history was the Black Death in 1346, which killed over 1/2 of the world's population. What stopped (and ended) the Black Death was Social Distancing and Isolation. These will eventually end COVID-19 as well if stick to the social distancing and isolation as instructed. https://webblog305448100.wordpress.com/2020/05/10/conspiracy-theories-surrounding-covid-19-pandemic/
  6. I know the Rockies Season will be postponed awhile because Denver is under quarantine. Probably The Mariners and The Phillies Seasons will be postponed as well, meaning yes, Baseball in general will be postponed. The six-feet separation would be rather difficult in a Major League Ballpark. Once the pandemic ends, which I hope will be soon, who knows. At the very least, Baseball Season will be late starting this year.
  7. I heard about some of the things going on in California, particularly in San Francisco. Here in Colorado, they aren't much better (we have had 4 people die, including a kid in Pueblo). As of yesterday, Denver has been locked down and quarantined, along with San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle and other cities in the country. My city (Colorado Springs) may be next. The libraries, banks, and the malls in Colorado Springs are closed.are closed. I am in the high risk group (65 and older) and seniors are being advised to stay home, and indoors. With all the precautions that are being taken, I thi
  8. A lot of people through the years believe Lincoln was our Best U.S. President. He did reunite a country that was torn apart by slavery, secession, and Civil War.
  9. I don't know about that, but the Father of the Constitution was a good one. Dolly was the best First Lady.
  10. Arte Moreno is a good man, but he has never been a good owner.
  11. 1) America's All Time Best President 2) The First President and "Father of our Country." I still remember when these two days were celebrated separately.
  12. In Ancient Rome, when Claudius II was Emperor of Rome, he outlawed marriages stating that young men would make better Roman Soldiers than husbands. A Priest stood up for God and took a stand against the emperor's decree by performing underground marriages. His name was Valentine. He eventually got caught and was executed on February 14. Because of the nature of his execution, he was later venerated as a Martyr, and then canonized a Saint. The date of his execution became his Feast Day. Today, the Feast Day of Saint Valentine (February 14) is the most commercialized of all the Feast Days of the
  13. One of the last things I saw him in was the Holiday Movie, "Jingle All the Way." He and Ross Martin were good together.
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