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  1. Sounds like a hostile work environment lawsuit waiting to happen.
  2. Britain is going to get a shit ton of good Chinese food options. And tailors.
  3. People Are Feeling Old AF After Realizing This Is The Hand Gesture Kids Now Use To Pretend They're On The Phone Don't know why the kids are using the hand gesture for sleeping.
  4. Supreme Court Undercuts Access To Birth Control Under Obamacare Supreme Court says Trump administration can let religious employers deny birth control coverage under Obamacare
  5. Libs when this started. Shut everything down, save lives. Cons when this started. Put measures in place, but don't shut everything down. Libs now. Wear a mask, so that people don't lose their livelihoods. Cons now. Put measures in place, but don't shut everything down.
  6. Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized last month after a fall, Supreme Court says Roberts didn't want to look bad in front of Ginsburg.
  7. Netflix: Unsolved Mysteries. Thought this might be more in line with the other reality crime series they had. Not really the case on this one. One was compelling, the others were more of people trying to draw straws on a death of a loved one. Most of them had very little evidence. Oh, and one was about UFO's. Most likely a pass for everyone but UFO truth seekers.
  8. It'll get buried. LeBron James apologizes for sharing anti-Semitic song lyrics on Instagram
  9. Australia is trying to go big and outdo China. Australia Has a Flesh-Eating-Bacteria Problem
  10. So just glanced at the first few pages, since it reads like a childrens novel. But Trump was a spoiled rich kid? Shocking.
  11. Solution is to go to a religious system. So put your veil on, STFU, and get in the kitchen.
  12. That seems low to me for a freedom celebrating weekend. So progress?
  13. BTW, it would not surprise me if deep down there is Chinese spyware in Apple products. There were already whispers and accusations of it a few years ago in Apple and Amazon products.
  14. Hockey not for SJW's. Blackhawks Issue Statement Standing Behind Team's Nickname, Logo
  15. A few years ago, I was developing a mini buddha belly. Was up to 185 in bad weight. Then hiking got me down to 168, and I've been slowly adding good weight and am at 172. 180 is the goal, but I don't know if I will be able to do it without getting into Chuck's roid stash.
  16. So how much money can I make if I want to gain some pounds? No really, I want to gain about 8 pounds and get me to a good 180.
  17. I still don't know how schools are going to do the social distancing thing. Especially the public schools with the average class sizes ranging from 20-30 students. To look at it like what is mandated on businesses, those class sizes would have to drop to 5-8 students. The average class room size is recommended at 960 square feet in Calolfornia (from the 2000 edition that I found). That's only a 30x32 room. That would mean we need a lot more classes and teachers to be safe from the Rona.
  18. Before people say they are going to vote for Biden. People should really wait to see who his running mate is going to be. This might be the most important vice presidency ever. With his age, and smelling leg hairs with boneless ice cream, there is a good chance the vice will take over. Lucky for Trump, he has someone that is more dangerous to the Libs than he is, so getting him out of office has really only been window dressing. Yeah, but they don't like Tulsi.
  19. Racist. I saw you blink your eyes, then rubbed them. You were making fun of Asians.
  20. Supreme Court Prohibits Mobile Phone Robocalls To Collect Federal Debt
  21. Supreme Court Rules State 'Faithless Elector' Laws Constitutional
  22. Which L.A. Neighborhoods Are Best—and Worst—at Wearing Masks? @Tank is a rebel.