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  1. And no matter how bottom we hit. This is still laughable.
  2. Got me. Karaoke is a white appropriation thing. He probably sleeps on a Futon, and thinks he's all exotic.
  3. Feds forbid bullet train bids for track, systems. State moves ahead anyway. Now what? At this point, I hope the 440 lots do a 710 Fwy on Calolfornia and just blocks the shit out of it.
  4. I think he got less. At least according to here. If I remember posts right, they were saying he wasn't worth 5/$100 million. He got 5/$85 with $15 deferred. In the end, at that price he probably would have been worth it for the Angels to sign. He was a 200+ inning workhorse. But that home/road split was very concerning. And I could see why many were turned off on him.
  5. That's because the Angels medical staff hasn't treated them yet. Wait, that's not what you meant is it?
  6. 2 overall #1's in the last 3 years, and Hall. And they are still in the cellar. That's quite an accomplishment by the Devils.
  7. You should see what we say about you at
  8. I think in the FA/trade market, Ryu is the closest we are going to get. Health obviously is the biggest issue, but then again, the big one he had was TJ over 3 years ago. But people don't seem to have that problem with Kluber, and to a lesser extent Keuchel who only pitched 112 innings last season.
  9. Baby steps. At least the youth minister and scout leader was smacking an adult females ass. Usually they just stick to young boys asses, followed by a good job and want some candy?
  10. I wasn't a fan of acquiring both Keuchel or Kluber. Keuchel just seems like he'll be a frustrating pitcher to watch. He had a string of 4 years, where his WHIP was 1.1-1.2. But that was 3 seasons ago. 1.314 and 1.367 WHIP since then. ERA isn't bad in the high 3's. IP, he's fluctuating. Some seasons 200. Others mid 100's. I think he'd be great as a 3/4 pitcher. But we need a 1/2 pitcher.
  11. Pujols Split G GS PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB ROE BAbip tOPS+ sOPS+ vs RHP 122 364 326 35 77 13 0 12 56 2 0 29 46 .236 .299 .387 .686 126 14 3 0 6 0 4 .237 88 83 vs LHP 76 181 165 20 43 9 0 11 37 1 0 14 22 .261 .315 .515 .830 85 7 0 0 2 1 2 .239 123 113 La Stella Split G GS PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB ROE BAbip tOPS+ sOPS+ vs RHP 73 231 209 39 64 6 0 13 37 0 0 15 20 .306 .358 .522 .880 109 8 2 0 0 0 2 .290 111 132 vs LHP 48 90 83 10 22 2 0 3 7 0 0 5 8 .265 .315 .398 .712 33 0 1 0 0 0 0 .264 73 86 I think it will all come down to if La Stella can handle the glove at 1B. But it does seem like an ideal platoon.
  12. I'm fine with the Rangers acquiring Keebler Elf. To me, there were just too many questions about him. The freak injury, is the minor part of it. But then the forearm injury during his rehab. Which if he was on the Angels, a forearm injury most surely means upcoming TJ surgery. But also before his freak injury, he really wasn't pitching well before it. 33, and out of the gate when pitchers should have the advantage, goes 7 GS, 5.80 ERA, 1.654 WHIP. Don't get me wrong. He could go back to form and go back to his other numbers. But something tells me he might have just Weavered, or Angel Medical Staffed.
  13. Yeah, that's one thing I don't like about Amazon. They say it's part of Amazon, but when you click, it's part of the HBO or Starz or something that you have to pay for, but can watch it on Amazon for free once bought. Actually I think there is a lawsuit against amazon for deceptive practices.
  14. Netflix: Dark Crystal Age of Resistance I know I've seen the original way back in the day, but have no recollection of what it was about. This new Netflix series was actually pretty good, but the hardest part is getting past the puppeteering. Sometimes it flows well, other times it looks like rushed puppets. Story line is pretty good. Starts slow, but becomes better as the season goes on. And definitely more suited as a season than a movie. I think this one is going to be more on tastes than anything. So if you have fond memories of the original Dark Crystal, then it'll be for you.
  15. Thoughts on the big two. Now that we are past the 1/3 point in the season? They definitely don't seem to be the next McDavid. Not even Hischier. Like they will be solid players, but not franchise type players. McDavid 2015 48 pts (45 games) Eichel 2015 56 pts Matthews 2016 69 pts Laine 2016 64 pts Hischier 2017 52 pts Hughes 2019 12 points (36?) Kakko 2019 14 points (42?)
  16. So took this picture today while climbing Mt. Wilson. Oh, and I wish I knew that donating blood would end up kicking my ass when hiking.
  17. Just out of curiosity. Do you know if the Angels were going for Rendon and Cole? Or was the Rendon signing more because Cole signed with the Yankees? Because if we were always going for both, then his comment about a pursuit of a world championship is kind of silly.
  18. This is Tank we are talking about. He's not even supposed to be on the computer today. It's Shabbos dammit.
  19. She will say fine, and have the trampoline boy do it for her.
  20. And I used these in my car for the dashcam wires. They work pretty well. Here is a white version. They are made for inside the car, so I would get a good sturdy double sided tape. I use this, and it's better than 3m double sided tape. You just have to cut to size.
  21. Give him a break. He just got back from the beach.
  22. Before I commit. Who is supplying the beer. And what kind. The better the beer, the better the suggestion. If it's something light, then the suggestion will be duct tape.
  23. So the news is reporting that Bernie, Warren, and Yang might not be in the next debate. Why? Because they don't want to cross the picket lines at Loyola Marymount.
  24. No wonder I could never make a basket to save my life. I never took into account the Magnus Effect.