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  1. How I'm dealing with loss today. https://twitter.com/Trout_LA/status/1243221002001104896
  2. I was doing research on this tonight. I really don't want to drop YTTV. I have T-Mobile so it looks like I'll be testing out the hola.org free VPN. If it doesn't work I'll switch to Hulu Live.
  3. This morning my wife said that the fact that the road teams have won all of the games in the World Series actually seems like a relevant and interesting stat. Now I'm stuck. How do I weigh out the fact that my wife might have some interest in the World Series and the reason might be some some bogus, arbitrary anomaly? I want her to like baseball but I also don't want her to believe malarkey about statistics. Is someone even allowed to like baseball for bad reasons? If I try to tell her the Astros are better unless Strasburg or Scherzer are pitching . . . she gone.
  4. My bad, it's late and I've had a bad day
  5. There's no doubt the manufacturing processed changed and the balls are more tightly wound at the core and have reduced drag on the stitches. There have been several independent investigations into it. The question is did MLB do it on purpose for more home runs OR were they just trying to get a more consistent product out of the manufacturing process and accidentally juiced the ball?
  6. If Arte had strong opinions about illegal drug use BEFORE Josh Hamilton joined the team imagine how he feels about it now.
  7. The Red Sox might go into a rebuild mode in the off season and have doubts about Mookie Betts signing long term. Would you trade Jo Adell to get a year (and the first chance at signing) Mookie? Adell is still a prospect. Mookie is a legit MVP caliber player.
  8. The Joe Sheehan Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 54 July 13, 2019 I don’t really believe in anything. I was raised Catholic. I don’t remember faith being a big part of our home life, but I know my being an altar boy at Good Shepherd made Nana happy. I know I got a good, safe education at the school across from that church, and then in four years at Regis. I can just about pinpoint the moment I began to fall away from whatever faith I had, a conversation with a parish priest that didn’t go well when I was...12, maybe 13. From that point on, church was an obligation tacked on
  9. This thread depresses me that no one else has found something there they'd recommend. The prime rib grilled cheese behind third base is probably the best thing I've had there. Keep meaning to try that restaurant on the first base side where they serve different player themed food every month.
  10. To the contrary this is a good sign. One runs games are statistically a coin flip. We should be 9-9 in those games and we've been on the wrong side of randomness at least three times. That puts us tied with the Indians.
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