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  1. The thing is, position players don't typically cost that much. Starting pitchers are where everyone gives up prospects.
  2. Gibson has one year left at $7 million dollars https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/texas-rangers/kyle-gibson-11787/ Gallo has one more year of arbitration remaining https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/texas-rangers/joey-gallo-17565/ both have earned about 4 WAR this year.
  3. What would you pay the Rangers for Kyle Gibson and Joey Gallo? (Gallo has an additional year left) Edit: they both have a year left
  4. I tried this, and other countries, and it still didn't work. Is your MLB account set for Japan?
  5. anyone else having problems logging into MLB.tv over a VPN? I get logged out immediately.
  6. Who else is suspected? I've got some surprising pitching talent on my fantasy team I want to drop before they fall
  7. MLB.tv has a BUNCH of extra stuff aside from the video when you watch with a browser. Amazingly they have no way to remove any of that stuff. This link has an amazing solution for toggling the box score on and off.
  8. THANK YOU for the link @TaylorBot. I signed up but never got the link. (correction: I got a link that doesn't works until tomorrow)
  9. There's a supply and demand thing happening because of social distancing. Check out the mid week games for affordable tickets.
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