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  1. Sounds like a great cover story to send bomb making materials to Hezbollah. “Hey look guys I’m out of money. Let’s just park this shit in Beirut!” LMAO
  2. Well maybe this is a warning for Americans to mix in a fucking salad every once in a while. You’ll never see a bigger group of fat asses than the USA.
  3. I know people actively looking to bale from this state and move to Tennessee as well. These people are business owners who pay a heavy amount of taxes and employ a decent amount of people. California is exporting success and importing dependents. I also recently spoke to a friend who moved to the Austin suburbs about 10 years ago while the “gettin’ was good” and his family couldn’t be happier with their decision. I’ll retire in Idaho when the time comes. My income source keeps me in CA for now. It’s the most beautiful state in the nation being absolutely trashed by the policies enacted by its government.
  4. Lol. How the hell is that constitutional?
  5. I had planned on soaking up the Mediterranean sun while eating Kubideh out on my stateroom balcony. That dream will have to wait it appears.
  6. I’m not writing anything off. You’re the one writing off the fact that the guy was garbage. Nowhere am I saying that he should have died that day.
  7. The kill has happened. Nothing will change that. What can be changed is the way people are trying to project who this asshole was.
  8. Do you want to put money down on it?
  9. I don't think murdering him was the proper response. Who does? I'll tell you why it matters that he was a "piece of shit." The BLM movement is putting this guy up on a pedestal as if he was the next MLK. His name is sprayed across intersections in every ghetto shithole in the country. Rioters chant his name incessantly while trying to light federal buildings on fire. They create murals of this fuckface as if it's someone blacks should look up to. That's why it matters that he was a "piece of shit" Strad. Sorry I had to spell it out for you.
  10. LOL at this absentee candidate.
  11. Look at the top of the right image to find a large ship knocked on its side from the blast.