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  1. Can't wait for the 25 win 8 seed Angels to beat the 1 seed Yankees in the first round
  2. Bats are preserving all their run scoring ability for tomorrow against Lynn
  3. Dude was playing Jared Walsh and batting him 5th. It's just a bunch of whatever with Maddon
  4. I honestly don't think Maddon thinks about who is and isn't good. Just as long as he can continue to tinker with lineups, batting orders, and pitching changes.
  5. and this is on a 92 MPH fastball right down the middle
  6. Was so glad they never traded for Boyd. Would have been overpaying for a guy based on really, only 2 good months of production. His ERA has been north of 6 his last 23 starts
  7. God these Ohtani swings are brutal. Just keeps looking like he's stumbling during his swing and falling over trying to chop at the ball
  8. A's are like the anti-Angels. You just expect them to come through in the late innings and find a way. At least it means the Astros lose.
  9. It's cliche but it actually fits tonight. Angels quite literally gave this game away with that clownery in the 4th inning. And the beat goes on with this squad. The mighty 2 game winning streak continues to elude them
  10. The offense would have scored some runs if the pen had given some up. That's how it works with this team
  11. Every damn Noe appearance begins with him lobbing up frisbees for balls to fall behind 2-0 or 3-0 to the first batter he faces