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  1. No surprise here. Next up, hiring a name candidate like Dombrowski, and then we hope that the team can win a WS within the next 2 years before this team ends up back in the same position they found themselves in around 2015.
  2. At least Adell will still finish with more HR's hit(3) than HR assists(2). This is something to build on
  3. This would suck but also be completely expected with what we've seen under Arte for the past decade.
  4. Here's hoping that we see a similar change with Adell's
  5. Feel confident that any pitcher can throw any offspeed pitch nowhere near the plate and Burrito will always swing at them anyway....actually they can probably throw them in the zone and he'd still miss tbh
  6. Let him walk. Not wise to spend money on a guy over 30 where majority of his value comes from his defense
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