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  1. Rendon hates baseball and is from Texas. He's already looking ahead to football season like most of us. Incredibly relatable tbh
  2. If you turned the game off after the 2nd inning, you got to see the Angels get out to a 3-0 lead and the rookie Detmers look good with 2 scoreless innings
  3. Getting Brady Aiken vibes from Rocker with this decision
  4. Yep, and it's the smart decision too. Playoffs are incredibly slim, so good opportunity to get some of their key guys for the future some MLB experience and let them learn and make adjustments. Would like to see Adell up soon too now tbh
  5. Was gonna mention this earlier in the game. Pitch count was high because he was around the zone so much and the A's hitters were fouling pitches off and keeping AB's alive. I trust that he'll figure it out.
  6. They should leave him in the rotation the rest of the season IMO unless he's putting up Bundy or Quintana like numbers
  7. Yep. The gap between Triple-A and MLB this year has never been larger it seems. The lack of an MILB season last year really showing with these young guys. It's been common across the league Mariners uber prospect Kelenic has been awful and even the top prospect in MLB in Wander Franco hasn't been great thus far
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