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  1. Ohhhhh I know this story! He'll get stem cell treatment, rehab for a few months just to return around midseason, make a start or 2 before going back on the IL. Next up is the news of him needing TJS sometime in August that wipes him out for all of next season.
  2. Pass. Funnily enough though, the Yankees certainly need him right now after losing Severino for the year and Paxton for who knows how long
  3. None of the Angels arms are either. Just adding quality(for however many innings he provides) was worth it considering the alternatives here. Give me 100 innings of Stripling's production over whatever the Angels are stuck with right now if Canning is out for any extended time.
  4. Can't make Arte wait a week during the offseason when nothing is going on and get away with it!
  5. The guy is 40 years old(as far as we know) and has been worth negative WAR for 3 straight seasons. He's cooked. With just 2 seasons left on his deal, I'd like to think that they no longer feel like they need to play him due to his contract. The sooner he is phased out of the lineup the better
  6. We still have the annual ST elbow inflammation for Heaney to look forward to at least
  7. by far the worst part of ST is the fodder/org depth arms having to pitch and making innings last 30+ minutes. I just wanna see Adell get his next AB already
  8. Ohtani found Hideki Matsui's porn stash and went to work this offseason. Good for him