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  1. Only one man can single handily improve the pitching with his elite SQUAT and CERA.
  2. Cohen's the richest owner in MLB so I wouldn't rule the Mets out for Bauer after this. Might even help them get him after this showing how serious they are about going all in to win
  3. I will always support any athlete who dunks on that dweeb Heyman
  4. Loaded farm system and a starving team ready to win now. Wonder what else they'll be trading to get Darvish. Can't imagine they'd trade Gore in the deal
  5. Surprised at how serious they were at trying to sign him. Glad they lost out in the end. Just re-sign Castro or some other cheap, defensive minded catcher. You aren't looking for your offense from that position anyway and they got good bats elsewhere in the lineup already
  6. 2nd? Best finish for the Angels in years!
  7. Very depressing predictions in here *crossing fingers it's no more than this and ideally fewer than if we're lucky* 92 PA(6 HR)
  8. Trade for Snell or Gray, sign a lower level SP to fill out the back end of the rotation, and let some other fool hand $30+million a year to Bauer off an 11-start campaign
  9. You know it's MLB offseason when we get Heyman tweeting out the most obvious shit
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