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  1. So now June or July looking like earliest return for MLB
  2. Good news for the Angels with regards to Ohtani, who wasn't scheduled to pitch for the team in April anyway
  3. Finally the Astros players are suspended!
  4. Well with all the other sports leagues suspending their seasons, it looks pretty damn certain that MLB will soon follow. Wouldn't be surprised if it's announced sometime today tbh.
  5. Maddon brought the good weed and incense to the team this year
  6. Sandoval's curve and change are legit plus pitches. Has above average velo on his FB from the left side. There's a ton to like with him, he just needs to refine his control/command as is often the case with young arms
  7. Ohhhhh I know this story! He'll get stem cell treatment, rehab for a few months just to return around midseason, make a start or 2 before going back on the IL. Next up is the news of him needing TJS sometime in August that wipes him out for all of next season.
  8. Pass. Funnily enough though, the Yankees certainly need him right now after losing Severino for the year and Paxton for who knows how long
  9. None of the Angels arms are either. Just adding quality(for however many innings he provides) was worth it considering the alternatives here. Give me 100 innings of Stripling's production over whatever the Angels are stuck with right now if Canning is out for any extended time.
  10. Can't make Arte wait a week during the offseason when nothing is going on and get away with it!