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  1. Never was a fan of Maddon as a manager so didn't think the switch would amount to much personally Can't really say I'm too surprised at their performance so far this year. They're worse than I expected for sure, but I figured this was a .500 or slightly above .500 team coming into the year anyway. MAybe they still end up there but in the end it still results in another meh overall season and no playoffs
  2. True, but getting rid of Pujols is a nice start in them trying not to suck ass.
  3. always love this narrative with old players who can't play anymore but won't retire.
  4. I wasn't talking about Minasian though since he's been on the job for only about 6 or so months
  5. Things change quickly in sports and the team has a shitload of flexibility after this season. Tons of players on 1yr deals this year + the freeing up of the Pujols money. SP market is gonna be very deep this offseason. I refuse to believe the Angels won't be aggressive in addressing things when it comes to this FA class with the amount of money they are freeing up after this season https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/free-agents/starting-pitcher/
  6. Lol exactly. Nothing we can do about that unfortunately. Just gotta hope that they eventually find the right people to run the team after prior failures
  7. Cycled through players, GM's, and Managers and the results continue to be the same. There's only been one constant throughout it all though. At some point, the blame has to be on Ownership.
  8. Wait what? AW been blaming players, GM's, and Managers for years too. It takes a lot of effort to be a top 10 payroll team year after year and never finish anything better than .500. That's a total team effort from Ownership on down to fail that badly
  9. I know we've seen this far too often over the past several years but I'm very confident that 41* yr old Albert isn't gonna just magically perform better.
  10. Oh the horror! Having to potentially face Pujols
  11. Media doing a good job pretending to make it seem like Pujols is still a useful player.
  12. Ring chasing. He's good being a part time player for a WS contender vs being one for a mediocre team.
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