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  1. When I read threads like this it reminds me that sometimes @cals is right. We have some really dumb posts on here.
  2. Because these are competitive athletes that have had to compete for their entire careers so they are wired to continue to be like that. It is also why almost all of them need to be told that their time is over.
  3. Cool, now ask him what he thinks of your Albert to the Dodgers narrative.
  4. Always? No. I didn’t blame him when Watson gave up the two runs.
  5. Since we don’t have a thread called ”Perspective” I’ll post this here so miserable people can get mad at it. In our last 9 games we played the Dodgers, Astros and Red Sox. We played about as bad as we could play. Trout has been awful, Fletcher awful, Upton awful. We went 4-5 during those 9 games.
  6. Cishek has been bad this year and he got us 5 outs and no base runners.
  7. I guess I look at it like this. We need length from our starters and we are at game 3 of 11 in 10 days. Each out he requires the pen to get us an out that will be tougher to get tomorrow.
  8. Possibly your best contribution to this place. Well this and you wiener admiring dog pic.
  9. Oh that. You sound like them with the last part of your post.
  10. I don’t know. I don’t understand the second part of this. Please explain…
  11. It isn’t his choice but yes it sure would be sticking it to us.
  12. It’s weird, I looked at his numbers the last two years and he performed better than league average in ERA, WHIP and OPS against. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff so he is looked at more harshly than he probably deserves.
  13. Yea I mean if you want to be another person with the extremely bad idea to use Ohtani out of the pen, go for it.
  14. Keep in mind he played an inning of third base so he is a 3rd baseman.
  15. And he refused that role with the Angels.
  16. So they are saying that nothing has changed with the group Minasian has brought in?
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