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  1. If he was brought up after like the 27th of July the Angels get another year of control.
  2. So I think we are seeing tonight why the Angels thought he needed more work on his defense.
  3. So anyone still believe that the Angels were simply playing the Don’t start the clock game with Adell?
  4. Yea, the only real answer is give him another year to try to put it all together. If he can stay healthy I would much prefer him as a starter than a hitter.
  5. No I have no idea if I am in the right thread. But in the thread about signing him virtually every single person was in favor of it. We could still all be wrong.
  6. No, but the AW experts pretty much were in unison that they liked it. So go right ahead and pull up that laundry list of people that didn’t like it.
  7. No one you’d remember since I don’t remember him and I was engaged with him in the thread.
  8. Yep, unless they saw something with his stuff, which I am sure with be the excuse.
  9. He was on a 60 pitch limit and was taken out at 52 pitches. Not sure why.
  10. Yep, there is one guy that hated it. He isn’t an AW expert or an expert on anything based on how he posted.
  11. It is kind of funny because yesterday they are going to platoon in LF, today Ward is starting in LF and Upton is DHing.
  12. I am sure this comes across like my typical homer personality, but I will try to find an article about him.
  13. Find him on Twitter or IG and you will feel different about him. He is Mike Trout mature, but with real aspirations to make a difference. He has the turkey thing he does where he heads it up with the Louisville Fire Department where they delivery turkeys to needy families. I could have some of the details mixed up but every single thing I read about him as far as his make up was really positive. I mean I could be wrong, but he is one of those kids raised by parents that I think were both educators, maybe mom is a principle something like that.
  14. Doesn’t matter, we should have signed him.
  15. Yep. And at the end of the year we move on while they’ll be paying $15-18 million for a few more years.
  16. While I agree I would sure love to know the details before crucifying Arte. Who were the minor leaguers? Did the deal change after the Dodgers had to change their deal?