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  1. Maybe Trout already knows he's planning to play but said it's up in the air so the other players feel more comfortable opting out if they so choose?
  2. That he and his wife are having their first child and he thinks each player should make their own decisions based on their personal situations.
  3. He's a grade A shit stirrer / drama queen.
  4. Booby N. trying to stir shit up when Joe ain't talking about Trout.
  5. Yes the first person to test positive the season is immediately canceled despite all the work that went into getting this going. This is set in stone.
  6. Couldn’t post in one of the other existing topics on this?
  7. Get ANY group of 30+ people together and test them all for covid right now and there's a good chance at least one will have (or had) it.
  8. I think some don't understand why some want asterisks in records books. It's not to highlight things about good players who may have missed some time due to what's going on in the world.
  9. Most likely tested and showed no symptoms. Lots of those out there walking around and testing whole teams is going to shed some light on just how many people actually have this (or had this) but didn't show symptoms.
  10. They'll come to an agreement to play 50 games, when there's only enough time left for 50 games.
  11. Fired up my YouTube TV over the weekend and got the message about the channel being gone. Everyone sure makes it hard to watch your local team. Blackouts need to go away. I get MLBtv for free each year and can't watch my local team. Yes because it's 1955 and I might not go to any games just because they are all on TV. Looking for a replacement now.
  12. Maybe they are trying to tear it. No TJ unless a tear so let’s tear it up!
  13. Translation: he will start throwing in a few weeks, maybe make a start or two, then feel something again, and finally announce he needs TJ. We've been through this a few times.
  14. Big trades made in desperate situations aren't what I'd call a silver lining.
  15. I'd bitch and complain and say I'm switching but do any of the streaming services even have it still?
  16. Sign stealing may only help the batters directly but if you are up 4-0 in the first inning, that sure helps your pitcher.
  17. This season should be really telling. I’m kind of surprised some the Astros numbers weren’t even larger if they knew what pitches were coming.
  18. Calling him a coward is like calling the Grand Canyon a little hole in the ground. He's fully onboard the train of the Astros being the victim going on and on about he'll punish anyone severely who retaliates against those he was too big a pussy to punish. Fuck this asshat.
  19. Anyone who is warned and beans an Astro will suffer a worse fate (a suspension of a game or so) than those who cheated consistently to win a World Series.