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  1. I think Newsom and gang are just trolling at this point
  2. I think it’s time to admit that they don’t know shit about this virus. It’s the main reason I don’t get too emotional about the drastic restrictions that have been implemented. It’s just a fucking mask. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Same reason I carry a firearm
  3. I think we can assume this is about national level attention. There's also the times a kid may want to do it but doesn't want to get shot by the cop so he never goes through with it. I know our school police have thwarted many plans of violence. I don't know who they think will be intervening now. I guess having a good plan to go along with virtue signaling is a requirement
  4. Unfortunately, wearing a mask alone is not enough to stop this virus. Got to mix in the social distancing and use of good hygiene as well. Too many people only think of themselves in the here and now for us to get there
  5. We aren’t getting sports back for a long time
  6. The Dems are just trying to undercut him. That's all
  7. You would literally have to be retarded to fail that test
  8. How is she going to do that after she kills herself?
  9. I saw something that said 40% of those buying guns recently were first time buyers. That is a lot. With all the COVID restrictions many training centers have been closed as well. Hopefully when they do open they reduce their basic class fees so more people take the classes. I know my club is offering classes for next to nothing so that's good
  10. Fortunately when I do buy, I buy it in bulk amounts. I have to limit my range time though
  11. Yeah fuckers! This is why I can’t find ammo anywhere
  12. Sometimes it’s hard to put terribleness on a scale