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  1. How can you be anywhere near a rocket attack and not be concussed?
  2. At least many of the citizens in Virginia are fighting to keep their rights unlike the schmucks here in Cali
  3. No, it was retweeted by someone else. His stuff seems pretty shady but these accounts are all now blocked like he says
  4. Yeah I know it’s O’Keefe but what the hell is this all about? Seems a bit odd
  5. The DNC hates Bernie but yet he's still sticking by them.
  6. Pandering is already a terrible strategy. Biden will not fair much better in debates with Trump
  7. I'm starting to get this feeling that our elected officials are disingenuous liars
  8. Obviously due process is the center piece of this. Seriously, how can you violate the due process of someone who is accused of a crime and also dead? Is it still a violation at that point? I’m glad Apple is sticking to their guns on this though. Even though law enforcement may have a legit reason to access the phone’s data I think the risk of it being done for nefarious reasons is too high.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/13/trump-authorized-soleimanis-killing-7-months-ago-with-conditions.html Trump is his own worst enemy. Why even try and justify it with the whole "imminent threat" thing? Just simply state that we drew a red line, he crossed it and we killed him.
  10. Hillary’s for not going to Wisconsin and Michigan and then Trump wouldn’t have even won.
  11. I see they are now stealing talking points from American democrats
  12. F*** you! I am not going to get shit done today because of you
  13. I just watched a bunch of these as i had no clue they existed until I just saw these posts. They are funny. The Different Strokes one is the best. “God damn you white people”
  14. I’m shocked that a crap country like Iran has an incompetent military
  15. So then by this logic it’s Hillary’s fault for ignoring some states