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  1. Bloomberg is Trump but a little more of a statist
  2. Warren just accused Bloomberg of calling women fat broads and horse faced lesbians. Bloomberg sounds like an AW poster
  3. Just like dudes that raped someone and served no jail time. The system needs work for sure
  4. I am in no way a legal expert but how do you pardon someone who hasn’t been convicted of anything? Are preemptive pardons a thing? I could see Trump using them. Could this be that his attorney is doing everything he can to prevent him from being tried in the US?
  5. Believe it or not there are plenty of republicans that do not like Trump. I don’t recall Ryan ever voicing his admiration of him
  6. Mayor Pete for sure is going to tear his ass up
  7. Look how many people liked that tweet. That’s a lot of stupid people that find her relevant
  8. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-executive-grants-clemency-2/ I think a couple of these commuted sentences were ok to be given.
  9. A single payer system will create more dependence on our government which then gives them more power. Is anyone really comfortable giving it to them? For those of you that absolutely hate the current administration you would be OK with them having this additional power?
  10. I tend to look at various sources if i see a story come up. Unfortunately there isn’t one that i would say that I trust as being unbiased or truthful
  11. So many have already bailed out so why wouldn’t he?
  12. He’s one of the Daily Wire’s guys
  13. Wouldn’t tattoos be a stereotypical white trash feature? I don’t see any visible on her
  14. Her outrage is fake. She knew exactly what would happen and did this for attention. Getting college liberals to act stupid is the easiest form of trolling there is.
  15. Exercising freedom of speech has consequences and any high profile person that supports Trump can guarantee they will be cancelled.
  16. San Francisco and anything Trump do not mix well.
  17. I don't think his sentence should have been commuted either but I'm just trying to understand the left's position on incarceration.
  18. Doesn't the left support less jail time for non violent offenders? This dude has spent way more time than most violent offenders do in California