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  1. It takes someone willing to give up a premium prospect to get one.
  2. Good luck to you Andrew, thanks for strong effort!
  3. Wow, you guys give up easy, lol. Personally I really like many of the guys on this team a lot, they have character, but not always the greatest skill. I do fear that Minasian may be way in over his head though.
  4. …utter understatement. Congratulations to all who bagged on this Angels lineup (including me), coaches and management before tonight’s game. We did our part, lol!
  5. My theory is that Madden called Mayfield and Ward into his office before the game, they smoked some weed, and read the game day posts in this thread before the game started. They all laughed, and Joe said, “go gettim guys.”
  6. Overall he hasn't pitched badly enough to lose his lunch, now Bundy, well that's a different issue, lol.
  7. Quite frankly I would rather have Jose Rojas up here for third base than Mayfield. Mayfield shouldn't be anywhere near a major league team. I don't believe this is a Maddon problem, it's a Minasian problem. And I agree most of this is rooted in three of your highest paid players sitting on the injured list for long periods of time, it's catastrophic! It's a part of the game to properly prepare yourself as a player to remain on the field for most of the year, even if it means you dial it back to some degree. Garret Anderson was a great example, he found a way to remain playable and avoid injuries to the best extent possible, because not playing at all is a big step down from playing with less risk to injury.
  8. Do you know where discussions stand regarding the electronic strike zone? I would think the PA would like this one. I like the idea of still having an umpire do the actual call with the ability to override though. If it comes down to the umpire reversing a legitimate call, then they are graded down later and possibly relieved of umpiring at the MLB level. As you say, lots of changes coming, most of them solid improvements.
  9. 73 games left to play, you must not have watched 6 games, shameful.
  10. Bill Cosby, he can inject some humor and drug some women, but can he make it for last 73 games before going to the big house again?
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