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  1. Nice summary Robert. Sorry to hear of your job situation, I know you will bounce and good luck with the next part of your career! I also think a veteran lefty add for the pen would be nice, especially if we get Cole and one additional mid-tier starter. I would also prioritize a veteran catcher over any other position player, Stassi is too much of an experiment for me. I would love to hear both LaRussa and Madden's brutally honest take on personnel. I am looking forward to the remainder of your series.
  2. I would have a much stronger interest in signing Maldonado if Cole signs with the Angels. I would just consider it part of Cole's contract in a way. He's not going to cost anywhere near what you would have had to sink in Grandal. No he won't hit anywhere near Grandal's level, but he would be good enough on a one or two year contract. Just get two exceptional starting pitchers lined up who can pitch near 200 innings, and either a third one who can also eat innings (but at a lower tier level), or at least a veteran reliever to support the bullpen further. After that it's up to Eppler to make trades to bolster the offense some. If Eppler can trade for a catcher, that would work as well.
  3. Angels sign Gerrit Cole Angels sign Madison Bumgarner Angels sign Martin Maldonado
  4. Should have went with this: Padre Players..... Padre Coaching Staff.....
  5. I think it depends on how much dirt the team can dig up on the player involved. So eventually the team says you can sign with us for XXX amount, or we will expose your weaknesses to the public. It's called a quid pro quo, ....if it's bad enough then it's bribery.
  6. I agree that he would have quite an impact if he stays healthy. I would love to have him. But he pitches once every 5 days at best during the regular season, maybe 6 with the Ohtani factor. He's as close to a sure thing as there is the playoffs, if we can get enough other help to get us there. Many tough decisions to be made this offseason. And I think to be really effective we have to have a veteran catcher who can develop a good relationship with him.
  7. Then I think it's a legitimate question - Is Cole really worth the risk especially if he goes down with an injury? We need lots of help, no just one or two guys. I think just Cole and Teheran to fix our primary pitching rotation is a big risk overall.
  8. Let me guess, he throws hard, mid nineties at least, or he has above average spin. That's likely coupled with poor command, or injury prone.
  9. I don't believe Wheeler, Bumgarner and Hamels would be $60M, more like Wheeler $18M, Bumgarner $15M, and Hamels $10M = $43M. No one knows for sure until we get into the fray. Who would your third be besides Cole and Teheran? Cole will probably be at least $28M first year + AAV of $32-$35M. Teheran has a team option of $12M, and is likely to be traded. I don't like giving up much value for him with the tender state of our farm.
  10. To me the primary rotation is the first 5-6 pitchers, and the sundry is comprised of numbers 6-7 through 10-11. I hope we can do better than Teheran in positions 1-6. In the primary spots we currently have Heaney, Canning and Ohtani. That leaves three spots to fill in the primary. I could live with Wheeler, Bumgarner and Hamels if we can't squeeze in Cole. This team needs multiple starters to spread the risk, especially if Cole's demands are too high.