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  1. You mean he went out a legendary Indian warrior, not a cold stone wimpy statue.
  2. He is our best pitcher, and we desperately need to build off of that.
  3. If he doesn't get the AL MVP award, then the system is rigged.
  4. As good as the starting pitching rebounded, the problem remains that we only had one pitcher pitch more than 100 innings, Ohtani. We definitely need some starters who can go 150-200 innings, and take some of the pressure off the bullpen.
  5. Something else to consider. While the Angels had to play against the two best National league teams (the Giants and the Dodgers, and Padres for that matter), the Blue Jays didn't have to play against the NL West and went 14-6 against the NL. The Angels went 11-9 against the NL. Also the Blue Jays got to play Baltimore (and many in their bandbox stadium) for 19 times. Would have been nice to have the Angels playing Baltimore 19 times instead of the Giants, Dodgers and Padres. Vlad Jr. loves playing in Baltimore, home run city.
  6. I can sum this up quite quickly. The Angels record vs. Oakland was 4-15, and the Mariners record against Oakland was 15-4.
  7. Roger Lodge threw out this stat yesterday, thought it was interesting: "This year Fletcher has seen 2,058 pitches so far, he has swung and missed at only 80 of them."
  8. That breakup is pretty calm......this one has some bite to it!
  9. Actually he probably has a blister on his wrist.
  10. Guess which one of these lobsters is called Perry.......
  11. Don't worry about Eaton, he will get picked up by the Astros and hit a grand slam against us on their next trip here.
  12. No, he was born in Hawaii, you know that state where guys like to surf and chase bikini clad girls.
  13. Yep, cutting down on the wasted movement during the AB seems to have been very positive for Adell. Ohtani did the same thing, so did several others. I think the next one to follow suit should be Marsh.
  14. A lot of you want to resign Jose Iglesias at SS, I don't. I would like to get a good look at Michael Stefanic this year at second base and Fletcher at SS before we go SS shopping. My priorities are one great starter, the pen rebuild, and a better backup catcher.
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