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  1. Sounds like someone is trying to make the Houston situation seem like nothing new, thus downgrading the transgression of their World Series win.
  2. Many says Happy Birthday to the following Angelswin posters:
  3. I am a 7. Would like to find one more young durable starter, but we can start the year without him.
  4. You have more of a fetish for this guy than Trump does for Obama.
  5. Reagins was a glorified intern, and DiPoto is a quitter. That's the simple summary of my opinion of them.
  6. Just wait for the regular season, and one of the promotional items is a miniature musical monkey garbage can.
  7. Here's two candidates, they are not too busy right now.....
  8. Where did I say I was satisfied with this offseason? I was merely pointing out that the offseason isn't finished, and neither is player movement until the trade deadline, and the team has the intact resources to do something about deficiencies. I also don't believe there is anything to be so negative about, certainly there is nothing embarrassing about this situation. The only embarrassment in baseball right now is centered in Houston, for cheating.
  9. Well he replaced Harvey and Cahill with Teheran and Bundy, he now has a healthy Ohtani, Canning has first year experience behind him, Heaney should start the year healthy at least, and then we have Peters, Sandoval, Barria, Saurez, and Pena. We have one spot to go with 1 1/2 months until the season starts. I don't see any reason to be upset at this point, because he will very likely alter this staff some before the season starts. They have usable trade resources to upgrade the pitching without giving up any top ranking prospects. I'm often reminded of a tee shirt I once saw in a second hand shop. The first line said: " It's what I do", the second line said "I drink", then there was picture of some beer bottles, and the final line was "And Then I know Everything". At this point all of us don't know everything and what Eppler is trying to do, only Eppler and his staff do. So have a drink and continue to second guess.
  10. Not if you want him to perform to his full ability without distraction, LOL.
  11. I honestly don't think he is done. I think we will get one more pitching booster shot before spring training begins, and likely a veteran starting pitcher, or maybe a veteran long reliever.
  12. I don't think anyone blames him for that, I just don't want him to get in a foul mood if he doesn't get it in arbitration.