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  1. I read the title to this thread and thought "Oh Boy, this is going to be epic".....I grabbed some popcorn.....and my blood flow started to pick up between my legs. Now I think it's like seeing the Titanic for the first time, and ...well you know how that went...
  2. Somewhere, somehow why do I think there are Boston front office people thinking "how can we get involved and screw this deal up?"
  3. Neither is Matt Thaiss, just to cut off that thought as well.
  4. I know it's hard to keep prospect names straight, but it's Brennen Lund. He killed that pitch!
  5. I was referring to the fact that they were/are #3 prospects in all of baseball at a point in time. Read the article for the reference.
  6. Yeah, I saw and read that as well. Interesting to note that he was just as highly rated as Adell is now. Let's hope Adell finds an approach to success in baseball that eluded Wood. Also, really great to see Brandon bounce back to lead a nice life in other pursuits.
  7. Personally, I reserve the right to go boo them, and I plan to exercise that right. How to deal with obnoxious Astros fans visiting other baseball parks.....
  8. This crap of blaming the messenger has to stop. Nothing works when there are coverups, it breeds disasters. When bad things are done and you get caught then you own it, it is not the fault of the messenger. Transparency is the only way to go in a democracy. Sorry Papi, I can't agree with you.
  9. I generally hope Spring Training injuries are held to a minimum. We need a break in the overall injury rate across the whole season. This is a good team with some depth, there is nothing to be negative about, but key injuries will derail any team quicker than just about any other factor. We are not quite there yet on having consistent quality throughout the top 50 players in the organization, like the Dodgers for instance.
  10. I just hope Adell doesn't get injured in Spring Training again.
  11. I don't wanna explain. It's a personal decision.
  12. Dick B Back nailed it, this guy is good! We need to see the whole fight, this is PPV material.
  13. Oh yeah, I would be "so done" with these two guys paying me over $37 million a year for the next 11 years, because they didn't add a left fielder who will be a free agent in 7 months, and a pitcher who hasn't pitched greater than 125 innings in a year in his ML career. He might be so pissed he would donate his salary all back, and quit the game. Baseball ended on February 9, 2020, there will never be another trade, ever. Trout will have to play with these same guys for the next 11 years, and you will have to watch them play the next 1,782 regular season games on your TV, and never see them play a playoff game ever again. To avoid your misery you might hope for a large asteroid strike of planet Earth so this can all be averted.
  14. No one lives like a king in Patagonia. Unless you're the king of a good percentage of some of the 15 million sheep there. There are over 7 times more sheep than people in Patagonia. I don't like sheep that well, that's a lot of sheep shit.
  15. Not a good idea ten echo to change a name. Too trendy, think about the big picture. Avatar picture would suffice. It's good to keep a name as long as possible, unless you are hiding something.