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  1. No, no player has reached this stage (not settling before the deadline) since 2013. I guess from the player perspective they don't like hearing why they don't deserve more, and from the organization perspective they don't like wasting the time formally defending their position in arbitration or getting the player in a foul mood over it. I like Goodwin, but the Angels have a lot of young outfielders, they can get by without him if need be. If he is not happy, maybe he eventually becomes part of a trade. Or maybe I am making too much of this and he is just trying to squeeze out as much as possible, and thinks he is in a good position to do it, and his attitude about it is fine.
  2. I don't think the HELP WANTED sign ever goes down for virtually any team. Unless you have virtually unlimited funds to throw at the problem, or have shit your bed for a large number of years and drafted extremely wisely, the sign is always up and you are left chasing a dream.
  3. Jimmy just loves pussy..... babysitters.....
  4. I think I'll wait for the Podcast to get posted.
  5. Screw that, I want to hear AK's take. Which bar is he at tonight?
  6. I think these were all in the arbitration ranges as expected.....
  7. We are going to get much stronger, just as soon as AK lays off the fire water.
  8. Especially if he becomes the "ace".
  9. Angels sign Castro for 2 years, $12M Angels trade for Jon Lester, give up Marsh, Rengifo, and Suarez. Cubs eat $5M of his 2020 contract.
  10. Maybe it had a small video screen of the catcher's signs transmitted from a garbage can in center field.
  11. I agree with you on the fact that they could have had another starter without sacrificing young talent, but it didn't happen. As for the playoffs part, until they can figure out a way to survive the regular season the playoffs are a pipe dream. It's little like dreaming about going to Hawaii on a private yacht, but you live in Kansas and don't own a car. Until you can find transportation to the West coast, and make a bundle of money, there is no way you are going anywhere. There are a lot of steps to take, constantly banking on shortcuts usually doesn't get the adventure done.
  12. I was thinking about him as well AO. That could be a good play coupled with another starter like a trade for Gray. Even with the salary Harris would command, it would be less risky and cheaper than Ryu. It also weakens a competitor, by not having him return some way to Houston, although they may have written him off. I don't like the fact that Ryu is taking so long, but that could solely be Boras' ploy. We still need a catcher as well. This is getting to be an interesting little puzzle.
  13. What's surprising about that. If you sit still long enough, virtually anyone will look good.
  14. He has already improved the starting pitching, but the "roatation", well that might be another story. I will let you know as soon as I figure out exactly what that is.
  15. It's a tough choice AO, but the important part is that we have to add at least one. Especially true in my mind since neither one will cost a draft pick.
  16. Keuchel will sign with the White Sox for 4 years $76M.