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  1. It's where our public school systems are ranked so... consistency?
  2. You are right, Mathers certainly left Dipoto in a shitty position like Dipoto left the Angels. Karma?
  3. Let's flip the argument around to its not all about the player. The Mariners know he is a talent and they have very few negotiating years once he hits the majors. The kid, without much of a minor league resume wants to play now. Begin argument. At the start of last year's disastrous mess the Mariners certainly didn't see themselves in any divisional race if you want to be honest. Burning a year of eligibility for them in 60 games makes no sense unless they can get something out of it. So they negotiate with Kelenik to sign a mlb contract at lesser money than he would get IF he s
  4. His lack of time in the minor leagues does not bode well for his argument but then the Mariners are not acting in good faith waving a contract in his face then refusing to even give him the proverbial cup of coffee for refusing to sign. If Kelenic doesn't come out of the gates hot in AA or AAA to start the season then the Mariners are justified in the wait and see game. But Dipoto and the Mariners org has really damaged their own reputation. I could see Kelenic getting traded early in his career by holding out for free agency.
  5. I'm going to save the $30 and buy a nice meal after the game.
  6. Amara is the hardest to play. Typical siren that does little damage but has cool effects. Look for guns that have what they call appointments. Some are specific to characters that give them special attributes. Freeze is a very good function because it bypasses shielding to slow or complete freeze the enemy. Amara gets a lot of melee buffs so look for stabby weapons as well.
  7. Let's come up with alternatives like, Iron Horse Covered Wagon Geländefahrzeug
  8. He is not going to walk for another 3 months or more. He may never be able to play golf competitively again due to all of the damage. He has had multiple knee and back surgeries and this is going to mess up his mobility for a long time. I doubt the ankle can do a round of golf after this.
  9. We do have our own agencies to protect the country on the federal level, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services. Unfortunately some of it relies on open dialogue about potential health risks caused by unknown origins in foreign lands. It also requires Congress to properly fund these programs. We had a perfect storm of both. Deceit by China which turned this loose not just on the US but the world and both agencies unprepared for a true national scale pandemic. We have our responsibility to own up to our national response but China has f
  10. I am disappointed that you've come to this conclusion while having no facts at your disposal to convict him.
  11. Actually it is, according to their agreement with the WHO. They are to immediately inform the World Health Organization of a potential pandemic that they hid from officials for months.
  12. China's patient zero is said to be an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease that lived four bus stops from the market and never left home. That kind of fucks over the wet market theorey. Meanwhile the Chinese stalled any independent review of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for an entire year. Their research did include coronavirus in bats and part of that research includes mutating them. There was joint US studies with the Wuhan lab started in 2015 with a $3.7 million dollar grant. This virus was the lab's focus and yet it took a year to get them to open the doors to the WHO to inv
  13. That was a shit ton of stuttering and botching his facts.
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