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  1. If someone posted this already, I apologize. I thought it was funny. When torii was finishing his career with the angels he said to mike trout, “I’ll race you for $100.” Thus they agreed and both had a fifty on the line. They took off from the left field line and tori kicked it down and after trout beat him, Trout said “give me my fifty.” Torii hunter answered, “no I didn’t say anything about winning the race, I just said I’d race you, now give me my fifty.”
  2. Scioscia has stepped up his skills this year, he has only had a few brain farts this year. That's an acceptable level, usually he would have about 10 to 15 already.
  3. Ted Williams played when baseball had only the American League vs. National League. In 1969 the postseason split into four teams . Baseball has three division winners and two wild cards, in each league. Apples and Oranges.
  4. The Angels have zero postseason wins since 2009. I think that makes him below average, none with Trout.
  5. There is a difference between being banned and suspended.
  6. I used one four letter word in a year. Some people use them daily. wt ......f
  7. I have been proud of Scioscia this season, he has cut down on manufactured outs. Last night with Simmons caught stealing was a big mistake. I give Scioscia an honorary goat.
  8. I complained to the forum administrator about Stradling's treatment of you.  This guy obviously is intolerant of opposing opinions and uses his moderator power to push people around.

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