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  1. Betts has had the distinct advantage of playing for the Sox and then being traded to the Dodgers right as the Sox began their downward trend, so he's played on stacked rosters his entire career. It obviously helps, just as a great corporate culture makes you generally more productive and happier.
  2. The Rays stink. This is basically the Rockies in the WS all over again.
  3. I'm actually impressed. That was a classic Angels loss. Offense looks great in the early innings, then make a dreadful baserunning error and completely forget how to hit for the rest of the game. Then you wait agonizingly for the bullpen to blow the lead, which they will 100% of the time, because they're not truly awful, but just barely bad enough to where they will never pitch a clean sheet in a meaningful game. It's like watching the Angels protege in action
  4. Its always fun watching a team back into the WS almost every year despite their best player shitting the bed in every big game. Yay baseball.
  5. The Rays and Braves should both be relegated to AAA. What a disgrace
  6. Same. No surprise that ratings continue to go down when the sport openly hails cheaters and the same teams play in the WS every year. It's like when it was always Lebron vs the Warriors in the NBA finals every year except there's no star power and all the players are just cynical whiny dicks.
  7. Manfred is laughing diabolically in his mom's basement lair. His majesty is very pleased
  8. I'd probably splurge and get myself something nice, like a t shirt from the Gap or a pair of Skechers
  9. That Rojas guy. Beyond that, not much. The ghost of Jose Fernandez?
  10. I was never really a fan of Eppler but recent years have shown that, yes, things actually can get worse. Our record has gotten progressively worse in the two years post-Scioscia, and there is still plenty of room for the next GM to come in and turn us into the Rangers/Pirates/etc.
  11. I follow Bayern and they lost today for the first time in something like 40 matches after sweeping every relevant trophy. Not surprisingly, people are immediately calling for the manager to be fired.
  12. Curt Schilling would be a strong pick too. He and Arte will certainly align idealogically.
  13. He's exactly the kind of guy that spends just so he can hold it over head of the baseball guys as leverage.
  14. With Eppler gone I think Adell almost certainly gets traded. Already ready to be disappointed by the return.
  15. Regardless of the end result, this sort of thing is a bad look and points to exactly the sort of organizational dysfunction that has been the cause of this team's downfall. As much as we try to dismiss it, toxic culture actually does seem to be the main issue here.
  16. By the end of Scioscia's tenure I had come to realize that he was not the cause of the team's struggles. I see it the same here. The one constant all these years has been Arte, and he is sadly the only person in the organization not accountable to anyone. It's turning into a dangerous cycle where the more he meddles, the worse the team gets, which leads to him meddling even more to supposedly "fix" the issue. It's not going to get better soon.
  17. The key is to just follow a dozen teams across all different sports so that at any given time someone is doing well. Hell I even follow soccer now.
  18. I don't see us targeting Bauer if Eppler stays on, which he likely will.
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