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  1. I'm not giving up Adell or Marsh for a pitcher who goes 5 inn. Barria had good 18 and 19 out of rotation to start year because of Cahill and Harvey signings. In a short season 2020 only 7 appearances with 5 starts but looked like Barria of 18. Adell be patience he is young and going to be a stud.
  2. I agree many free agents out there plus starters we have not horrible. Bundy, Heaney, Canning and my sleeper to have big year is Jamie Barria. 2018 Barria had nice year. 2019 not in rotation to start year big mistake and messed with his head. 2020 short season only 7 appearances with just 5 starts but looked like Jamie of 18. Snell is good but not for Adell or Marsh.
  3. Last 2 years in his starts a 5 inn avg.
  4. Snell is a number 3 pitcher not an ace or elite pitcher that said I would trade for him but not Adell, Marsh or Canning.
  5. Yes I am maybe a Barria, some prospects. Snell is not same pitcher he was when he was CY Young winner. Only like 5 and a third inn in his starts last few years. I would love to get Snell but Adell or Marsh would not be in package. Remember many pitchers are out there Sonny Gray may be out there.
  6. I think you can get him without Adell or Marsh. Maybe a Sandoval, Jam Jones and some other prospect.
  7. They back loaded his contract and will earn 13 mill too much for Rays. Plus know they can get a lot for him. Snell has issues with manager.
  8. Blake Snell 3 years 39 million, Rays listening to offers. Top of rotation guy we need, who do we give up for him?
  9. Success in minors to me is how many players come up to help your major league team. This could be players on your roster or players traded to get a player you need. Recent years farm has given halos some players that have helped, Fletcher,Walsh, Canning with Adell and Marsh on their way. Angel minor league system has improved from where it was 5 or 6 years ago. With this improvement this has made halos on the cusp of a title.
  10. Does this mean Vladdy Jr. will be a lighter hitter next season?
  11. It's flurry until we get a few more deals then and only then will it be plethora
  12. Albert Pujols will be in best shape of his life in 2021.
  13. I HAPP en to like this deal that's your cheap platoon for OF. Speakoing of Happ he seems to be on halos radar. I say 1 year 6 to 9 mill.
  14. We do not allow this type of behavior in my neighborhood.
  15. Arte your taxes will be going up.
  16. Yes will have vaccine night, Fauci bobble head night and every night will be mask night.
  17. Noe has been healthy and can go more than 1 inn. That list may not be Angel's list
  18. Saying Perry will have 25 mill to spend if same payroll as last year before covid. That is not a lot but can fill some holes.
  19. I remember missing that on my 5th year of HS English.
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