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  1. Drastic measures are needed. Heaney and Bundy trade value goes down each start. Very little pitching upside in minors. 2022 another make over.
  2. Valedictorian summer school, 5 years of HS and now this. Without a doubt my top 3 highlights so far.
  3. Have to pay Upton 1 more year then what for Angels? 2022 will need 4 new starters plus 6 new pitchers for bullpen.
  4. The more things change the more they remain the same, that's the halo way
  5. That's because they have not played Angels yet.
  6. Hope is a good thing, I hope my friend Albert leaves me playoff tickets so hopes Mike Trout
  7. His trade value goes down every start.
  8. Why would they sign him? Yes Dodgers are going to playoffs as they go every year.
  9. Mike Trout just sent Albert an email Good Luck Albert in playoffs can you leave me tickets at the gate or should I just stay home and watch on my big screen. Albert put in good word for me as I'll accept trade to Dodgers. I'd like to go to playoffs some year.
  10. Kruger DFA by Rangers OMG OMG hurry hurry Minasian right that terrible wrong and get Kruger back.
  11. Angels keep throwing ---- against the wall maybe something will stick.
  12. Way passed due you have technology use it.
  13. I'm not saying trade Trout I'm saying look at all options as halos are in 6th losing season. What will change in 2022? Anyone have any suggestions. One of highest payrolls in baseball and cannot finish 500.
  14. All I'm saying is keep options open. I have no idea what Trout would bring back nor have I heard of any ideas moving forward with halos fans. More of same in 2022? New rotation needed and whole new bullpen. I'm frustrated with the losing. PattyD22 what would you do? How do we get halos to win again?
  15. Your kidding Trout loses value each year he gets older. At 35 owned 200 mill what would you get then. I'm not saying trade him but Angels in 6th losing season and you must keep all options open. As an Angel fan I'm tired of losing. You do not know if Angels would be better off keeping him. Depends on return plus what you do with money saved. If Angels got Urias plus other players and used Trout money to get Seager. All I'm saying as fan tired of losing as I'm sure Trout is and 2022 will be more of the same.
  16. With Rendon less value with his contract. You say regardless of team performance, I'm the opposite I want this team to win and would leave all options open.
  17. First Cabrera was 24 when traded to Tigers. Trout will be 30 this year. I'm sayiong if you got a young stud pitcher who could form a top 2 in rotation plus money freed up from Trout contract plus other players in deal you'd have to at least look at it. Last 6 years the direction halos have gone is not working. Pujols and Trout money off the books with Upton year after. Tampa and Oakland win year after year with low budget.
  18. Fair value probably not but what changes next year? This could be 6th losing season and Trout will be 30. I wonder what he feels about Angels future. 2022 will need 4 starters plus bullpen a mess, like I said it's frustrating as the losing continues.
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