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  1. Absolutely. You can buy commercial properties right now that give you a 12% return plus property appreciation.
  2. I never made any comment about the Mets dealings with Madhoff. That guy was a crook. I only said it is silly to mock the Mets for the terms they did with Bonilla. The actual financial math on that deal from the Mets side (and Bonilla’s side) is absolutely reasonable. My input is basically it is mathematically ignorant or lazy to even recognize “Bobby Bonilla Day” because it suggests the Mets made a stupid reckless deal with Bonilla. It’s a square deal math wise. Thats all.
  3. The mocking of the Mets on this is dumb. Private equity investors can get 12-15% returns, so the Mets were definitely not stupid to defer at 8%. The point is nobody can really have a valid opinion as to whether the Mets deferring a financial responsibility at 8% without knowing exactly what the expected return was for other investment opportunities OR knowing the cost of other debt that could be retired instead. Basically the Mets borrowed from Bonilla at 8%. Personally, where do I sign up? I will gladly borrow millions of dollars at 8% and use some leverage to be very, very happy with the outcome.
  4. Angels Dodgers Old Padres Petco Diamondbacks Oakland Candlestick Seattle Colorado Kansas City Arlington Wrigley Old Yankee Fenway Nationals So 15.
  5. Waste of time. No. Dead on arrival. The players are just not going to accept a season of any length that doesn’t just pay them straight pro-rated salary.
  6. Joking? Sure. I will be here all week (actually probably not, but maybe). Tip your servers.
  7. I am not “blasting” a short season. I am not miserable. I just made a joke about how, right now, it feels very difficult to have any interest in it. I hardly see how that should trigger anyone with “then stay off the board” or other similar reactions. The truth is baseball fits a busy life differently every day. Who knows? Maybe if and when the season starts watching games will be something that is fantastic. I don’t know. I just know I have never been less interested than I am right now for many reasonable reasons. I certainly don’t want to be unexcited. That just where I am today. Big deal. Now is it OK if I post on the board or have I failed the “true baseball fan” litmus test and I have to wait and repledge the fraternity next year?
  8. I'm 53. No thanks on second rate stuff. A 50 game season is a six pack of warm Lucky Lager, a cold Little Caesar's cheese pizza, and Rosy ODonnell wanting to sit on your face because she is out of toilet paper. Pass.
  9. I am not sure anyone can really make the case TODAY for Bobby Grich NOT being worthy of the HOF considering: 1). Where he sits all time among 2B in lots of categories 2). Looking at newer measurements like lifetime WAR (not end all be all, but worthy of being part of the analysis) 3). The fact that he was irrefutably better than many others in the HOF
  10. Not sure who feels the same way, but it is going to be extremely hard to care at all about what happens this season. It will be a contrived “asterisk” season no matter what. Am I REALLY going to consider the World Series champ this year to be legit and not just an inferior result of an inferior season? No. Do I want the Angels to be the team that gets the ring that will always forever be considered illegitimate? No, not really. So how can I really tune in and care what happens this season? I’m not sure I can.
  11. All I have to say is the owners refuse to share their real financials with anyone other than someone considering buying their team. Given that, the concept of the owners expecting the players to “be their partner” in accepting a contrived pay structure based on what works for them is absurd. No. Either open the real books to create a real partnership with full financial disclosure or propose a simple prorated salary simply adjusted for the number of games this season will have. But if I were a player or represented the players, any proposal other than a simple prorated salary that doesn’t include full financial transparency is a non starter. Funny how teams that always cry poor sell for gargantuan profits to the owner after the proposed buyer actually sees the real financials and makes an offer accordingly. For the first time ever, I really don’t care if there is baseball this year. Whatever season they come up with, it’s going to be an asterisk season no matter what. Maybe the silver lining is the owners get forced to make a decision. Are you “partners” or are you employers? The owners gotta stop trying to have It both ways.
  12. Can anybody tell me for certain when (what year) they started playing this song before Angel games?
  13. The one main thing I would like to see in the ballpark going forward is baseball games.
  14. Discussion of Albert Pujols is being “emotionally hijacked”? Uh, ok.
  15. Is it true there was a players only meeting? Is there truth to the rumor about the frictional, tense love triangle between Simmons, Goodwin and Alex Curry?
  16. Where is Angel Graffiti to spin this into being Arte’s fault?
  17. I agree. I personally don’t care. But tons of people do, including players who want to be the unique answer to questions like, “Name the only three player in history with a .300 average, blah blah, and blah blah.” Maybe he doesn’t care who knows.
  18. I understand the very valid point that unless the Angels have someone who can outperform Albert, then Albert should just play. I don’t think anybody disagrees with that. But at some point if you want to win and the goal is to put the best team possible on the field, the you deliberately go get somebody that would outperform him rather than making the excuse that we have no knowledge that Thais or Ward would do any better. If Pujols hits .179 and Ward/Thais hit .160, do you really just roll with Albert because you don’t have a better alternative in house or do you go get somebody? I don’t hate Albert. Never did. I just want to win and I am not very interested in sitting through the fade. What is funny is in years past it was “The offense isn’t good enough anyway. An upgrade from Albert doesn’t make the difference necessary, so what is the point?” And now I suppose I am going to hear the offense is good enough with Rendon (and Adell on the way) to survive Albert. I think this is worse than the old excuse. Just keeping an inning alive with a potent lineup rather than making an out (or two for that matter with a gidp) can get you another 3 or 4 runs. Anyway, I accept the reality of playing the best player you have but I reject that you can just stay with that if the best you have is hurting you. Go make a deal and address it. It’s time to win.
  19. Edited it a bit for you.
  20. I know you are correct. Just pointing out what is obvious to me. He needed two seasons of being healthy, batting .240ish, to get to 700. Its not gonna happen now.