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  1. Have you read the broadcasting agreement? You have confirmed and know for certain that there there will be no revenue if there are no games right now? I would not assume that either way without confirming.
  2. That’s how dumb this guy is. Most of us just take the phone with us.
  3. If your ever get to Cooperstown, make sure you don’t miss a close look at Jackie Autry’s a-bead collection. The strand with 6 she favored from 1978 to 1982 is impressive.
  4. If we can get the season down to like 45 games, the Angels could go with a 45 man rotation. It’s no big deal with the off days and stuff.
  5. Do we get banned if we troll a troll?
  6. Flu viruses die in the summer. There is no way this goes on that deep into the summer.
  7. Should I start naming first basemen who never hit 20 that were busts? How about I do it alphabetically, and I promise to limit it to 100 per letter.
  8. Is it just me or is it a bit hard to get excited about a first baseman that scouts think might have 15 homer power?
  9. What is shark’s Flu Ball rate? He is effective as long as he doesn’t tissue too many walks.
  10. Please, no make up games. We don’t need 162 games. I’m fine with 145ish.
  11. I have good reason to “hate” Barry Bonds personally because he really was a dick. But I never ever translate that into who I want in the HOF. I think we have all missed the mark if we are even remotely considering how the player will FEEL personally in being named as a HOFer. While it is obvious that the player will feel rewarded or deprived in being in or out, the HOF should be a museum pursuing historical accuracy, not doling out moments of players feeling awarded. The decision should be rooted in whose career was worthy of being recognized as among the greatest players. The moment you let the “I don’t want him to FEEL rewarded” into the equation, you have contaminated the process to the detriment of historical accuracy. My point above has to do with people hating Bonds for being a dick. He was a dick. His steroid use is another subject entirely. Being very specific here, I can respect a writer for not voting for Bonds because of steroid use. I would have no respect for a writer that won’t vote for him because he was a dick and just wants to deprive the dick from the personal satisfaction of being inducted.
  12. He didn’t. He suspected race was involved in how Bonds was treated. So I applied the same logic in how my friend was treated by Bonds.
  13. This just in. Two others have just been diagnosed with chronic change.
  14. Thanks for making me see things differently. Given your wisdom here, I can now conclude that Barry Bonds treated my friend that worked for the Giants terribly not because Barry Bonds is a dick, but because Barry Bonds is a racist.
  15. I am sure I have probably shared this before but it fits here too. Bonds, completely independent of the steroids angle, was a selfish, rude, obnoxious epic jerk as a player. My very good friend worked for the Giants for years in a marketing capacity. His job was to help promote the team and players (Making the players more popular, so to the financial benefit of the players). Bonds would deliberately jerk Jim around just to watch him worry as squirm. He thought it was very funny to upset him and make him stress out. Basically Bonds would agree to a media commitment and then do everything in his power to then make my friend worry about whether Bonds would actually show up. Some times he would and sometimes he wouldn’t. No other player did this to him. And, as I said, it was not an accident or misunderstanding. Bonds genuinely enjoyed making my friend sweat and worry and was entertained by the professional embarrassment my friend suffered from being at the center of a broken engagement. Bonds is just flat out a dick.
  16. Pass on Upig. I mean Puig.
  17. I see Fox Sports listed as a channel on HULU but just checking in with anybody that has HULU: Are you satisfied that HULU is a good service to have to watch Angel games? I am so sick of Directv. None of the equipment works and they won’t upgrade it and it is expensive.
  18. I really don’t think the Angels should allow Trout to swing a golf club because it could cause an elbow injury to one of the pitchers. I don’t know how, but somehow.