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  1. How does one person guess wrong so often on the one year FA pitchers? Eppler only understands hitting and fielding?
  2. Boyd’s career ERA is over 5.00, pitching in a stadium more pitching friendly than Bundy had in Baltimore. Boyd also gives up HRs by the bunch.
  3. Probably not a good idea to go on TwinsWin, 17 straight post-season game losses!
  4. Those kick saves on certain base hits up the middle were awesome.
  5. He did show his ability to throw to 1B. Unfortunately, the runner was already almost to 2B.
  6. Unbelievably, I think I remember. 24-24 tie
  7. It’s been FIFTY years since he coached Louisville against LB in a bowl game at the Rose Bowl. Might be time to retire from GameDay?
  8. Gausman, to me anyway, could be another Bundy, needing a good pitching coach to thrive. He’s been durable, and is still only 30 in 2021. 3 years/$30 million?
  9. Of course! Byrnes as VP of baseball ops and White as GM! They worked together in SD in 2014.
  10. Righty version of Kershaw? Similar size, coming from HS, and similar expected slot (lower top 10).
  11. Could be 7th pick, if they go with combined 2019-2020 records, as is rumored.
  12. Might need to include Baldoquin.
  13. Rengifo’s 2019 OPS >>>> Bryant’s 2020 OPS. Rengifo’s salary <<<<<<< Bryant’s. Bryant is a hard NO.
  14. Would the arb amount drop significantly, due to the horrible 2020 season?
  15. 26 rbis in September alone, close to a franchise record for a rookie?
  16. Halos finish just three games back of the Cheaters, despite being swept by the Latriners. Andddd, if they lose Springer, Reddick, and Brantley to FA, they are in a world of hurt in 2021. Currently, their 2021 rotation is 37 year-old Greinke, Valdez, Urquidy, and whoever. Whitley has very limited minor league innings plus a questionable health history in the minors.
  17. Bundy should still have a #3 starter like season in 2021, assuming he sticks to this season’s pitch repetoire.
  18. And Upton a year after that, meaning $45 million AAV freed up by two years from now. A ticket of President of baseball ops Dave Dombrowski and GM Logan White would be the best result. Combine building a MLB winner with building a solid and consistently enough producing farm system.
  19. Isn’t that like choosing between soap in your mouth and drinking that liquid prep for a colonoscopy?
  20. “Any winter meetings I should arrive late to?”
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