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  1. Sucky night! Heaney gives up 3 HRs for the first time since 2019. Andriese has his first meh outing in a month. Mayers gives up first run since sometime in August, and only his second HR. Can the under .500 streak finally be snapped in 2021??????
  2. I was at a HS summer league game at the LB Gold Mine in 1993, where incoming HS freshman sensation Schea Cotton was there. His older brother James would start his freshman year at LBSU that autumn. Schea committed to LBSU, but eventually went elsewhere. Also saw Trevor Wilson in the 1984 HS summer league at Mater Dei.
  3. More AD/LBJ, plus four others in double digits Rebounding was much better, Jokic being in foul trouble did help. The real Howard showed up. Murray is ridiculous, elite PG. Caruso needs to watch the fouls late in games. Committed two after only a few seconds elapsing on the shot clock. Up 3-1, finish off the series tomorrow, and don’t put any comeback ideas in the Nub Pups minds.
  4. Which is pretty much split up equally between the Halos/AngelStadium and everything else.
  5. Or even top 5, with the slump over the past 11 games (.200 BA, 0 HRs, 4 rbis) that dropped his BA about 25 pts and OPS about 80 pts.
  6. Adell already got to AAA, and struggled. But he should only need up to a full season there, based on how he eventually conquered every level.
  7. First time in five years having a good September? That is encouraging.
  8. I'll be happy with two out of three, to complete a great September of 16-7.
  9. Can't see the Cheaters losing three straight this weekend vs a terrible Tejas team.
  10. Hoping that Detmers will be ready by the second half of 2021, which then means only one of Bundy and Heaney needs to be re-signed and the other could be dealt by the trade deadline to shore up the future and/or get a remaining piece of the puzzle. Bundy/Heaney, Gausman, Canning, Detmers, and Barria Sandoval, either rotation or bullpen
  11. What would be a good contract to offer GRich, if he’s accepting of a move to late innings relieving? Two years/$8-10 million?
  12. Judging by the emergence of the team over the past month, does this officially show just how bad the 2019 coaching staff was?
  13. This is a good point. Spread out his use, vs throwing 100 pitches every 5 days with that delivery. K-Rod was converted to the pen before the 2002 season, as he had a high maintenance delivery as well. Worked out great for him, of course. The Heat/Slider combo looks good in the pen.
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