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  1. What happens if the batter has like a 3-1 count and thinks the next pitch is a ball and starts for 1st base and the ump calls it a strike, can they just throw him out?
  2. I think that Las Vegas is available net year as their deal with the Mets will end.
  3. I remember seeing Yogi Berra play. Damn.
  4. He hasn't shown any reason to lock up a roster spot yet. At least CJ Wilson is dressed today. I suppose he can pinch fit for Featherweight later.
  5. We can only hope but unfortunately I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. Just for fun, It Happens Every Spring
  7. Double-A team to honor fallen troops with empty seat http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/blog/eye-on-baseball/21811774/double-a-team-to-honor-fallen-troops-with-empty-seat
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