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  1. Maddon had dinner with Arte recently and it’s a done deal. I know this isn’t my beat anymore but I talked to someone who has been with the team for 20+ years and it’s a done dealio. Carry on.
  2. Having a top 10 pick next year should be fun. Apparently it's a loaded draft class. Jim Callis: "There are no such concerns with the 2020 Draft, which already looks like perhaps the best since 2011."
  3. Good. I really like what he's done to the franchise as a whole.
  4. Adell, Marsh, and Jackson all had terrific years. Three really really good raw hitting prospects. Adell obviously the highest upside but man Marsh is looking like he could be a table setter for years to come.
  5. Strasburg would be a great addition and of course Cole.
  6. Honestly a really great year. We got a look at what Canning can do. Ohtani is still an amazing hitter. Trout is Trout. Bedrosian, Robles, Buttrey have shown flashes of greatness. Adell for the most part is living up to expectations, Marsh had a great year and looks like a legitimate top 100 prospect. We need two good god damn starters. I'm optimistic about 2020.
  7. I feel ya. That Salt Lake team next year is going to be fun to watch no matter what.
  8. You gotta wonder if they might look at Marsh at 1B. The guy is really impressing lately and might be the perfect lead off dude in front of Trout and Ohtani for years to come.
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