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  1. How did Fletcher Jones Motorcars' advertising team manage to get Maddon to agree to the ad space on the lineup card?
  2. Good article. Interesting how he explains why he couldn't hit very well at the big league level. Crazy that he knew it was happening at the time and couldn't do anything about it.
  3. I'm just thankful that he won't be the opening day starter like last year. God, that was embarrassing.
  4. Looks like you Maeda bad decision to come here for updates.
  5. You cannot drag this negative energy into the tournament.
  6. All I really care about is getting Stripling. Everything else can go to shit, for all I care. If it falls through, maybe Eppler has an alternate plan in place to still get Stripling.
  7. So I'm watching this Top 10 Catchers Right Now on MLB Network and it just made me wonder... with all the Angels shortcomings at catcher the last few seasons, why not move Taylor Ward back to catcher? From my perspective, he'd be an above average hitting catcher. I can't speak to his defense because I've never seen him play the position. But, it kind of makes sense because he's a pretty good offensive player. And, at this point, there's no room for him anymore anywhere else on the field with the big league club.
  8. I know that YouTube TV and YouTube Premium are separate. I think YouTube Premium costs $12 per month. With YouTube TV, I can watch YouTube originals, like the Cobra Kai series, and those don't have any ads. But, I think the regular YouTube videos still contain ads.
  9. You're welcome and I hope it helps. I tried the free trials for almost all of the streaming services (YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu Live, etc.) I found YouTube TV to offer the most for the best price. The unlimited DVR is also a huge feature that the others don't offer. It's basically $50 a month for 6 separate accounts (each with their own unlimited DVR). From my perspective, it's the best deal out of all of the services. If you end up trying it out, I'd be interested to hear if you have the same issue with the DVR pause and rewind during live shows and the issue with it cutting out and redirecting back to the live menu screen. I'm trying to figure out if that's a common problem that's just a glitch within the app or if it's a problem on my end that I can somehow remedy. The issues don't happen very often, but when they do, it's kind of annoying.
  10. I got rid of cable at the end of November last year and I've been with YouTube TV since. I honestly don't think you can beat the service for $50 per month. It has MLB Network, FOX Sports West, Prime Ticket, FOX Sports San Diego, and a bunch of college sports channels. It has all the local channels, except channel 5 (KTLA). There are add-on options for most of the premium cable networks (except HBO, which I can access through Prime Video, if I ever want to subscribe). The unlimited DVR is great, too. Any show that you add to your library automatically records (it doesn't record the same episode twice), and each recording is available for 6 months. It also seems to be relatively smart about when to stop recording a sports event, if the game happens to run past the allotted scheduled time. My only real complaint is that sometimes the DVR functionality isn't always reliable when trying to pause and rewind a live show. I'm not sure if that's an issue with my smart TV or maybe an issue with my internet speed. I have the $65 per month plan for internet through Spectrum, so I doubt it's a speed issue. It may also just be a glitch with the service. One additional small complaint is that sometimes the feed will simply cut out and it will take me back to the live menu screen and I have to go back to the channel I was watching to continue watching the show. Aside from those small gripes, I'm tremendously happy with YouTube TV. It has nearly all of the channels I usually watch (the only one it doesn't have is Comedy Central, which I used to watch occasionally). It also allows for separate accounts for as many as 6 people in the same household. Plus, each account gets their own personal unlimited DVR. I'm actually saving quite a bit of money each month. I had Spectrum cable and internet previously. I kept the internet for $65 and then subscribed to YouTube TV for $50. My last bill from Spectrum that included both cable and internet was $231 (the junk fees and cost of each DVR box were ridiculous and only getting worse). So at this point, barring a price increase from either service, I'll be saving nearly $1,400 per year.