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  1. Was Quintana purposely pitching like complete shit? It's nearly impossible to be that bad without doing it intentionally
  2. If the manager doesn't show emotion, the umps will never learn
  3. Haha! 182 was including next season's playoff run. I could've had any woman in the world, but none could match the beauty of my own hand
  4. Well, this sucks. I wonder if he signed the letter "A Simple Man" as sort of a joke because that was the song that he was referring to when he mistakenly dropped the F-Bomb on the air? Pretty funny, if that's the case. In any event, I'm sorry to see him go. Hope they find a suitable replacement. Nothing worse than trying to watch 162 games, plus a long playoff run, when you can't stand the PBP guy.
  5. Upton vs. Kershaw - 6 for 41 15 Ks. Not the best idea to help him out of his slump
  6. Shit, that was my guess. So, I'll go with 32 (or so)
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