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  1. A Coleman Francis film marathon without the MST3K commentary
  2. Keith Richard must have the same blood type and donates. That’s the only explanation I can think of.
  3. But they’re white and have the magic R so crickets from vanilla Isis.
  4. I thought we all settled on Kyle? Or is it Chad?
  5. Because of COVID, demand. I grew up with their movies so I’m psyched.
  6. Why did Sir Elton John flush he land of Oz? Because goodbye YELLOW brick road.
  7. His first ratio! You love to see it.
  8. Mt. SAC August 99-May 03 Chaffey June 08-December 13 Certificate in broadcasting
  9. I draw the line when it comes to San Bernardino right now. The city’s in enough trouble as it is and some are just straight up looting for kicks. Why bother beating that dead horse? Don’t go full Jake Paul.
  10. I’ll let a Smiths song from 1987 speak for me.
  11. Blue lives matter except when whitey republicans like Flynn et al get arrested.
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