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  1. They didn’t kill Heather Heyer. White republicans did. Sit Cletus.
  2. That’s because the president isn’t a black democrat but a white republican.
  3. Until last season, we were consistently good against Detroit so I can’t hate them passionately. The season was that bad.
  4. On a personal level since they’re the same division, Houston. Still glad they beat Yankees because they’re the Yankees and the biggest offender at cheating.
  5. Loved his dry wit on Daily Show with his “That’s Quite Interesting” segments and those early I Love The “insert decade here” specials on VH1 back in the 00s.
  6. He should have just impersonated Bobby Bonilla. Get paid for doing nothing each year.
  7. Having a lost look on your face and speaking in a monotone husky voice in hipster movies doesn’t equal good wise beyond years acting. Scar Jo is the hipster J Lo and Madonna. She’s always been bland and boring. Doesnt help that Baumbachs movies are the same whiny privileged first world problem movies. Squid And The Whale was torture.
  8. Lev Parnas be throwing thugs under the bus one after the other.