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  1. So, some Trumpublican see you next Tuesday that went to Red Robin and cow lover Nunes wants their own base to die “to own the libs.” Christ, even Gingrich has gone to the left of Hitler with his visit to Italy and the zodiac killer from Texas agrees.
  2. We now go live to Matt Colvin holding Martin Shkreli’s beer!
  3. All that they want is another trophy. They’re gonna cheat you!
  4. Karma, you Sandy Hook hoaxer MFer!
  6. Hard out here for an indie registered pimp. My candidate, Warren, had no chance anyways.
  7. Well, looks like I’m going for foot in mouth former VP I originally wanted to drop out now that Warren is dropping out. Not as sold on Bernie as I was in 2016 in my Green Party days.
  8. Fool, you tarnished your legacy with Stallone’s sloppy seconds on a reality TV show and got roasted on Comedy Central. Sit this one out and stop watching channel zero, boi!
  9. Hey Bloomberg! Warren murdered you. Take the hint and leave.
  10. Now go for the “magic R” crowd of Woods, Trump, Kav and Gym!