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  1. We're not even a good spoiler team anymore.
  2. Qobuz is the best for sound quality. Only problem is it stops importing when you're off the app and some albums and deluxe editions are missing like the 1st 4 Metallica albums.
  3. I'd do the same after 6 straight losing seasons with two of them one below of 500 because of "turn the page" BS.
  4. Wishful thinking. We're gonna suck at spoiling.
  5. Yay! More veterans who have peaked! That always works for us!
  6. Got it when I upgraded my phone in fall 2019. Beastie documentary aside, nothing that caught my interest. Have no idea if it applies for 13 which I'm getting fully paid on Friday and I have Verizon instead of T Mobile.
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