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  1. Disney Plus How can you not be excited about Jeff Goldblum as the new Huell Howser?! AMAZING!
  2. I bet Osama Bin Trump uses viagra for his tiny toad since he certainly ain’t gonna getting any from the FWOTUS.
  3. Sondland to all “in the loop.”
  4. Was Scar Jo not available? Two insanely overrated actresses.
  5. Cats>>>>hoomans. Funnier, too. I’ll add a 2nd point. They don’t keep up with Kartrashians
  6. Unless you go left of Osama Bin Trump like Vindman, Taylor, McCain et al, right, cult45 kool aid guzzler?
  7. Another day of racist crackkker republicans believing skin color and party makes Trump and others magically innocent who would be outraged if Hawaiian black dude pulled any of this crap.
  8. “That happened and we let it happen.” - Peter Griffin
  9. Schilling doesn’t belong just for his shady video game practices and nearly bankrupting Rhode Island. He could be a bleeding heart liberal and I’d say no dice. Nolan Ryan is far from liberal yet he earned it, Angels or not. Schilling is a grifter punk.