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  1. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.
  2. I use a VPN to watch the games live. Otherwise, the games become available in the local market after they're over.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I kept YTTV and added MLB TV. MLB TV is $120 for the entire year. But, the cost of Hulu TV would have been about $20 more per month, with comparable DVR storage (the amount of storage with the regular plan is a joke, so you'll need the added storage which is an additionial monthly fee) and to have full DVR functionality (i.e. fast-forwarding past commercials, which is another additional monthly fee), than what I pay for YTTV . So, I'll actually end up saving over $100 per year by keeping YTTV and adding MLB TV, rather than switching to Hulu TV. Plus. Hulu TV doesn't have MLB Network and YTTV does. Of course, this is all contingent on the assumption that YTTV won't raise their monthly price... Also, with Hulu plus Live TV you get access to the Hulu content, which is a lot of TV shows and movies. Which costs like $11 per month on its own. It's all very complicated. Would've made my life a lot easier had those dickheads at Sinclair and YTTV just gotten the deal done for FSW.
  4. YouTube TV also has all the games and it's got unlimited cloud DVR storage. It also has MLB Network, which Hulu Live TV doesn't have. However, YouTube TV almost stopped carrying FOX Sports Regional Networks last week, but they eventually reached an extension, which will hopefully lead to a new agreement. Also, YouTube TV is $50 per month and, with Hulu Live TV, you'll end up paying about $20 more per month to have comparable DVR storage and to be able to watch DVR'd content without commercials (I think they turn off the capability to fast forward past commercials unless you pay the extra fee).
  5. Haha. I mistakenly copied and pasted the wrong information. I was only trying to copy the link and it copied all the code, I guess. So, you can go ahead and delete it. Thanks in advance!
  6. Same here. I need MLB Network. I've decided to get MLB TV. I'm hoping a VPN will allow me to watch Angels games live, but if not, I can live with watching them after they're over.
  7. I know what you mean. I do the same thing. Follow along on radio and then turn it on TV when I get home. This news ruined my day. Especially since Spring Training games have already started. Thinking about switching to Hulu Live, but it's $20 more per month to have a decent sized DVR storage. It also costs more just to be able to fast forward through commercials for a DVR'd show. Also, it doesn't have MLB Network. Those assholes at Sinclair are fucking everything up. The whole system is breaking down.
  8. I thought MLB TV carries both the home and away feeds for games? I thought it was just that you can't watch any games that are broadcast on FSW (if you're in the local market) until the game is over. That's what my cousin, who has MLB TV, told me. Maybe I misunderstood him. BTW, I'm in the same boat as you. I switched to YTTV a few months ago and I really like it. Has FOX sports regional (until Saturday) and MLB Network. None of the other streaming services had exactly what I needed. Now, neither does YTTV, apparently. What a drag.
  9. Question for the techies. If I have an MLB TV subscription, I can't watch the Angels games until they're over. However, if I were to access MLB TV through my laptop and change my VPN location to say..the East Coast, would I be able to watch the Angels game live?
  10. How did Fletcher Jones Motorcars' advertising team manage to get Maddon to agree to the ad space on the lineup card?
  11. Good article. Interesting how he explains why he couldn't hit very well at the big league level. Crazy that he knew it was happening at the time and couldn't do anything about it.
  12. I'm just thankful that he won't be the opening day starter like last year. God, that was embarrassing.
  13. Looks like you Maeda bad decision to come here for updates.
  14. You cannot drag this negative energy into the tournament.
  15. All I really care about is getting Stripling. Everything else can go to shit, for all I care. If it falls through, maybe Eppler has an alternate plan in place to still get Stripling.