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  1. Okay great so not essential this winter although would be wise to start those negotiations
  2. Apols if touched upon already - when do we need to try and lock up Ohtani long term. Surely that’s this winter?
  3. I’m just being impatient because still a lot of time to go on this but we cannot afford to do nothing. We have to be buyers or sellers. Personally I think we should be sensible and do the latter and get as much as we can. But I understand those that think we are close enough to be buyers and it makes sense to make moves now for next year and beyond if we can get some controllable pieces. But what we can’t do is just continue as we are and just stumble through the rest of the year never making any ground but also not improving the situation for the team for the future
  4. Thanks mate - yeah improved a lot but really hit me quite hard for 2 weeks or so - that’s double jabbed too
  5. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/halfway-around-the-halo-a-uk-angels-podcast/id1551395851?i=1000530110284 Latest episode of the podcast is up after a 3 week break or so as I had Covid.
  6. I think they really like their ‘player’ games or whatever they call them with Mota and Gubie and guests. Think we will just see more of those in the second half depending on Matty Vs availability. Sad about Sutton and don’t think the org/Bally has covered itself in glory letting him go mid season. While i do think he wasn’t the easiest listen on occasion and his style didn’t always mesh with Gubie, his passion for the angels and his profession shone through, he brought a spark to the booth and having had the chance to chat to him before the season he’s a genuinely nice man, who was over the moon to be in his dream job. A shame to see it end so abruptly
  7. Tell me about it, worst way to lose, but proud of them, had a great tournament
  8. Okay thanks - not too bad then, think I’ll give it an hour
  9. What time do we think the Angels will be picking roughly? Not sure whether to stay up
  10. Definitely the most satisfying series win of the season for me, especially after that game one. Could easily have swept them
  11. Oh yes - certainly did. Now on to the semis
  12. Hope you all had a great holiday!
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