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  1. This is brilliant - thanks so much all who helped put this together
  2. What’s going on in the US right now is really sad and shameful - and looking in from the outside it’s painful watching it unfold and a president trying to change convention and the fair and free election process as we know it. How is it that so many people are still supporting that delusional liar in charge of your country? I just don’t get it. And I say that as someone who also has someone similar in charge of our country. How is this farce trying to illegally overturn an election being given the time of day? I see it on twitter too, people from here, buying into all the lies about winn
  3. I’m excited for this topic to hopefully have proper updates again next year - my favourite one on AW
  4. How can nearly 70 million people in your country vote for that man. I just cannot comprehend it. Truly the most pathetic speech I’ve ever heard from a man that had no place ever holding the office of your great country. Stay safe out there, hopefully he hasn’t incited too much violence with his irresponsible and dangerous lies.
  5. Let’s be honest, the US has very little concept of the political spectrum. Makes me laugh hearing all the far left claims.
  6. I agree with you Chuck. Bat is so light and the defense while still exceptional is only going to trend one way
  7. It's the twitter account I run - instagram/podcast too - but it's part of our efforts to grow the game over in the UK - and for me obviously it's a focus on the Angels. Every MLB team is represented by one of these fan accounts, I'm also part of MLBUKCommunity where we organise meet ups across the UK to get people together to watch baseball. Some clubs have been a lot more supportive of us than others. Phillies, Mets etc have really embraced it and have been really helpful to let those accounts grow as they see the marketing opportunities where we are basically helping them to crack the UK mar
  8. I really like Gubi - hes always been really supportive of what we are trying to do over here with LAAngelsUK and invited me up to the booth to see him when I last flew over in September. Both him and Victor seem like great guys
  9. To me suggests Ohtani is definitely not pitching to start the season?
  10. Can someone more knowledgable than me explain what this likely means going forward?
  11. How much longer can we continue to use him as anything other than a late innings defensive replacement? That contract or not he can’t have many lives left
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