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  1. Sunday’s are my favourites (day games = UK friendly) so would be delighted if Ohtani was on the Sunday schedule for a few weeks anyway.
  2. Kinda nervous about Rodriguez and Detmers to the pen this year, while I get the arguments for ... these guys are going to be massive for the organisations future over the coming years and I really am wary about doing anything that may hamper their development,
  3. I really think we should lock up Bundy to an extension sooner rather than later - he’s only going to get more expensive
  4. This is excellent thanks for sharing Chuck. Love some of the memories of Angels in the 80s and early 90s that pre date me
  5. This was great! Nice job Dave. Daron is such a nice guy, real asset to the organisation
  6. Seeing Heaney striking guys out and the breaking ball looking like that at this point of the spring is a real positive
  7. This year more than ever I’m so optimistic and I’m not sure why. I’d say when you have a payroll we do and the star players on the roster it’s only natural to come into each year with some level of optimism, but this year just feels to me like the one where things actually click, the rotation is settled, and the hitting is well above average. Ohtani is just hyping everyone up too, can’t help but gush over such a talent. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be baseball fans
  8. Got to speak to Daron Sutton last night and man what a fantastic guy he is. Think they’ve absolutely smashed these hirings with Matty V who just oozes star quality and Daron Sutton who you can just tell is so passionate about the Halos and excited to get going. Very much a dream gig and as he told me last night, both him and Matt can’t believe their luck that they are coming into such a great job and the belief that it’s going to be a really good year. Anyway if it interests anyone the link is below. Shameless plug I know but if you do listen and enjoy them please could you rate and subscribe.
  9. Hahaha, just glad she hasn’t been bullying him
  10. That’s a great read on Rodriguez and shame he didn’t get into the game yesterday but hopefully we will see a bit more of him this spring
  11. Feel like such a homer at the start of spring and don’t know why but I’m feeling incredibly optimistic about this team. You can’t help but be excited watching Ohtani, Trout and Rendon, back to back. And just feel like the pitching is going to be better than expected. Plate discipline so far this spring has been impressive
  12. Man that C Rod cameo was so exciting. That stuff plays up at the major league level I’m certain. Great to see - hopefully a healthy year of development and who knows, maybe can help the big league club in September
  13. Excited to see Detmers and Chris Rodriguez tonight. Wasn’t going to stay up for this one considering it’s spring but feel obliged now as don’t want to miss them
  14. Ah that felt good to have angels baseball back, and at a reasonable hour of the day
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