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  1. I think it's done. He could not play another game and win it. This season is one of the most special in the history of the game, that won't be overlooked
  2. Latest episode as we are joined by the NFLs Adam Rank who is always good value! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/halfway-around-the-halo-a-uk-angels-podcast/id1551395851?i=1000532211946
  3. It’s weird isn’t it, cause he looks like a major leaguer right now but really struggling to get hits. It will come though
  4. Couldn’t have asked for any more to showcase Jo’s talents in those first two at bats. A fantastic first AB and walk which showed some progress and development. A stolen base showing off the speed Then a double driving in two runs. Im sold
  5. Do we think Suarez’ improvements are legit and can he hang around as a starter long term in the majors
  6. If anyone wants to kill the time between now and the start of the game the latest episode of Halfway Around The Halo is live discussing the last week, deadline, pitching staff etc
  7. If they mess Barria around again I’ll be very annoyed. Deserves his shot the rest of this year
  8. Okay great so not essential this winter although would be wise to start those negotiations
  9. Apols if touched upon already - when do we need to try and lock up Ohtani long term. Surely that’s this winter?
  10. I’m just being impatient because still a lot of time to go on this but we cannot afford to do nothing. We have to be buyers or sellers. Personally I think we should be sensible and do the latter and get as much as we can. But I understand those that think we are close enough to be buyers and it makes sense to make moves now for next year and beyond if we can get some controllable pieces. But what we can’t do is just continue as we are and just stumble through the rest of the year never making any ground but also not improving the situation for the team for the future
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